Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Have My 8mm Film Digitizated to High Quality Digital DVD Movies has a new and improved 8mm transfer service to produce high quality movies from your old 8mm and Super8 reels.

Bring those old home movies into the digital age.

Watch this sample, professionally digitized 8mm film from to showcase how special your newly preserved family movies will look.

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The improved 8mm film transfer system at boasts:

  • Scene by Scene Density Adjustment - As your film is digitized, the technician will manually adjust the scene to offer the best possible balance of clarity and overall look for that specific scene

  • Manual Retiming of Movie - Once digitized, our technicians view a small portion of your movie to ensure that the timing of the reel is correct. No more “old-time” movement that makes everyone look they were in a hurry.

  • Flicker Free Playback - Since we digitize your film frame-by-frame and manually retime the movie, you no longer get the flicker effect that plagues so many other transfers.

  • Full Frame Capture - We capture as much of the film as possible with no stretching or distorting of your movie to give you the most of your movie.

  • Menu with Selectable Chapters - We create DVDs with full menus and chapter selections so you can watch either all of the movies or select just the reels you want to watch.

  • Transfer in Order - Each reel is used to create a chapter on the DVD. If you would like them in a specific order, simply number the reels and we will transfer them in that order.
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