Monday, February 28, 2011

Guy Kawaski New Book "Enchantment" Using Photo Contest and Social Media to Promote

To celebrate the release of his latest book Enchantment, Guy Kawasaki wants you to share your enchanting photos. Photos will be accepted in the following categories: Kids, Pets, Travel, Vehicles, and People. You may enter more than once, but only once per category.

The entries that receive the most votes in each category (5 winners) will each win a brand new Nikon D3100! The entry that receives the most overall votes will also win a 16 GB Apple iPad (wi-fi)!

The contest is open until March 11, so get your entry in and encourage your friends to vote. Winners will be announced on March 14 at South by Southwest. Click here to enter and learn more

Enchantment, as defined by bestselling business guru Guy Kawasaki, is not about manipulating people. It transforms situations and relationships. It converts hostility into civility and civility into affinity. It changes the skeptics and cynics into the believers and the undecided into the loyal. Enchantment can happen during a retail transaction, a high-level corporate negotiation, or a Facebook update. And when done right, it's more powerful than traditional persuasion, influence, or marketing techniques.

Kawasaki argues that in business and personal interactions, your goal is not merely to get what you want but to bring about a voluntary, enduring, and delightful change in other people. By enlisting their own goals and desires, by being likable and trustworthy, and by framing a cause that others can embrace, you can change hearts, minds, and actions. For instance, enchantment is what enabled . . .

* A Peace Corps volunteer to finesse a potentially violent confrontation with armed guerrillas.

* A small cable channel (E!) to win the TV broadcast rights to radio superstar Howard Stern.??

* A seemingly crazy new running shoe (Vibram Five Fingers) to methodically build a passionate customer base.??

* A Canadian crystal maker (Nova Scotian Crystal) to turn observers into buyers.

This book explains all the tactics you need to prepare and launch an enchantment campaign; to get the most from both push and pull technologies; and to enchant your customers, your employees, and even your boss. It shows how enchantment can turn difficult decisions your way, at times when intangibles mean more than hard facts. It will help you overcome other people's entrenched habits and defy the not-always-wise "wisdom of the crowd."

Kawasaki's lessons are drawn from his tenure at one of the most enchanting organizations of all time, Apple, as well as his decades of experience as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. There are few people in the world more qualified to teach you how to enchant people.

As Kawasaki writes, "Want to change the world? Change caterpillars into butterflies? This takes more than run-of-the-mill relationships. You need to convince people to dream the same dream that you do." That's a big goal, but one that's possible for all of us.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wis Governor Scott Walker phone fail: Wis. governor falls for prank call you wouldn't believe [AUDIO]

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has fallen for a prank phone call, and in the process spent 20 minutes revealing his secret union-busting plans to the opposition.

The prank call was made by the alternative weekly Buffalo Beast, which pretended to be GOP financier David Koch. Governor Walker's office has just confirmed that the call is authentic, and that it is indeed Walker on the phone.

FACEBOOK: What People Are Saying About

Giannina Velez: I just received my 600 scanned photos from ScanMyPhotos and I'm SUPER impressed with the quality of the photos. A lot of the older pictures looked even better than the original print. Also, a very quick turnaround on the processing. I'm getting ready to send another batch.

Martha Osborne: Review: My photos were mailed on Friday, processed and shipped out on Monday, and received on Wednesday. That is lightening fast. I was very nervous about mailing off several years of print-photos from our children's early childhood. I am SO PLEASED with the result. Thank you.
Maggie Ziegler: I just got my photos back and I had such a great experience with you guys! I'm going to definitely recommend you to my friends. Next step--converting the home movies to DVD!
Kevin Walbrick: Phenomenal service. Just received my 983 photos back with companion DVD all for $65 plus shipping. Best deal (quality and price) out there. Thank you!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mining Photo Memories to Preserve the Past (via FELICIA R. LEE NY Times)

From The New York Times: Mining Memories to Preserve the Past, Thomas Allen Harris has created the Digital Diaspora Family Reunion project to document the pasts of African-American families and communities. DDFR is a Roadshow that travels across the African Diaspora to uncover and share treasures from the family photographic archive.

Mr. Harris and Ms. Kyles, a 55-year-old wellness consultant and songwriter who lives in Harlem, were in his office ferreting out information for the filmmaker’s Digital Diaspora Family Reunion project. Since 2009, Mr. Harris has traveled the country collecting photographs and stories from families, then putting those and filmed interviews onto his Web site.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 FOR 2 (Save $184) Get About 6,000 or More Photos Scanned For $368

  • Order the prepaid fill-the-box online right now
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  • We rush, but you don't have to: You have up to one-year to mail each separate box back
  • Each box holds about 2,000+ pictures

*** MUST READ. Rule for Free Box: Because of this special rate, there will be no exceptions for any reason. If you want to take advantage of the “buy 2 get 3rd free,” it MUST be at the time you place your original order. If you only order one box and afterwards decided you need extra boxes to have more pictures scanned, we will under no circumstance retroactively validate this special offer – due to our super-low rates, fulfillment workflow operation and expansive volume. Please, do not ask afterwards, but rather, buy the extra box now. Thank you for your help in complying with this requirement. Read limit of liability before ordering.

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  • Click here for complete info on how to prepare your photos for scanning

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Super-Fast Photo Scanning

It doesn't get any easier or inexpensive than this. Our pay-one-price flat rate prepaid fill-the-box service is winning raves, and repeat customer orders from across the country.

This is the reason why most orders receives are generated from referrals. Most people have generations of family photos stacked in shoeboxes, not hundreds, but thousands of photo memories. You can visit the headquarters, or mail us your photos; the fee is just $79.50 to scan up to 1,000 pictures. All requirements for preparing your photos are listed here. Our Option #2 service is international and has several extra features. Click here for more info.

This Option #1 box holds about 2,000 standard 4x6" pictures. For complete info on how to order and prepare your photos for our flat-rate, pay just $184 fee, order here. When you buy two boxes, the third is free (must choose three boxes when ordering). This means we can scan about 6,000 4x6" pictures for just $299.90. No tax for orders outside California and valid only for domestic U.S. orders. Super-fast- super-easy and we return your photos and the DVD data disc on the same day it is received. Your prepaid boxes is also mailed out the same business day it is received. We are super-fast and super-efficient. That's how we have been operating our business since 1990. And, with super-careful service too.

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The Frugal Yankee: Thrifty Techie Gifts Profiles

[Repost The Frugal Yankee]

Gifts are meant to show you care. You could just spend buckets of money to show you care. Or you could use more imagination and less cash. If the gift is fun and reflects the recipients interests, you have shown that you’re smart and caring.

Techie types like to have their gadgets handy all the time. There are some very interesting stands and holders and cases. Prices range from inexpensive to absurd. Here are a few good values.

Clingo is fun. It holds phone, GPS, MP3 player and lots of other things. There are versions that stick to the car window, a podium, a small one, and even a Clingo to wear around your neck. Radio Shack, Micro Center, and more, $25-$35.

Texthook attaches to handlebars (bicycles, exercise equipment, strollers, etc) to hold your smartphone while riding your bike, working out or strolling with your children. It is perfect to use with hands free headsets, such as Bluetooth®. About $26 in specialty stores like Magic Beans in Cambridge, Wellesley, and Brookline.

Cases. There are all kinds of cases for iPads, Kindles, and phones. A couple that I like are the phone cases at Five Below that cost $5. At the other end, Bodhi is a little pricey, but very elegant. A leather or linen case for a Kindle, either size, is around $100. Bloomingdales

Anyone who takes photos with a smartphone has a lot of blurry shots, especially in low light. The Gary Fong tripod is the answer. You can use it for little point-n-shoot cameras (about $20) or add a smartphone adapter for another $20. It even closes up, protects your camera or phone while you carry it around your neck. Get it at Hunts Photo or other camera shops.

Speaking of photos, it’s a huge undertaking to digitize a collection of printed photos. digitizes for you and returns your pictures the same day they get them. For [$79.50] they’ll scan 1000 photos. For [$184], they’ll send you the box for 2000 photos with instructions and pay postage both ways. You can get a gift certificate at

Here’s a way to get crumbs, dust, and gunk out of the crevices of keyboards, remotes, phones, all kinds of gear. Not for screens, but it’s fun and effective on lots of other things. Cyber Clean comes in a couple of sizes, costs $5-$10. Office Depot, Radio Shack, Best Buy and more.

Another practical gift is Socket Sense, the surge protector that understands that we plug in big adapters. This one expands and has plugs at an angle. You can actually use all 6 sockets. About $30, Radio Shack, some True Value stores.

For the real nitty-gritty, you can speed up someone’s computer. One highly recommended tool is System Mechanic. It’s less than $50 at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Costco, Frys, Office Depot, Staples.

Anyone who tinkers with electronics, woodworking, even sewing, would like a MagOGrip bracelet. It keeps tools and gear right where you need it. About $15, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart.

The Scorpion ($50) is a multi-function device that can be powered by three sources: solar panel, dynamo hand-crank and AC adapter, and features a USB port to charge cell phones via hand-crank. In addition, Scorpion provides up-to-date and detailed information and weather conditions through NOAA weather band, and has an AM/FM radio digital tuner. The device also features a built-in LED flashlight and a bottle opener, all housed in a rugged, water-resistant exterior.

My very favorite is the book “Geek Dad”. Forget playing catch or Monopoly. Moms and Dads and kids can get wind up toys to do finger painting, take photos from the sky, or build a light-up duct tape wallet. About $15, most book stores.

There you have it. Some techie gift ideas. Be sure to look around for great ideas on finding real value for the real world.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Featured Additional Services For Prepaid Photo Scanning Orders

Order popular featured services to enhance your photo scanning experience. Whether you want to improve your photo scans, get organized or add security and speed to your prepaid photo box, we have a service to cover it. Each additional service is priced per box, not per order. When ordering additional services, make sure you order the correct amount to match your total number of boxes.

Rush Service:  Rush service so that your order will be immediately sent into production upon receipt as the next order processed to make sure that your order is shipped out the same day it is received. Otherwise, your order will be processed shipped out within 48 hours of receipt.

Price: $29.95 per box


Photo Soap: Most people won't get the most out of their digital images due to the amount of time needed to correct thousands of photos and their lack of experience color correcting digital images, not to mention not wanting to buy the expensive programs that are designed for it. Now, in conjunction with our high speed scanning service, we offer to do the work for you and bring out your image's true nature. Old photos will be brought back to life. New photos will look better than you thought they could. View samples

Price: $109.95 per box
Order Photo Soap


Scan in Order: If you do not wish to organize your photos by size or if you need your photos to be scanned in a specific order, you must order the "Scan in Order" service for an additional fee. Ordering the "Scan in Order" service will let the scanning technician know that you need to have your photographs scanned in the order you have specified. This service overrides the necessity to place your order in size order but it is still highly recommended to organize your photos within each bundle by size to prevent unwanted bending of larger photos.

Price: $48.50 per box
Order Scan in Order


Additional DVD's: When ordering duplicate DVDs, be sure to multiply the quantity of DVDs desired PER box times the number of boxes order. For example, you order 3 boxes and want 4 duplicate DVDs per box you would order 12 DVDs (3x4).

1 additional DVD for $14.95
2-3 additional DVDs for $8.27 each (45% savings)
4-6 additional DVDs for $4.48 each (70% savings)
7+ additional DVDs for $3.98 each (73% savings)
Order Additional DVD's


5x7 Contact Sheets: Order a set of 5x7 contact sheets of your scanned images to help you stay organized. Smaller than the Photo Index Book so it is a great to keep with the DVD itself for quick reference. Each 5x7 shows 25 images along with the file name.

Price: $34.95 per box
Order 5x7 Contact Sheets

FedEx Overnight Empty Box(es): Your prepaid box will be delivered the next business day. Buy 2-get-one-free prepaid boxes must all be mailed to the same address. This does not apply to the return shipment of your completed order. Your returned order will be mailed back via USPS Priority mail.

Price: $42.95 per order
(up to 6 boxes to one address)
Order FedEx Overnight


Photo Index Book: Order Photo Index Books of all your photos. 8.5"x11" hard cover books to show family and friends and organize your images in a more elegant manner. Image rotation is included with every Photo Index Book. (Rotation only included if purchased at time of scanning)

Current Special: Get 3 for the price of 2! A $134.50 value, FREE. Simply add three photo index books to your cart and the discount instantly appears. All three must be ordered at the same time. Cannot combine with prior orders.

Price: $134.50 per box
Order Photo Index Book

Image Rotation: Our high-speed scanners make sure your photos get back to you faster than ever before, but are limited to scanning all images horizontally. Add this service and we will go back through your photos after scanning and rotate them to the correct orientation.

Price: $94.95 per box
Order Image Rotation

Signature Confirmation: Signature Confirmation gives you an added level of security by requiring a signature from the person who accepts your returned package. This requires you to sign for your return shipment of completed scan jobs.

Price: $9.95 per box
Order Signature Confirmation

Extreme Backup SM:  Have us backup your scanned images for 1, 6 or 12 months to help preserve and protect your memories. DVDs can be lost or damaged over time. Ensure that your memories are protected from unexpected events.

Price: $4.95 per box (1 Month)
$14.95 per box (6 Month)
$24.95 per box (12 Month)
Order Extreme Backup

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ScanMyPhotos - Photo 100 |

ScanMyPhotos - Photo 100

What Our Fans On FACEBOOK Are Saying About

Jimmy Shi: I had very old photos that needed to be saved for the memory before they got ruined in my attic and these guys were the cheapest & most reliable service I've found. Took only one week to send in my photos and get them back at an actual affordable price you won't find anywhere else. I've looked everywhere, not only were they the most affordable but they got the job done quick and precise. Thanks a lot guys! I'll be sure to refer all my friends and family to you.

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