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Friday, October 21, 2011

USPS Profiles in News Link

The United States Postal Service published a Customer Focus profile on in News Link that is read by all USPS employees. Read more



Mitch Goldstone (L) president & CEO;
Carl Berman Executive VP & CFO,

Mitch Goldstone, left, president and CEO of

In 2008, Mitch Goldstone’s company was in trouble.

Originally a boutique retail photo center, California-based was losing business because of the shift from film to digital photography. Goldstone had transformed his company to digitize photos, slides and negatives, but he needed to expand his client base.

“I saw a commercial for the Postal Service’s flat-rate shipping,” said Goldstone. “It looked like a great way to serve more customers efficiently and affordably.”Goldstone later attended a business conference where the Postal Service had representatives available. “They told me all about flat-rate shipping and later sent supervisors to tour my facility and help modernize my operations,” he said.

Today, customers place orders online. Goldstone sends them Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes — which customers fill with photos for scanning and mail back to the company. After each job, Goldstone returns the completed order using Priority Mail. covers all shipping costs, and each job takes only 2-3 days to finish. now serves 230,000 customers, has more than tripled its staff and has moved its operations to a 6,000-square-foot headquarters.

“Flat-rate shipping saved my business,” said Goldstone. “I always tell people about the wonderful experience I’ve had.”

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