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Monday, March 14, 2011

Whoo Hoo! For (Another Raving Review)

Cristalier Crystals: Whoo Hoo! for

When faced with a serious dilemma of how to get over 1500 photos on to a disk, we were seriously frustrated and overwhelmed. After spending about a week doing some research on the best ways to handle such a task, time and time again kept coming up.

We downloaded the easy to follow instructions and bundled up all the photos as required. Not even 3 days later we received a email stating that our photos had been received and were being processed. What relief! Then the very next day we received another email... They were done being scanned and on their way back to us!!! WOW!

Again, 2 days later here was our photos safely returned; And there was our 2 disks with all of our treasured photos as perfect as could be! They had been "photoscrubbed" and looked great!

What we thought was going to be such a overwhelming task couldn't have been any easier thanks to


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