Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo Marketing Association Launches CliQ Initiative for the Entire Photographic Community

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The Photo Marketing Association (PMA) unveiled its CliQ website, a new branded experience for photo enthusiasts and anyone interested in getting the most from photography and video.

“CliQ is a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week commitment on the part of the association to provide content and tools for everyone involved in photography, from consumers to aspiring pros, to retailers and professional labs,” said Ted Fox, executive director and CEO, PMA. “Also, with the recent addition of the Professional Wedding and Studio Photographers Association International (PWSPI) to the PMA family, the association has broadened its appeal to include all segments of the photo/video industry.”

The CliQ website, located at cliqworld.com, features how-to tips, new product reviews from DP Review and monthly photo contests. In the coming months, more features will be added, leading up to an annual event in September.

The establishment of CliQ will bring extensive changes to the PMA annual convention and trade show, scheduled for September 6-10, 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada. PMA has renamed the expanded event CliQ 2011. The show will now feature presentations from well-known photographers like Jasmine Starr, Scott Bourne, Tracey Clark and Stacy Pearsall, as well as workshops, photo walks and seminars that will be part of the CliQ experience, along with entry to the photo trade show.

The show itself will include interactive zones spotlighting technology, tips and techniques in these major areas: the Shooting zone with demos by leading photographers of still photography; the Mobile zone, which will spotlight the hottest and best mobile phone apps; the Software Tutorial zone where visitors can learn the ins and outs of leading desktop and Web photo applications; the Innovation zone that will highlight new and emerging technologies; the 3D zone that will feature digital 3D photography and video; and the Video zone, which will showcase one of the fastest-growing areas in imaging today—HD and SLR videography.

The annual show will also offer custom-picture framing and the GoingPro Bootcamp photography business seminar.

“The PMA convention will continue to offer the same leading-edge programming for the retailers, custom framers, studios and chain stores,” added Fox. “PMA members will recognize classic convention features, like the DIMA Printer Shootout, the DIMA Photo Book Showcase, Retailer Hot Picks, Photographer Hot Picks, DIMA Innovative Product Awards and the official business session.”

Also, as previously announced, North America’s largest photo retail buying group, the Photographic Research Organization (PRO), will stage a major buying event in conjunction with CliQ 2011, using it as a launch point for 2011 holiday season merchandising

To learn more about the new initiative, tune into an interview with Ted Fox on the DIMAcast or AIE Imaging Executive podcast. The interview, conducted by PMA senior editor Jennifer Kruger on January 11 also includes Chad Munce, group executive, digital imaging markets, and Gary Pageau, PMA publisher. cliqworld.com and pmai.org

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From PMA:

After the launch of the new CliQ brand experience, some PMA retail members and labs have rightfully asked, “What’s in it for me?” We’ve distilled some of the most common questions down to this Q-and-A. As always, members are encouraged to call or email PMA for the straight scoop. Also, this week’s special DIMAcast and AIE Imaging Executive podcast features PMA executive director Ted Fox explaining what CliQ is, from a trade perspective.

Q: What does CliQ have to do with PMA 2011? Is it a show? Are there trade days?

A: The new name for PMA 2011 is “CliQ 2011.” There will continue to be pre-show, trade-only sessions, as in the past. In addition to trade sessions, there will be programming for enthusiasts and aspiring pro photographers, beginning Sept. 9. Tracks will be labeled for photo retailers, custom framers, etc. The show floor will be open Sept. 8-9 for trade only and Sept. 10 for enthusiasts, aspiring pros, and trade.

The show will also have special features for PRO and IPI members. We are also adding special “zones” on the show floor including an Innovation Zone featuring the latest in 3D, Video and other innovative technologies; a Mobile Imaging Zone focusing trends and new apps for mobile devices; Software Tutorial Zone featuring demos on the latest photo manipulation, color management and workflow software; Shooting Zone featuring experts demonstrating advanced photography techniques; “Take it to the Wall” Exhibit featuring the coolest in canvas and custom framing.

Q: Is CliQ an association for enthusiasts?

A: Think of CliQ as more like a web-site account, allowing access to website features and discounts. A CliQ account does not make an enthusiast a PMA member, but the $25 does provide them some pretty nifty discounts and a one-day pass to the CliQ 2011 event, Sept. 10. Soon, their account will provide them with other website features, related to contests and photo critiques.

PMA trade members are automatically members of CliQ, with access to the same discounts. This is now built-in to your dues. Retailers and lab members are also welcome at CliQ enthusiast sessions.

Q: What kind of discounts will CliQ offer? Some other associations are providing discounts direct from manufacturers.

A: PMA doesn’t plan to compete with its own members. Discounts will be for magazines, learning resources like Lynda.com, and selected software products. Also, keep in mind, as a PMA member, you can take advantage of these same discounts.

Q: What about prizes in the first photo contest on Facebook?

A: CliQ will offer prizes provided from a variety of sources. Soon, if a local retailer wants to provide a prize, we’ll accommodate that, too.

Q: Seems like PMA is cozying up to the big guys. I don’t get how CliQ benefits the independent retailer.

A: That’s a natural response, and not unexpected. CliQ is not fully formed yet, but is moving very quickly. The site was launched with the intent of adding new features and new services over the next few weeks.

CliQ aims to be the source for all things photography for a community united by their shared passion for still and motion images, and that community includes local retailers. (In fact, check out the main page of the CliQ site, where that’s stated.) We will be connecting photo enthusiasts to local photo and video events including a retailer classes, photo walks and the like. We will be launching other opportunities to connect PMA member retailers to CliQ account holders and they will encouraged to participate in CliQ events and programs at every level.
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