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Friday, January 20, 2012

American Express OPEN: Employee Morale Soaring

American Express OPEN profiled the corporate work environment of and how all the employees enjoy numerous perks that keep morale and productivity extremely high. Aren't you glad to hear your photo memories are treated with the utmost respect and care by employees who love their jobs and take extreme pride in their work?

      For some business owners, good culture is everything, and they will pay top dollar for it.  Mitch Goldstone is one of those business owners. Goldstone, who is president and CEO of California-based photo scanning service, has no qualms about going way over-the-top for his annual employee retreat in Las Vegas. The price tag is a whopping $65,000.
      Goldstone’s grand design includes meeting his 17 employees at the airport with chauffeured Rolls Royce Ghost limousines.  At the MGM Grand’s swanky Skylofts, employees receive nonstop attention from personal 24-hour butlers and mingle with celebrities.  They eat at five-star restaurants, score front row seats to Cirque du Soleil and third row seats to Elton John, and cap it all off with a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.
Employees as First Priority
      Creating a culture of appreciation is one thing, but is this much appreciation really necessary?  Goldstone thinks so.  “Successful entrepreneurs understand that it is all about the employees; they are the fuel that powers a company's success.  Employees have to be put first, even ahead of customers, so you can’t be cheap and send everyone to a local restaurant.  No level of extravagance is too much to reward loyalty,” he said.
      Apparently, it works.  Goldstone claims that his organization has zero turnover and that recently marked its 21st year in business.  The Vegas retreat cleverly ties into the company’s mission, too.  “Our business is to preserve millions of precious photo memories, and along the way, we want to create new ones for ourselves that we’ll remember forever,” said Goldstone.
Bonus Benefits
      Employee morale aside, Goldstone and his advisors recognize the public relations value inherent in pulling off the most spectacular employee retreat anyone’s heard of.  All over the web, blogs are buzzing about and prospective customers are flocking to the website.  In all likelihood, these new customers will pay for the revenue lost when Goldstone suspended operations for the retreat.
      I suppose my question is: What kind of message does this send to companies looking to improve their cultures and create more desirable places to work?  Is culture about putting your employees in an elevator with A-listers, or is it about sending them handwritten birthday cards and ensuring they can pay the hospital bill if they get in a car accident?  Is it about letting them live like gluttons for a weekend, or it is about making retirement contributions that will help feed them until they’re 90?
Goldstone is the first to admit that Vegas isn’t everything. employees also receive benefits including free lunch and 100 percent health coverage.  And perhaps what says the most about’s culture is the fact that the employees are willing to spend all of this time together and seem to genuinely have a blast.  I mean, hey, I’ve worked in cultures that couldn’t even make Vegas fun.
      Here’s something else to consider: It sounds like the culture has been a pretty nice one all along.  But if your work environment is unsupportive or even hostile and morale is really suffering, a gesture like this may well seem empty and contrived and has the potential to turn off employees even more.  If you really want to improve things, it’s simple: Listen and make gradual changes based on the feedback you receive.
      For his part, Goldstone is now under pressure to keep the party going.  “The Vegas retreat was the experience of a lifetime…until next year.”
      Alexandra Levit is a former nationally-syndicated business and workplace columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the author of Blind Spots: The 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success.  Money magazine’s Online Career Expert of the Year, she regularly speaks at organizations and conferences on issues facing modern employees.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Future of Preserving, Digitizing and Sharing Photo Memories

Hear and see Mitch Goldstone, President and CEO of interviewed on the radio by Dave Graveline on "Into Tomorrow: The Consumer Electronics and Technology Show":

"Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline"
radio booth at CES 2012
      Mitch Goldstone speaks with Dave Graveline about and the future of scanning photos, slides, negatives and transferring VHS & film reels to DVD. Interview conducted at the "Into Tomorrow" booth at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 (CES 2012). Photos are everything: we make yours last a lifetime and more.
      Before your precious photo memories are lost forever due to natural disaster, wear and tear over the years or simply losing them during a move, send those photos, slides, negatives and videos to to be expertly and professionally scanned.  Declutter your home and get rid of that storage unit where all your photos are collecting dust and not being enjoyed. Enjoy all those memories with your family and friends by digitizing them and sharing them with everyone in your life.
Listen to the future of photo preservation and sharing.
      If those photos have been damaged due to mold, sun exposure, water damage or if they've been torn, restore them back to life and relive those important memories.  
      But don't just save the professionally photographed, staged memories. Preserve all your photos, including those goofy, funny, unplanned moments which are often the ones we cherish the most. Those are the moments that tend to show our true personalities and capture some of the most memorable moments.
Dave Graveline and Mitch Goldstone

"Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline"
CES 2012
Mitch Goldstone
President and CEO of

Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Way to Preserve All Your Photo Memories

2012 is the year to digitize all your precious analog photo memories, declutter and get organized.  Throw away those old photos and keep digital, scanned copies.  For all those photos that have been torn and damaged by water, the sun and mold, restore those images back to life and enjoy those special memories for generations.

What's the absolute best way to scan all your photos?  We created the Family Generation Collection to scan and preserve approximately 10,000 photos!  Many of our repeat customers tell us they never knew just how many thousands of analog images they have amassed.  Get all of your photos scanned, digitized and preserved with the Family Generation Collection from

Family Generation Collection
Expertly scanned by world-renowned photo imaging professionals at
Key Features:
  • Best Value - 10,000 photos scanned to DVD. (*Total estimated, results vary with packing and size of photos.)
  • For photo scanning only. No negatives, slides or other media accepted.
  • Box dimensions: 11" x 8.5" x 5.5", includes six prepaid boxes.
  • Free delivery.
  • Includes 1 DVD data disc per box with your scanned images. (300dpi, True Color 24-bit JPEG)
  • Fast scanning, typically in 21 business days or less.
  • U.S. domestic only. Sorry, no international orders. For international orders, view our International Services information.
  • For more answers, view our Frequently Asked Questions
  • Since 1990: We have preserved ten's of millions of photo memories.
  • All scanning completed at our Irvine, CA headquarters: Your photos are NEVER shipped out of the country to be scanned.
  • All photos are returned to you: Choose our prepaid options and there is absolutely no additional charge to return your photos; all shipping is 100% FREE.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Official Consumer Electronics Show 2012 Party List

Official Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 party list.  Las Vegas CES 2012 is almost here - find some of the senior management of at CES!

posted by admin on Nov 29
10 am – 8:30 pm: AT&T Hackathon, Palms (
4-7 p.m.:  CES Unveiled – Venetian, Ballroom D, invited media only (
7-10 pm: 3rd Annual Startup Debut at CES, House of Blues Foundation Room, invited media only (
posted by admin on Nov 29
7-11 p.m.: Pepcom Digital Experience – MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, invited media only (
7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.: IMS Research Reception – Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, limited invites (
7:30-10:30 p.m.: DA Awards Ceremony – Aria, Haze Nightclub (Invite only)
8:30- midnight: AT&T “Rock at Rain” (part of AT&T developer summit -
posted by admin on Nov 29
6-10 p.m.: Showstoppers – Wynn, Lafitte Ballroom, invited media only
7-9 p.m.: Women in CE Awards – Paris, Champagne Ballroom 1 (Tickets available:
TBA – Social Media Club usually does a blogger event…
posted by admin on Nov 29
7:30 – 10:30 a.m.: IDC Breakfast - Encore hotel – Encore Ballroom 5 (Invite only)
5 – 9:30 p.m.: iHollywood Forum/LaunchFest Party – Clarion Hotel, 303 Convention Center Way, Theatre, various levels of tickets, including some free (
6-8 p.m.: Shuttle Hospitality Suite – Bellagio, Shuttle Suite (Invite only)
6-9 p.m.: Netshelter Party – Venetian, TAO (Invite Only)
7-10 p.m.: Bluetooth SIG Party – Venetian, TAO (Invite only)
7-10 p.m.: Marketnews Canada Night – Bellagio, Bank Nightclub (Invite only)
7:30 p.m.: Monster Cable Retailer Awards – Paris Hotel, Paris Ballroom, starring  Chicago (Invite only)
8-11 p.m.: Mashable Awards – Mirage, 1OAK Club, tickets available for $35 ( )
TBA – Parnassus Group/OnStar Tweet House “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” party, location TBA (
posted by admin on Nov 29
6-10 p.m.: 6th Annual CES Partylist Party, private residence in Paradise Palms (5 minutes from Convention Center), presented by SocialRadius and sponsored by WeVideo (for media, VIPs, video content creators and friends – for information/consideration, please email

Friday, January 6, 2012

Picture-Perfect Partnership: and features in their blog and e-newsletter as a "picture-perfect partnership."  The customer profile expounds upon the national and international success of, the "leading provider of nationwide and international digital photo services" with hundreds of thousands of happy repeat customers.

With over 400,000 monthly subscribers, is the leading provider of Internet-based postage solutions. was the first company to be approved by the U.S. Postal Service to offer a software-only postage service that lets customers buy and print postage online.

Read the profile of a picture-perfect partnership. – Leading the Digital Photo Industry

January 6th, 2012 Eric Nash blog_scanmyphotos3-logo
The leading provider of digital photo services saves $30,000 each month with and the USPS.

Innovating to stay alive
Successful businesses embrace change. No one knows this better than Mitch Goldstone, President and CEO of, the leading provider of nationwide and international digital photo services. The company started as a boutique retail photo center and experienced significant growth until the mid 1990s, when the world’s shift from traditional film to digital photography threatened to put the company out of business.
In response, Mitch not only transitioned the company to the digital photo world, but he helped his customers do the  same by offering a range of digital photo services. Now people around the globe send in their photos, slides, VHS tapes and even 8-millimeter film reels to be digitized, restored and preserved. With a successful new business model in place, Mitch’s next step was to ensure that reinvented its shipping as well.

“When dramatic change happens, you ask yourself do you go out of business or reinvent?” said Mitch. “I chose to reinvent. It can be a challenge, but also very rewarding.”

Finding the right shipping solution
As a new small business, shipments were taken to the local Post Office™ where employees would wait in line, manually weigh each package, and obtain postage. When this shipping method proved to be a time liability, the company looked into something new.

Mitch Goldstone,
President and CEO of

 Next the company opted for a postage meter, which required employees to replenish postage funds by taking the  meter to the Post Office or placing a call to the meter provider. Over time, employees found that the postage meter was largely inefficient and lacked the robust tracking features the company needed to do business.

“People trust us with their most precious memories, their pictures,” said Mitch. “It was important to find a shipping solution with cutting-edge performance and top-notch tracking capabilities that would give our customers peace of mind.” — The smart choice
One day, Mitch read a news article about’s Internet-based shipping solution and how it enabled customers to print postage and manage shipments with just a PC, printer and Internet connection.  “It sounded so cutting edge and exponentially better than anything else, so I decided to try it,” said Mitch.

Seamless Integration
Within minutes, the software was easily installed and employees were able to test the shipping solution and start printing postage. Employees were happy to find that virtually all shipping functions were automated, from shipment notification emails to inputting customer addresses. In the event of questions regarding the software, employees were able to call’s award-winning Customer Care team for immediate technical support. “Using is easier than using a stamp, and much friendlier,” said Mitch.

Cost Savings
Using software, has instant online access to the prices and services of the USPS®. The company utilizes cost-effective Priority Mail® Flat Rate boxes in order to deliver photos quickly and offer free shipping on its most popular service plan. The company ships over 200 boxes a day, with each box holding as many as 2,000 photos.
“We use to process the shipment of 400,000 photos a day, and we save 40%–50% on each shipment using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. As a result, we save approximately $30,000 in postage each month — that’s a huge amount of savings,” said Mitch.

Powerful Tracking
A shipper of people’s priceless and prized photos, relies heavily on package tracking to provide customers with detailed shipping information. The company uses software to search for and view up-to-date tracking details, access USPS tracking numbers, and automatically generate shipment notification emails. All tracking features are available around the clock and can be accessed from any computer, giving the flexibility to conduct business on and off-site.

“We have a great group of employees who take tremendous care of every single photo we receive,” said Mitch. “Each year we reward them with a memorable trip to Las Vegas, where they can easily toggle between fun activities and answering tracking-related customer questions using”
The Team on a company trip in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

A picture-perfect partnership
After over 21 years of business and recognition from world-renowned media including CNN, the online testimonial section of is filled with customer reviews that describe the company’s services as “incredibly reliable, mind-blowing fast, affordable and flawlessly simple from start to finish.”

“Pictures are everything and makes sure they last forever,” said Mitch. “We’ve been able to do so by partnering with and using their shipping solution. I’ve found that both companies have the same level of commitment to innovation — and that makes for good business.”

Read more about using to process their orders.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NAPO 'GO Month': Get Organized, Digitize Your Photo Memories

January 2012 marks the National Association of Professional Organizer's (NAPO) 8th annual 'Get Organized Month (GO Month)'.  Get yourself organized and digitize your precious photo memories this month.

Make sure those memories are preserved for future generations to enjoy.  Once those photos, slides, negatives and videos are digitized, share those memories with your friends and family easily and quickly.  Host online photo sharing and tagging on social networking sites including Facebook, interact with the people close to you with Google+ hangouts, and exchange tweets about your funniest, most memorable and favorite photos.  What better way to get organized than organizing your photos?

Photos are Everything.  We make yours last a lifetime and more.  Arguably, photos are the most important material objects we possess because they cannot be replaced.  Dave Malkoff, Emmy winning reporter with KTLA News in Los Angeles offers "the only irreplaceable objects in your house are your family photos and videos," speaking about  

Once those analog images are lost, faded, moldy or damaged by natural disaster they are gone forever.  Don't let that travesty happen to you.  Digitize all of those memories this month!  However, if some of your photos are already damaged, restore them and bring them back to life.

January is 'GO Month' and supports NAPO's efforts to get America organized.

Miva Merchant Testimonial from Rick Wilson on Vimeo.

Read what NAPO says about the 8th annual 'GO Month':

GOing, GOing, Gone!
Kick Clutter to the Curb with a Professional Organizer During Get Organized MonthSM January 2012

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. – December 29, 2011 – Helping homeowners and businesses with their New Year’s resolutions to get more organized, January marks the National Association of Professional Organizers’ 8th annual Get Organized MonthSM. This month-long initiative is dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to retake control of the chaos by providing the resources, tools and educational programming to get started.

“The aftermath of the holidays is often a house full of clutter, and the office is in disarray with files and emails piled at capacity from budget planning season,” said Angela F. Wallace CPO®, President of the National Association of Professional Organizers. “Becoming more organized can help reduce stress, saves time and money, increases productivity and can enhance the quality of your life.”

In a NAPO conducted survey, 96 percent of respondents felt that they could save at least some time each day if they were more organized at home, and 91 percent felt they could be more efficient at work if they were better organized. Additionally, 71 percent indicated their quality of life would improve with more organization. Price Waterhouse Cooper estimates that workers spend nearly 50% of their time looking for information because it is not organized properly.

Professional organizers use tested principles and expertise to enhance their client’s lives by designing custom organizing systems and teaching personalized organization skills. During Get Organized (GO) MonthSM, select NAPO chapters and thousands of members will host public events including, Ask-the- Organizer panels, Organize to Economize in the New Year workshops, Shred-and-Organize events and much more.

“The beginning of a new year is a great time to jumpstart organizing your home or business,” said Wallace. “A NAPO member can help you with room-by- room assessment, organizing a move, improve digital filing processes and enhance business work-flow systems.”

For more information on GO MonthSM activities and to find a professional organizer near you, visit or call NAPO at 856-380-6828.

About NAPO: The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) is The Organizing Authority®. Since forming in 1985 as a nonprofit professional educational association, NAPO has grown to nearly 4,200 members and is the premiere national association dedicated to the field of organizing and productivity. NAPO is dedicated to serving its members and the public by providing professional and educational opportunities, industry leadership, productive partnerships and expert information and solutions to foster growth and fulfillment for all who work within the organizing and productivity industry or benefit from its services. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MIVA Merchant +

MIVA Merchant is a shopping cart software and the best way to sell online. They have more than 50,000 merchants doing billions of dollars a year in sales and selected for their new video to showcase their success.

Watch the video testimonial here!

Miva Merchant Testimonial from Rick Wilson on Vimeo.
Scan Photos, 35mm Slide and Negative Scanning, Photo Restoration, Digital Printing -