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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Restoring Water Damaged Photos

How to Restore Water Damaged Pictures

One of the most common photo restoration requests we get at is to fix one form or another of water damage. Whether it's humidity or more severe contact with water, water damage brings us a lot of photo restoration business. We'd prefer to keep your family photos intact in the first place.

Whether your house was flooded or caught fire, your prized photos have probably suffered from water damage. The first rule of handling water-damaged photos? Don't Panic! You may be able to salvage many or all of your pictures. You might want to contact a photo conservation professional or consult a book on the subject, but here are a few tips:

1.Don't let the photos dry out! As your photographs dry, they will stick to each other and any other materials they may be in contact with. You'll find it impossible to pull them apart without causing potentially irreparable damage.
2.Get to work as soon as possible. Your photographs shouldn't stay wet for more than two or three days. Now is a good time to recommend having a friend (or photo restoration expert) scan the images before you try pulling anything apart or before doing anything that will further damage the photos.

3.While you're working on your photos, store them in a container full of cold, clean tap water; the colder the better. Don't add chlorine to the water, but change the water every day. The chlorine in tap water is enough to prevent the growth of fungi and other biological threats.

4.Rinse your photos in a container of cold, clear running water. Don't run the water directly onto the photos, because that could damage the chemical emulsion, causing permanent damage. Keep rinsing them until the run-off water is clear.

5.Carefully remove your photographs or negatives from the water, taking the smallest quantity possible. Pull them out of their wrappers and gently separate them. DO NOT FORCE THEM APART. Separate as many as possible before returning them to the cold water and starting on another batch. Repeat the separate-soak cycle as many times as necessary. However, sometimes you may not be able to separate materials without forcing the issue. In those cases you will probably have to just accept the corresponding damage.

6.Once your materials are separated, store them in water until you can wash them individually, using cold, clean running water. Use cotton balls, a soft cotton cloth or a soft foam rubber brush to remove foreign objects if needed. Rinse your photographs or negatives one more time after cleaning is complete.

7.Hang-dry prints and negatives from a clothesline. Make sure they will not be exposed to dust. As an option, special solutions are available that facilitate uniform, spot-free drying when applied to negatives and slides.

8.If your prints curl while drying, wet the paper side (NOT the emulsion!) with a moist sponge and place each one between two pieces of acid-free paper or photo blotters, and leave them under a flat, heavy object for a day or two.

Even if you follow these instructions, some of your prints will probably suffer permanent damage. In that case, still bring it in to us to find out which photos can be restored. You'll be surprised!

More info and to restore your photos

Online photo restoration service, restore old photos for $39.95

Online photo restoration service, restore old photos for $39.95 Digital Photography 101 - Q&A #2: Photographing Flat Artwork

In this episode of Digital Photography 101:

• Photo Tip #115: Q&A #2: Photographing Flat Artwork

• Digi's Workshop

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Create a Photo Book

Photo Tip #115: Q&A #2: Photographing Flat Artwork

Greetings Fellow Photographers!

Natural Light

The best way to photograph flat artwork is to use natural light. If possible, bring the piece outside and find an open but slightly shady area. The shade helps protects the artwork from sun damage or curling. Place a white or black poster board on the ground near where the shade ends, as a background, then place the art on top of the poster board. If the art cannot come outside, it is still best to use natural light from a nearby window if you can, or light from a room where the art is hanging.

Taking the Shot

Before you take the shot, compose it so the outside lines are lined up straight in the frame. Do not use a wide angle lens, as it will distort the sides of the art. Instead, aim the camera straight down on the piece, and fill as much of the frame with the art as possible. Use a fast shutter speed. Also, bracket the exposures. Bracketing is when you take one shot regularly, then one overexposed shot and one underexposed shot, so you take three photos of each piece. To overexpose or underexpose the shot, adjust your aperture one f-stop up or down from where it currently is (read more about using your camera's manual mode). Some cameras also have built in over- or underexposure settings. You might actually like some of the over- or underexposed shots better!


Reflection might be an issue you run into when you shoot flat art, especially if the art has a glossy or laminated finish, or if you use a piece of glass on top of the art to flatten it for the photo. If this is the case, move the camera slightly until you get a shot without a reflection bouncing back. Or, get a piece of black foam core board and cut a hole large enough for you to shoot through. Stick your lens through the hole and shoot away. The foam core board will help absorb any reflection to help keep it out of your photo. If you need to use a flash because you are indoors, it is best to use an external flash, and position it on the side rather than straight at the art to help avoid reflections in the shot. Finally, use your favorite post-production tool to add a bit of color warmth into the final shot if needed. Get creative with other effects as well!

Digi's Site Tip

People ask me all the time about why it takes so long to upload a photo to a site when downloading is so much faster. The reason is because Internet providers offer faster download speeds than upload speeds; the Internet connection coming into your computer is faster than the one going out of your computer. Also, the larger your photo's file size, the longer it takes to upload.

Keep in mind that you can always install LifeSync, our free automated uploading tool, which uploads your photos for you each night, so you never have to upload again!

Also, we now have an integration with iPhoto (versions 10 and above) that uploads your images from iPhoto to your account so you can easily order prints, create photo books, and much more:

1. Download LifePics Uploader for iPhoto

2. Double click the file and follow the installation instructions

3. Open iPhoto and select the photos you want to upload to your online account

4. Choose from the top menu: "File," "Export," "LifePics Uploader," and then click the "export" button. Voila! Your photos will be uploaded to your account.

Order Prints Online From

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[Via Lifepics]

HOP Into Easter with Kodak and the Easter Bunny (Kodak Picture Kiosks)

Make fantastic memories this Easter with Kodak and HOP. Kodak has partnered with Universal Studios to bring the adorable characters from HOP into your Easter memories using our KODAK Picture Kiosk. Create HOP themed Photo Books, cards and more. Use our Print from Facebook feature to access your pictures right from the kiosk. Visit

After Your Photos Are Scanned: Order Creative Boarder Photos Online at

Creative Border Prints

Creative border prints at allows you add some flair and decoration to your photos. Creative border prints are available as 4x6 prints, 5x7 prints, and 8x10 prints. The creative borders come in a number of different themes, and are printed directly onto the photo to create a fun and creative border effect. Themes include romance, wedding, new baby, holidays, and a number of other colors and patterns. Browse the various themes and build your creative border prints today!

Learn more

Monday, March 28, 2011

Photo Scanning Review: Feedback on

I received my order today.  THANK YOU. Your service is professional and prompt. Your people were helpful. The instructions are clear, well-written and understandable. I will definitely recommend your services and will be using your services again in the very near future. Please extend my thanks to your hard working staff.

Karen C.
Huntington Beach, CA

The purge: when to save, when to wave - San Jose Mercury News

The purge: when to save, when to wave - San Jose Mercury News

Shape Collage - Free Automatic Photo Collage Maker [@shapecollage]

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gadgets You Should Get Rid Of (or Not)By SAM GROBART, NYT

The common rap against technology is that it leads to an accumulation of devices. But the nature of technology is changing. Fewer products are doing more tasks — all accomplished by countless lines of massless software code.

Read more

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Use Color to take photos and videos with other people who have iPhones within 150 ft to create a group album.

Use Color App to take photos and videos with other people who have iPhones within 150 ft to create a group album.

For parties, play dates, lunch? You get their photos, they get yours. Share any album with Twitter and Facebook.

Color is a social network for your iPhone based around videos and photographs. But here’s the twist: the photographs can be shared with anyone within 100 yards of you.
Click here for more info.

Color Demo from Color Labs, Inc. on Vimeo.

CliQ 2011 Show & Convention to Include Pro Speaker Series

CliQ 2011 Show & Convention to Include Pro Speaker Series

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another Raving Photo Scanning Fan(atic) Adds Review on FACEBOOK

Nici Saville Hinkel on FACEBOOK wrote:

So I have to say I am AMAZED at the turnaround time with!!! I mailed them off on Friday, which I was terrified to do b/c of course your pictures are precious, and I had all my pictures back and scanned on a CD by Wednesday!!! I would think the shipping alone would take longer than that! I was super pleased with the photos and how quick and easy it was! Will definitely use them again. :D

More info visit:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fastest Photo Scanning Service: How to Affordably Digitize Your Pictures to DVDs

» Prepaid Fill-the-Box Scanning Service. Same Day Return.
$184 for as many photos as you can fit into our prepaid box mailed to you! About 2,000+ 4x6's scanned (estimated, results vary with packing and size of photos). Includes 1 DVD with your scanned images and FREE shipping and handling. As low as 8 cents per scan. Click here to instantly order. Before ordering, please click here to read the requirements on how to prepare your photos for scanning (PDF). If you are having trouble opening the PDF instructions, please click here.
Just Added 2 New Offers:

» Pay-per-1,000: Mail order or walk-in service
$79.50 for up to 1,000 photos scanned available for mail-order or walk in service. Have as many photos scanned as you want, pay just $79.50 per 1,000 photos. Includes 1 DVD of your scanned images. From Polaroid to 11x14 size photos scanned. Front and back scanning only available with this option. No prorating. Click here to download the order form. International orders must choose this option. Before ordering, please click here to download the requirements on how to prepare your photos for scanning. (PDF) If you are having trouble opening the PDF instructions, please click here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10% Savings Promo Coupon at Online has a new 10% recession-buster discount towards all online photo print scan fill-the-box orders and its other services, including the VHS fill-the-box orders at this site.

To instantly save 10% off your next order (up to $25), excluding tax, enter this promotional coupon at the online check out page as the promotional code: "TWITTER"

The "TWITTER" promotional code cannot in anyway be applied towards previous orders, non-online orders [don't even ask] or towards any other services not provided on this page.

READ CAREFULLY: Cannot be used and will not be accepted with any other services, including the standard mail-in service (pay $79.50 for 1,000 photos).

No refunds are available for previously placed orders, but you certainly can use the discount to order additional products. Yes, please Tweet/Facebook and share this special deal with friends. It does apply to the menu of extra services and products listing on that ordering page and you can share it with others. We recommend that you add this discount to your own blog and email the promotion to your friends. All S&H is included with the prepaid fill-the-box service. Any questions, use the 24/7 free Live Help service. All orders are processed and mailed out the same business day, including Saturdays. When you buy two prepaid boxes, the third box is free (an additional $184 savings). For additional terms and conditions contact: info @

Trouble Shooting FAQ: If you enter the promo code and you receive an error code ["The Certificate ID entered was not found"] you are entering the code in the wrong box. Make sure that you type: "Twitter" in the "Coupon Code" box, not the "Gift Certificate" box and it will perfectly work
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Monday, March 14, 2011

25 Photo Composition Tips (via Scott Bourne, PMA)

Please note these are guidelines, not rules. For each of these points, an opposite artistic argument could be made. Go there if you must, but if you do, you miss the point of the list. Concentrate on the basics first, and then you earn the right to get fancy and ignore them.

1. Be clear on your subject. What story are you trying to tell with the photo?

2. Draw attention to the subject. This can be done by simply getting closer, using selective focus, using color, lighting just the subject, framing the subject in a doorway or window, etc.

3. Simplify. Simple is best. Remove anything that doesn’t help you tell the story.

4. When in doubt, leave it out. If there is something in the field of view irrelevant to the subject or that doesn’t somehow support the subject, get rid of it.

5. Check your negative space. Don’t leave too much negative space; when there is negative space, be sure to use it right. Leave room for the subject in the frame unless there is a specific reason to not.

6. Fill the frame. You rarely can go wrong by filling the frame with the main subject. Many of the best pictures are the simplest ones. It is unnecessary to add background for the sake of adding background.

7. Check the edges of the frames. Don’t cut off feet or hands of the subject half way. If you want to exclude those appendages, make sure it is clear you meant to do so. Make a clean crop well above the wrist, for instance, if you don’t want to include the hands.

8. Check for intruders. Is there something popping into the picture from the side? Is there a tree branch, power line, or telephone poll that creeps into the shot and steals attention from the subject? Recompose and remove it.

9. Remember POV – point of view. Shoot up on objects to make them more powerful. Shoot down on subjects to diminish them or make them look less imposing.

10. Use the rule of thirds. Draw a tic-tac-toe board over the picture in your mind. Position the subject at one of the four intersecting corners in the grid.

11. When making portraits, always keep the eyes above the center line in the photo.

12. Strive for balance. Look at the composition and determine if there’s something out of place that tilts the viewer’s attention one way or the other.

13. The eye goes to the brightest part of the scene first. Don’t let anything in the photo be brighter than the main subject.

14. Add depth by including strong foreground objects in shots where the background is also important.

15. Shoot vertically to enhance tall objects or emphasize height. Shoot horizontally to emphasize width.

16. Use patterns, particularly repeating patterns, to make pictures more interesting.

17. Use leading lines to attract the viewer’s eye where you want it to go.

18. Use S-curves or shapes as a more relaxed, casual way to lead the eye through the composition. A road or a stream are good examples of this approach.

19. Start by shooting at the subject’s eye level. For example, get down low when making a child or animal’s portrait, rather than standing over them and shooting down on them.

20. Make sure there is separation between multiple subjects to avoid unsightly merges.

21. Don’t center everything unless there’s a reason.

22. Don’t let the horizon fall dead center in the picture.

23. Don’t let the horizon cut through the head of any human or animal subject.

24. Don’t let the horizon merge with objects that are important to the image, and make sure it is level.

25. Right before making the photo, take a second, look up, look down, look all around, and make sure there’s nothing you’re missing.

The above content was provided with permission by The Photo Marketing Association. Copyrighted by Scott Bourne
For more information and inspiration on photography, check out

Whoo Hoo! For (Another Raving Review)

Cristalier Crystals: Whoo Hoo! for

When faced with a serious dilemma of how to get over 1500 photos on to a disk, we were seriously frustrated and overwhelmed. After spending about a week doing some research on the best ways to handle such a task, time and time again kept coming up.

We downloaded the easy to follow instructions and bundled up all the photos as required. Not even 3 days later we received a email stating that our photos had been received and were being processed. What relief! Then the very next day we received another email... They were done being scanned and on their way back to us!!! WOW!

Again, 2 days later here was our photos safely returned; And there was our 2 disks with all of our treasured photos as perfect as could be! They had been "photoscrubbed" and looked great!

What we thought was going to be such a overwhelming task couldn't have been any easier thanks to


Another Rave For

Mattjkelley: Highly recommend: I just used @ScanMyPhotos to scan 6,000 fam photos by mail for $300, easy to do, great cust. service

(Via Twitter)

About: @mattjkelley New Haven / NYC - Criminal Justice blogger at and online communications manager at the Innocence Project

The New Way To Remember Someone:


1000Memories is a new way to remember the life of someone you love. We help you build a space to share photos, record stories, and memories with family and friends. Everyone knows a person in a different way and together, we can create a truly special place to remember a life. It’s absolutely 100% free to use and your memories will be stored here forever. is a free site that helps people commemorate the life of a loved one by putting everybody’s memories (stories, pictures, video and audio) together, so their lives can be remembered, together, in one place. We aspire to create a place where visitors can gather and remember the lives of the people they love most, so their stories can be remembered and passed down to future generations. is a permanent place where your loved ones’ memory will always be treated with respect and where their memory will be maintained forever.

What "respect" means

We don’t believe in selling your information and promise to never to sell advertising on your loved one’s memory page. Additionally, we are committed to keeping the basic service is free for everybody. We will never flip a switch and make you start paying for a service you’ve started.

What "forever" means

We take the responsibility of protecting and preserving your memories extremely seriously. We use the largest, most trusted data platform available: Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is our mission to provide a safe place for your memories so that they can be passed down to future generations. This is as close to a permanent space that you’ll ever find on the Internet. And it should be. We have taken many extraordinary steps to ensure that your memories are safe with us.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adrian's Crazy Life Blog: "Smart Money: Get your Pictures Scanned at"

Thanks to Adrian for sharing her experience on her "Adrian's Crazy Life Blog."

Click here to read, excerpt below:


How many old pictures do you have hanging around? I have thousands, and that is not an exaggeration. Here’s a newsflash. When your parents die, YOU get all their pictures. All of them. And when you have two sets of parents die, you get TWO sets of pictures. My in-laws had a full sized filing cabinet FULL of pictures covering their entire lives and my own parents had almost that many.
It’s even worse if you have siblings because everyone else wants copies of all these old pictures. Have you ever tried to scan old photos? I have and I’ll tell you, it’s a PAIN. You can take them to Wal-Mart and do it, but it’s still a pain and expensive! It cost us like ten bucks to scan and print maybe a dozen or so photographs for my sister-in-law.

I’ve found a better way. There is a company in Irvine, California, who will take all your old pictures and scan them for you – cheap, fast, and relatively hassle-free. This was a gift sent from heaven for someone like me.

I did it last week. I sent a box of my favorite 1,000 photographs to in Irvine and in just about 5 days (including the weekend), I had them safely back in my hands with a single disk that contained scans of every one of them. And it cost about .8 cents per scan. That is a huge bargain.

I’ve checked with several other services and they want at least twice as much, take weeks longer (that’s because they send them to China or the Phillipines to be scanned), and the end product is exactly the same thing. I’d rather go cheaper, faster, safer, wouldn’t you?

Just the peace of mind is worth every penny to me. Your old paper pictures are irreplaceable and for me, at least, they meant a lot to me. I had my very few baby pictures, pictures of my parents wedding, pics of my children when they were first born, and lots of pictures of relatives that are long gone now. I wanted to be sure those pictures were going to be safe.

The first thing I did was load that disk onto my computer and back it up to my portable hard drive. Now I have the paper pictures and three digital copies of my pictures (the disk, my computer, and my hard drive) for safekeeping. I’ve learned the hard way through one too many basement floods and computer crashes that I don’t want to take a chance with my pictures.

Best of all, now I can use them for my digital scrapbooking. I had very few pictures in digital form of my parents and none whatsoever of my childhood. We’ve only had digital cameras for the last decade or so, and I was very pleased to see all the great pictures I’m going to be able to use in my scrapbooks.

And it was fairly simple to do. You do have to do some sorting and organizing of the photos. They must be sorted by size and you have to take them out of the envelopes, frames, and albums and get them all in a stack. But that’s not too hard. They will take sizes from 3 X 3 to 8 X 10, so that gives you a lot of choices. I think they even take Polaroids if they aren’t the really thick kind. Most of mine were either 4 X 6 or 3 X 5, but I also had a few 5 X 7’s and some smaller ones. It wasn’t a problem as long as I had them sorted out into the correct sizes.

There are a couple of options – you can do a prepaid box which holds about 2,000 photos. They have a special now – if you buy two boxes, you get a third one for FREE. That’s 6,000 photos, which ought to satisfy the biggest photo packrats. And you have a year to get your photos to them. Or you can do like me and just send them your own box of just 1,000 and see if you like it. I will probably go back later and do another box or two. I really was quite pleased with them and especially pleased that my pictures were safe and sound in Irvine, CA and not floating around the world somewhere. I found that a bit disturbing. And they ship by FedEx, so you have tracking every step of the way.
The scan quality is quite good. Considering that most of these pics were taken with the cheapest Kodak cameras available – remember the old Instamatics with the flash cubes? I was quite pleased with the results. And there are some optional services you can purchase for photo restoration, or scanning them in a particular order, or making sure the pictures are all facing a certain way (took me 5 minutes, to electronically flip the horizontal ones to vertical and to right a few that scanned upside down), or you can purchase on-line storage – not a bad idea if you don’t have a backup drive like mine.

I think you should check it out. Go to and tell them I sent you. If you enter the code Twitter at checkout, you will get 10% off and extra white glove service added to your order.

Disclaimer: I received discounted services for my pictures, but I had been planning to have mine scanned for at least a year before I discovered their special and I was so pleased with them, I would have posted for them anyway.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photo Editing Online, Easy as Pie (via Peter Wayner, NY Times)

Several Web sites make it simple to edit photographs, make them into greeting cards, insert faces into various templates and even test the look of makeup before buying it.

To create the image, she used a simple photo-editing program. And it gave the couple the idea for their Web site,, which allows users to upload a photograph, select an image from dozens of templates showing a scene, and then merge the two photographs. It is just one of many Web sites for enhancing photographs that are becoming easier than ever to use.
Read more

First Glance: Web Site Redesign and More Photo Imaging Services For You

Check us out at

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PhotoRocket Photo-Sharing Service | Photo Apps

PhotoRocket Photo-Sharing Service Photo Apps

Google links Picasa photos to Google Profile

Google links Picasa photos to Google Profile and are Two Recommended Services to Create More Ways to Share Your Photos
Select a digital photo effect for fun
PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool that gives you a fun filled experience. You upload any photo and just wait to see the magic. Our proprietary technology automatically identifies the face in the photo and let's you add cool photo effects and create funny face photo montages.

PhotoFunia is free and very easy to use. Just select an effect you like from over 100 different effects, upload your photo, and PhotoFunia will handle the rest for you.

National Geographic has one of the finest iPad apps with an illuminating look at their picks for the world's greatest photographs

National Geographic Magazine has searched its vast archives to find its most memorable photographs. This application brings National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs to life with the rich features and functionality of iPad™. Learn the stories behind our most iconic.

Click here to order the Apple app

President Obama & the First Lady Address Bullying

Design Aglow is the premier online photography magazine and template source for professional image makers. We Recommend

Design Aglow is an online resource for information and products directed at professional wedding and portrait photographers. This site was created to inform, to teach, and to inspire.  As an online collection of resources, including articles, Photoshop actions, templates, marketing ideas, interviews, and seminars for the boutique wedding and portrait studio, they are a hybrid of design and photography and explain how they relate to each other.

The service is completely reader supported, without ads, accepts no sponsors, and is not paid to endorse products. The products recommended are based strictly on unbiased experiences and research.  Design Aglow is dedicated to an “art only” format. No technical stuff here!  It is about the artistic approach, photo enhancement, album design, marketing, branding, and creative technique.

To see why is raving about on Design Agrow and its blog, visit their site: DESIGNAGLOW.COM

Add Your Voice to the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention

[Repost. Source and written by Kevin Jennings, via The White House Blog

Today, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are hosting the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention to bring together students, parents, educators, policymakers, non-profit leaders, and administration officials to address the challenges posed by bullying, to highlight successful efforts of those who are taking action, and to send the message we must all work together to make our schools and communities safe for all students.

Last fall several tragic suicides linked to bullying caught the nation’s attention and focused it on what has been a longstanding and pervasive problem in our schools. This was not “news” to us in DC: in 2009 we had convened an interagency task force on bullying, staged a national summit on the subject in August 2010 (you can watch segments on CSPAN here), and remain engaged on many fronts in efforts to reduce bullying, including launching a new web site today, But with the President’s involvement today, we are sending the strongest message we can that all of us need to do more. (And in case you missed it, the President and First Lady released a special video message yesterday).

We need you to be a part of the dialogue, too. You can watch portions of the Conference on Bullying Prevention live right here on and join in several special online discussions throughout the day.

Here’s the lineup:

•10:35 AM: Opening Remarks by First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama

Watch live on

•11:00 AM: A conversation with experts on effective programs and policies to prevent bullying

Panel Discussion with Susan Swearer-Napalitano, Justin Patchin, Catherine Bradshaw, and George Sugai moderated by White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett. Watch live at

•12:20 PM: Special "Facebook Live" Event at the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention

Assistant to the President and Deputy Senior Advisor Stephanie Cutter, Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan, MTV Vice President for Public Affairs Jason Rzepka and Rosalind Wiseman take questions from the public via Facebook on bullying prevention. Watch live at and submit your questions on Facebook.

•1:15PM: Open for Questions: iVillage with Secretary Sebelius at the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention

Kelly Wallace poses questions from the iVillage audience on bullying prevention to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. Watch live at

•2:00PM: Administration Officials Deliver Closing Remarks at Conference Wrap Up Session

Watch live on

For too long, people have excused bullying by saying things like “What can you do, bullying has been going on forever. Kids are mean.” Or “She just made a bad joke, she didn’t mean to hurt anyone.” Or, worse yet, “Bullying is just part of growing up. It builds character.” We reject those excuses. As the President says, bullying isn’t a normal rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up. We all have an obligation to ensure that our schools are safe for all of our children. We can, and we will, stop bullying now.

[Repost from The White House Blog]

Monday, March 7, 2011

Congratulations to The Container Store "CBS Sunday Morning" Profile

The reason recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary has everything to do with the shared philosophy of The Container Store, as profiled on "CBS Sunday Morning."

Watch video

Photo Design Project: Shadow Boxes for Beautiful Keepsakes (via @designaglow)

Via Design Aglow: The Fusion of Photography, Design and Inspiration

Need help turning your post-vacation keepsake clutter into a divine display? Our resident do-it-yourself expert, Ashley Campbell, has just what you’ve been looking for:

As spring break and summer approach many families begin planning vacations and time to just enjoy being together. In my family unpacking from a trip often includes trying to find places to store or display random keepsakes we’ve picked up along the way. A shadow box is a great way to show off those little items in an clean and classy way.

Filling your shadow box with too many pictures or items and result in framed collection of clutter. After a recent trip to beautiful Hawaii I had a few things to display and more pictures than could ever fit into a frame. To avoid the overly cluttered look I used the Alphabet Frames and some favorite pictures all with the same color tones to create the words “Hana Hou” (used in Hawaii to say “once more” or “again”). Once I had my background created I added a select few of our keepsakes.

Click here to view samples

How to Scan 35mm Mounted Slides to DVD?

Click here to go directly to the website

On an independent Blog
post on Yedda by writer Avi Charkham, he asks: " What's the best way to scan slides? I have many slides I took 15 years ago in Tibet. I had a glance at them yesterday and figured I really wanted to convert them to digital format. What's the best way to do that?"

For complete info,
see this page. With same day turn-around get all your 35mm mounted slides delicately hand scanned scanned and mailed back the same day. Make sure you have Kodak Digital ICE Software enhanced slide scans and confirm that each image's color and density corrections are included. .

At, we digitally preserve your 35mm mounted color slides as jpeg files saved onto digital DVDs or CDs. You slides are professionally scanned at 2000 dpi which outputs at 500dpi @ 4x6 (2000x3000 pixels, or 6MP).

Custom 35mm mounted slide scanning from

35mm Slide Scan Prices (US$ cost per slide) NEW LOWER RATES AS OF 3-6-11

1-499...............$0.65...................... $0.87

500-1499........ $0.52...................... $0.70
2900+..............$0.35...................... $0.49 [BEST VALUE]
Click here to see a sample of our scanned slides

To order slide scanning by mail, please fill out the
order form and include with your order.

Click here to access our custom Google Search to instantly get answers to any photo imaging questions.

More info, see

For daily news and super-savings updates, visit their Blog: Tales from the World of Photo Scanning
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: (via Toblerhaus Blog)

Via Toblerhaus Blog

Recently, I was sitting in the waiting room at the chiropractor, thumbing through the latest issue of Money magazine. A small advertisement caught my The idea is simple. You send them your printed photos, they scan them, and return your original photos, plus a DVD with digital copies of the same photos. Cool!

I came home and started reading up on the company. I liked what I read. They are getting a lot of positive press, plus plenty of positive consumer reviews. So, I decided to give them a try.

I sent a shoe box full of 4x6 pictures as a "test run." Man, it felt creepy to send off my honeymoon photos, college photos, and many more that only exist in ONE copy, as the negatives are long gone. I sent 903 photos, which weighted about 7.5 pounds. Even thought the company is here in California, it still ran close to $20 for shipping, as I chose certified Priority Mail. It could have been as cheap as $13, though.

Anyway, has these super cool mega scanners (that cost $40,000 each!) that scan super fast. They scanned all of my photos within 1 day of receiving them, and they were back on the road to me, also via Priority Mail.

I am *so happy* with the results. The paper photos were well packed, and look just as they did when I sent them off. I quickly copied the DVD onto my hard drive, and viola! I've got digital shots at my fingertips. These pictures have been stashed away in boxes and photo albums for years, and they're finally getting the "face time" that they deserve!

I've already in the process of pulling together my next order of photos, and hope to convince my Mom to join in on a "fill the box" deal. I love the idea of having our entire family history in digital format. The only pics we can't send in are those that are smaller than 3x3, larger than 10x12, ones that have been cut into funky shapes, and copyrighted photos (duh). Otherwise, I'm getting it all scanned!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

10,000 Photos Prepared for Scanning in 2-Minutes Using Kodak Technology at Order Online

10,000 Photos Prepared for Scanning in 2-Minutes Using Kodak Technology at

Order online at Pay just $699.00 for six prepaid boxes, holds more than 10,000 standard photos

That’s a big number, but according to The Photo Preservation Center, "many households collectively have more than 10,000 analogy photo snapshots stored away in shoeboxes."

The problem was how to safely and affordably have an entire family’s generation of pictures scanned? To help promote photo scanning and solve the challenge, The Photo Preservation Center launched The Great American Photo Scanning Project - see link.

The solution was 20-years in the making by founders, Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman. As well-known leaders in the photo imaging industry, their Irvine, Calif-based company, founded in 1990, has commercialized digital imaging services, including pioneering the super-fast photo scanning service by utilizing Eastman Kodak Company Document Imaging scanners and Kodak Capture software.

"Now, generations of family photos are prepared for scanning in under 2-minutes. That’s all it takes to click on and order the new prepaid fill-the-box Family Generation Collection service," said Goldstone . Then, just like the famed Kodak slogan, "You Press the Button We Do the Rest," the newest service includes safely sending out six U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail prepaid boxes - holding more than 10,000 standard photographs that consumers pack and drop off at their local Post Office; does the rest with same day scanning and return.

The Family Generation Collection includes

  • Pay just $699.00 for six prepaid boxes that combined hold 10,000 standard photo snapshots,
  • Same day fulfillment, scanning and return of the completed DVDs and original photos,
  • All Shipping and handling included,
  • One set of DVD data discs that archives each jpeg (300 dpi) image,

Until now, was famous for its nationwide fill-the-box scanning, but was faced with a challenge to expand the service after its involvement with the Artistry of Genealogy Awards. According to Goldstone, "the genesis for the expanded 10,000 photo scanning was based on many family historians asking for even larger packages to ship their photos in. They liked the flat-fee and same day service, but wanted something more."

More info, see and daily updates on its Tales from the World of Photo Scanning Blog [].

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Listen to How Helped Reinvent the Photo Imaging Industry

{repost] By commercializing Kodak technology, photo scanning is fast and affordable at Listen to Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of radio interview on The CEO Show.

Irvine, CA -- What happens when the economy and technology creates havoc to an entire industry? Find out how reinvented itself - transforming from a local retail photo center into an international eCommerce photo industry leader.

Today, your shoeboxes of photo snapshots are quickly scanned and shared on your computer, iPhone and added to your blog and social networking sites. There is an urgency to share your favorite analog pictures in today's all-digital world before the images fade away.

Listen to Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of discuss how his 20-year photo business, based in Irvine-California, reinvented itself to scan tens-of-millions of pictures worldwide. Along with hundreds of other photo imaging products, including online
photo restorations, 35mm slide scanning, photo albums and Kodak-quality photo reprints, listen to this inspiring entrepreneurial story for every business owner, shared its magic and explained how it reinvented its business on
The CEO Show.

Topic: "Digitizing photos for celebrities and the masses."

Interview: Listen to Mitch Goldstone on The CEO Show.
Click on this link to listen.

Goldstone credits The Eastman Kodak Company for pioneering the technology that has helped reinvent the entire photo imaging industry. "I would love to take credit for scanning tens of millions of pictures, but, the real secret behind this technology is Kodak. As the worldwide leader in photo imaging, Kodak enables us to scan hundreds of thousands of pictures a day. I can't say enough about Kodak; they are the magic behind our success and why I have been in business since 1990. I always embraced Kodak's new products and technologies, especially to help solve the biggest problem in photography: how to quickly and affordably scan analog photographs to bring family memories into today's all-digital world," said Goldstone.


The CEO Show with Robert Reiss is America's nationally syndicated broadcast that goes in depth with business leaders who have reinvented their industry by creating customer experience organizations. Mr. Goldstone was interviewed by Mr. Reiss on the December 6, 2009 program. is the fast and affordable international photo scanning service. Founded in 1990, the company safely scans up to 1000 pictures for [$79.50] with same day returned from its California headquarters. Hundreds of other photo services are also provided; including, free shipping for scanning about 2,000 photos in its most popular fill-the-box service. A
New York Times David Pogue article said that "ScanMyPhotos service could turn out to be the best [$79.50] plus shipping you'll ever spend." was ranked 17th on the Photography listing and was included as "The Best of LA 2009" by Los Angeles Magazine. Scores of other profiles are referenced on the Web site. The company has trusted KODAK brand products since 1990 and credits the Eastman Kodak Company with pioneering new ways to share pictures in today's all-digital world. "We launched an entirely new business by commercializing KODAK scanning technology, KODAK Photo Kiosks and KODAK APEX (Adaptive Picture Exchange) printing to provide innovative new products for our customers," explained Goldstone.

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