Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Future of Preserving, Digitizing and Sharing Photo Memories

Hear and see Mitch Goldstone, President and CEO of interviewed on the radio by Dave Graveline on "Into Tomorrow: The Consumer Electronics and Technology Show":

"Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline"
radio booth at CES 2012
      Mitch Goldstone speaks with Dave Graveline about and the future of scanning photos, slides, negatives and transferring VHS & film reels to DVD. Interview conducted at the "Into Tomorrow" booth at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 (CES 2012). Photos are everything: we make yours last a lifetime and more.
      Before your precious photo memories are lost forever due to natural disaster, wear and tear over the years or simply losing them during a move, send those photos, slides, negatives and videos to to be expertly and professionally scanned.  Declutter your home and get rid of that storage unit where all your photos are collecting dust and not being enjoyed. Enjoy all those memories with your family and friends by digitizing them and sharing them with everyone in your life.
Listen to the future of photo preservation and sharing.
      If those photos have been damaged due to mold, sun exposure, water damage or if they've been torn, restore them back to life and relive those important memories.  
      But don't just save the professionally photographed, staged memories. Preserve all your photos, including those goofy, funny, unplanned moments which are often the ones we cherish the most. Those are the moments that tend to show our true personalities and capture some of the most memorable moments.
Dave Graveline and Mitch Goldstone

"Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline"
CES 2012
Mitch Goldstone
President and CEO of

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