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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo Preservation Week Guarantees Free Extra DVD of Your Digitized Pictures


The urgency to professionally digitize photographs has never been greater or easier.

According to, this year’s sponsor of Photo Preservation Week, there are more than three trillion photo snapshots bunkered in the archaic, analog technology invented generations ago. Photo Preservation Week (June 26 - July 2, 2011) is promoting an affordable and speedy way to unclutter and professionally digitize photo snapshots for today’s all-digital world.

According to a study by, the average U.S. household has accumulated 5,500 analog photographs that need to be digitally preserved and shared.

After months of planning, it is finally here and is this year’s sponsor of Photo Preservation Week. The last week in June signals the annual Photo Preservation Week as the ideal time to revisit all those tucked away photo memories to share.

The otherwise arduous chore of individually scanning every photo snapshot is now easy, fun, affordable and fast. What takes minutes to individually scan a single picture now is completed in less than a second and includes same day service and easy online ordering to digitally preserved generations of photo memories.


Throughout the last week in June, you are guaranteed to automatically receive an extra, free DVD digital archive from your online “prepaid fill-the-box” or “pay per 1,000 photo scanning” from - orders must be received by July 2, 2011. You also automatically receive an extra free prepaid box (a $184 value) when you purchase two photo scanning boxes online from the photo digitization company.

Photo Preservation Week suggests consumers digitally backup their photographs and recommends using a photo scanning service to simplify the chore. “It’s all about quality, affordability and speed,” says Mitch Goldstone, President & CEO of California-based Since 1990, his California-based photo imaging company has strived to sprint to complete every order with its renowned same day photo scanning services.

During Photo Preservation Week, is providing a free, extra DVD for consumers’ scanned files when they purchase the popular “prepaid fill-the-box” online at ($184, holds about 2,000 standard pictures) or their standard “pay for 1,000 photo scanning” ($79.50) service.

To automatically receive an extra free DVD backup of your scanned pictures, place your order by July 2, 2011 and the extra digital archive will automatically be included with your order. Guaranteed. [Not applicable toward prior orders or 35mm slides, movie film, VHS, negative or other custom scanning services. No cash value].


Photo Preservation Week is about being prepared for the unexpected and to accelerate the conversion from traditional analog photo storage to secured, professional digital archiving. During the week, family historians or keepers of those precious photo memories are recommended to select a professional photo scanning service to help prepare for any emergency in your home or business where your photographs could be jeopardized. Social media also takes on a crucial tool and represents a catalyst for sharing these newly digitized photo memories. is hosting a free 24/7 photo scanning hotline to help recommend the best ways to digitize pictures and archive the sheer volume of photo memories. While the average household is overwhelmed by the exhaustive and daunting task of trying to scan and organize each picture to preserve and share, Photo Preservation Week hopes to trigger additional interest in scanning pictures to digital.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Barron's Reviews and Rates Five Stars

Barron's Gadget of the Week: Easy as a Snap

" turns your shoe boxes of old photos into a CD you can put on your TV or computer. The hard parts are finding them in your cellar and then choosing which ones to keep."

Barron's "Gadget of the Week," by Jay Palmer. Each week, Barron's looks at a new high-tech doodad that's just hit the market or soon will do so. This short column not only rates the gadget but also explores the impact it will have on the company selling it.


Monday, June 13, 2011

More than 10,000 Photos Scanned to DVD $699 Includes Free S&H, same day return


Most Popular Promotion at Just $699

Key Features:•Best Value - 10,000 photos scanned to DVD. (Total estimated, results vary with packing and size of photos.)
•Box dimensions: 11" x 8.5" x 5.5", includes six prepaid boxes.
•Free delivery and same day fulfillment.
•Includes 1 DVD data disc per box with your scanned images. (300dpi, True Color 24-bit JPEG)
•Fast, same-day scanning.
•U.S. domestic only. Sorry, no international orders. •For more answers, view our Frequently Asked Questions
Important Notes Before Ordering:
•Packaging Restrictions: Contents must reasonably fit within the Priority Mail packaging.

Box cannot be reshaped or deformed when closed. When sealing a flat-rate box, the container flaps must be able to close within the normal folds. Tape may be applied to the flaps and seams to reinforce the container; provided the design of the container is not enlarged by opening the sides and the container is not reconstructed in any way. If you do not comply with these USPS requirements, the post office will return your box unprocessed and you will be liable for the cost to repack and resend to

•White Glove Services: The quantity ordered for White Glove Services MUST match the quantity of boxes ordered. Buy 2 get 3rd free does not apply to additional options.

•Refund Information: Due to the nature of the prepaid boxes and shipping costs, we cannot offer a refund once the empty box has been shipped.

•Replacement Box: If you lose or damage your box, there is a $14.95 per box replacement fee to have new boxes shipped to you.

•Before ordering, click here to review all terms and limit of liability

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: What Customers Are Saying About

We just received our order from you. WOW!! We are so impressed! Thank you so much for putting our precious memories in a useable and safe format for us. The photo book with all 1858 thumbnails (upright, in order, group, enhanced, etc.) was just the delicious icing on the cake!
Randy N
Albuquerque NM 
Can't thank you enough.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 Spring Cleaning Tips: 20 things you can live without to reduce clutter


Scan loose photos and store them digitally. When it’s time to make a photo book, you’ll have a fresh crop of vintage photos to show off. If you don’t have a scanner or want to save yourself some time, you can use a service like to scan them for you.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011 donated to help orphans in Japan rebuild lives post-tsunami (via @GlobalGiving) contributed a donation to Global Giving to help orphans in Japan in the memory of Libby Smith, a longtime member of the photo imaging industry and companion of Don Franz, the well known international publisher and industry commentator.

Our project will provide immediate and long-term support to orphanages in Tohoku and other areas that were affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami. This support includes delivering basic necessities and services to help children regain a sense of stability in their lives. We'll provide material support such as clothing, footwear, toys, books, school supplies, and bikes. For emotional support, this includes counseling and therapeutic activities (field trips,Yoga, camps,etc...)

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

There are approximately 100,000 displaced children (according to Save the Children estimates) as a result of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that took place on March 11, 2011. Although there are relief organizations in the Tohoku region currently providing food, shelter and crisis counselling support, many orphans will need longer-term support to help restore their lives and renew their spirit. Many orphanages (in and around) northeastern Japan will now have new orphans under their care.

How will this project solve this problem?

Tohoku Kids' Support Project will directly address two-tiers of support at those affected orphanages. By working closely with orphanage staff, local prefecture wards, and children's homes associations, we will address the specific needs at each orphanage. Tier one support will replace those personal items that were lost in the disaster such as clothing, footwear, school supplies, books, toys, phones,bikes, etc. Tier two support will address child counselling needs and therapeutic activities.

Potential Long Term Impact

With many orphanages taking in newly displaced children, it will be incredibly important to create peaceful, stable and caring environments for all of these children. The road towards renewal and stability for these kids will be an arduous one. By restoring children's personal items, they will begin to feel some sense of normalcy. By offering access to counselling, they can begin the process of grieving. By providing therapeutic activities and field trips, they can start to feel like kids again.
Project Message

Having worked with many orphanages, I know how important it is for these kids to feel normal. They need stability in their lives and dreams to look forward to--this project will strive to meet both.
- Amy Moyers-Knopp, Project Co-Leader

Total Funding Received to Date: $34,399
Remaining Goal to be Funded: $65,601
Total Funding Goal: $100,000

To get involved and learn more, we encourage you to visit this link.

Funding Information
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