Wednesday, September 21, 2011 NEW Lower Pricing for 35mm Slide Scanning. 2000/4000 dpi as low as 27¢/49¢ per Scan! 35mm slide scanning, scan mounted slides as low as 27¢

Professional, delicate hand scanning of 35mm mounted slides . Each scan is color and density corrected for optimum results and scanned using Digital ICE.

Key Features for Slide Scanning

•Choose either 2,000 or 4,000 dpi JPEG scans

•LOWEST RATE: 27¢ per slide for Family Archive Collection

•Indvidually hand scanned and color/density corrected for optimal scan

•Scanned using Digital ICE technology to remove dust, dirt and scratches (non-Kodachrome slides only)

•Packaging Instructions: If your slides are in carousels, slide boxes, or sleeves you may leave the slides in them for easy shipping. If your slides are loose slides, we recommend grouping them in batches of about 50 and rubber banding them together to prevent damage during shipping. This will also keep them organized. Place your slides in a box with lots of padding so they don't slide around (to prevent scratching) and enclose the order form. Slides must be out of metal frames or an additional 25-cent per slide fee will be charged.

Let preserve your 35mm mounted color slides by delicately hand scanning them into a digital JPEG format. Most orders are completed super-fast, many times the same day they are received. Each slide is individually scanned by one of our trained scanning technicians. Every image is then adjusted to achieve the optimum color and density so you end up with an image that is close to the original or even better. At our base service, slides are scanned at 2,000 dpi which outputs at 500 dpi @ 4x6 (5 megapixel equivalent). We also offer 4,000 dpi resolution scans at a higher cost (16MP equivalent) to create a truly archival digital image, however 2,000 dpi scans are best for most consumers and their everyday needs. Photographically, 2,000 dpi files can produce clear 8"x10" and in some cases 11"x14" prints. Select 4,000 dpi if you plan on creating very large poster prints.

We color & density correct and enhance each image using Digital ICE which works to detect and reduce dust and surface scratches without softening, blurring, or altering the image. (Note: Digital ICE cannot be used with B&W or Kodachrome slides. These slides will be scanned without Digital ICE. Kodachrome slide film uses a unique dye that responds differently from other slide films. Due to the nature of the dye and the Kodachrome film development process, Digital ICE can misinterpret certain image detail as a defect and will attempt to remove it from the image.)

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