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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Homemade Anniversary Gifts (Blog Post)

The most appreciated anniversary gifts are homemade gifts. Homemade gifts demonstrate you cared enough to give of yourself…..your time, and your talents.

Handmade Photo Anniversary Gifts

Everyone can make an anniversary gift. You can make a scrapbook full of pictures and mementos from the couple’s time together or you can digitalize the pictures and organize them into a video collage. If you need help getting started you can find help digitalizing your pictures on
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Ask the Experts: How Do We Keep Our Original Customer Base? (via BNET)

(Excerpt Via BNET)

By Harper Willis

The Owner: Mitch Goldstone

The Problem: Mitch Goldstone and his partner Carl Berman started Orange County, Calif.-based store in 1990. They offered super-fast photo scanning, up to 1,000 photos in five minutes. Over the next 10 years, their local customer base grew but so did their national sales. “People would come to us from all over the country,” says Goldstone. “Someone once brought us 24,000 photos, which we scanned for them in less than a day.”

They launched a website in 1998, and soon after, 40% of their business was being done online. “As technology progressed, and digital cameras and smart phones started to replace traditional cameras, we did more business online and our retail sales dropped,” says Goldstone.

Around 2005, sales dropped to around $200,000, which was lower than they’d ever been. Goldstone knew it was time to think about closing down the store, but he didn’t quite have the confidence to go 100% digital.

That changed in 2008, when ScanMyPhotos got its big break. David Pogue positively reviewed the service in his New York Times technology blog, which gave the company 40,000 hits to its website — overnight. “This review led to scores of other reviews, and our digital sales exploded,” says Goldstone.

The company finally shut down the retail store in July 2011, and moved to a large corporate office down the block. An agreement with their old landlord allows them to keep a sign on their old store’s door explaining the move.

The choice made financial sense. They were already doing 90% of their sales online and the retail store wasn’t pulling its weight. Still, Goldstone is concerned that shutting down the store is going to cost him his most loyal customers and sever his connection with the community.

“We spent 21 years developing a presence in our community and winning over thousands of die-hard loyal customers. I don’t want them see our empty retail location and think we’ve gone out of business,” says Goldstone. “They may not make up a big percentage of our sales at the moment, but in some ways those customers are the foundation of our business.”

Goldstone has explained the move on his website, but he wants to know what else he can do. “How can I make sure I don’t lose touch with our community and our old customers now that we’ve gone digital?”

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Digital 35mm Slide Scanning News: Lowest rate yet, 27-cents and completed same day

Why wait weeks to have your precious 35mm mounted slides delicately hand scanned by professionals? At we have been scanning slides since 1990 and have a new rate as low as 27-cents in larger quantities, plus our free shipping and handling fill-the-box slide scanning service.

All orders are professionally completed the same day at our southern California corporate headquarters and includes delicate hand scanning, color and density correction and Kodak Digital Ice corrections. For more info, click here

For negative scanning, click here

For APS Advantix film scanning, where you pay just $5 per any exposure cartridge and scanned same day, click here

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New APS Film Digitization Just $5 any exposure from

Millions of Lost Pictures from Antiquated APS Film Cartridges are Digitized by; New $5.00 Flat-fee Scanning Announced

APS, The Advanced Photo System film cartridges, first produced in 1996 by Kodak®, Fujifilm®, Nikon®, Canon® and others are quickly becoming obsolete, but the billions of emotions captured on these antiquated film relics are still erupting with cherished photo memories and in urgent need for digitization. While APS film and camera production has been shuttered, there is a renewed urgency to revisit and quickly have all those canisters of photo memories scanned before it fades away.

For it’s time, the 24mm wide APS film - housed in a single-spool plastic cartridge - helped bridge traditional photographic film with electronic information exchange to record each exposure. A principle characteristic of APS film was that it required a professional photo processor to develop the cartridges, but today few people can access those saved pictures.

As part of its photo preservation mandate,, the international photo imaging company has lowered its digitization rate to just $5.00 to scan any exposure APS cartridge (15, 25 or 40 exposures) at 2,000 DPI resolution, or $10.00 at DPI scanning with same day return, plus return delivery and handling throughout the U.S.

Today, new model APS cameras are no longer manufactured, APS film is expensive to buy and process because there are fewer labs are capable of processing the discontinued film format.

“The problem,” explains Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of, “is there are hundreds of billions of exposed APS film cartridges that must be scanned and shared for today’s all-digital world before the images are ruined and lost forever.

Most consumers who purchased APS cameras in the 1990’s have draws full of exposed film and memories that are fading away, explained “It just isn’t practical for a consumer to scan these film formats and it could be very expensive,” said Goldstone.

However, just announced a new flat-fee scanning service of just $5.00 to scan any exposure developed APS film (15, 25 or 40exp) at 2,000 DPI, or $10.00 to scan at the higher resolution 4,000 DPI, plus return delivery and handling. Most orders are completed and mailed back the same day it is received. provides hundreds of photo imaging services, including scanning and color/density corrections of APS film for optimal digitization using Digital ICE technology to remove dust, dirt and scratches. The easy ordering process is online and accessible at:

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