Friday, October 21, 2011

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OK, I'm inspired to test Scan My Photos with an experimental batch - tired of having them take up so much space in my closet - love the idea of saving to an external hard drive and sending that to a far off relative for additional safekeeping. With the seasonal flood/hurricane threats in Florida, this makes so much sense. I'll be brave and go first - so I can then share my success with my clients.

Great story! Thank you for your excellent spotlight on a service that everyone can benefit from. As a professional organizer, I love this service and recommend it to my clients. Fabulous piece! Stellar reporting!
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Took 7000 photos across from U.K. to have them scanned here. Brilliant! They are all online on smugmug now... Pity there is no service quite like it in the U.K.
I have used the services of ScanMyPhotos and have been absolutely delighted. The scans were clear, easily usable, and gave me tremendous piece-of-mind, knowing the images were archived. I have them backed up to a cloud storage service, just in case. Thanks for running this story!

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