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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Consumer Electronics Show [CES 2011] Exhibitor Press Event Schedule

Sponsor Location Description

MSI Bellini 2006, the Venetian Launch of new desktop/mobile computer platforms. Showcase and briefing - new MSI products

LG Electronics Casanova 501, The Venetian LG Electronics will showcase its upcoming 2011 product line.

Monster Galileo 1006, The Venetian *INVITATION ONLY*

NETGEAR Marco Polo 701, The Venetian Get a sneak peek of NETGEAR's award-winning solutions and technologies for digitally networked lifestyles, including a live demo and Q&A opportunities with NETGEAR's industry leaders.

Intel Marco Polo 804, The Venetian

Audiovox Corporation Galileo 1001, The Venetian Audiovox will unveil its newest mobile, consumer and accessories products under the Company's major brands including: Audiovox, RCA, Acoustic Research and Jensen.

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Marco Polo 705, The Venetian Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Car Electronics Division announces its exciting 2011 in-vehicle offerings including ultra-high-end audio, navigation, A/V receivers and other mobile components. Top level executives will present cutting edge technologies at

NVIDIA San Polo 3404, The Venetian NVIDIA awakened the world to the power of computer graphics when it invented the GPU in 1999. Since then, it has consistently set new standards in visual computing with breathtaking, interactive graphics available on devices ranging from tablets and porta

Sharp Electronics Corp. Galileo 902, The Venetian At its annual CES press conference, Sharp will introduce one-of-a-kind technologies and products that will change how we access and view information and entertainment. Sharp will also unveil new eco-friendly technologies and initiatives that will improve

Casio America Inc. Casanova 605, The Venetian

Cisco Murano 3205, The Venetian "Come see John Chambers, Chairman and CEO of Cisco, discuss Cisco's video strategy, highlight new technologies, and showcase the next generation user experience.


Samsung Electronics America Murano 3201, The Venetian

Panasonic Bellini 2101, The Venetian Panasonic will highlight technology and product developments, including the latest in 3D and connected VIERA, Blu-ray and other product news, as well as innovative solutions for consumer entertainment. The company also plans to make announcements on impor

Motorola Inc. Marcello 4402, The Venetian Motorola Mobility is leading the convergence of wireless, computing, the Internet and media by bringing personalized, intuitive media and multi-screen experiences together to meet consumer expectations. Motorola Mobility will be showcasing its latest offe

Sony Electronics Inc. Booth #14200, Central Hall, LVCC Sony will unveil a variety of products and technologies during their press conference at the 2011 International CES. Sony's new products and technologies will demonstrate the company's commitment to deliver innovation, style and quality to consumers. *INV

Audi Ghost Bar, Palms Resort *INVITATION ONLY*

GIGABYTE Marco Polo 707, The Venetian GIGABYTE, the world's leading motherboard manufacturer, will be unveiling for the first time a new series of motherboards that will once again revolutionize PCB design. Several GIGABYTE partners including industry leader Intel will be on hand to help take

ION Audio S221, LVCC ION Audio, the leader in consumer electronics, will be announcing and showcasing their upcoming 2011 product line. Top executives will be giving the media a sneak peek at ION Audio's award-winning consumer products along with live demonstrations and Q&A o

Booth #26111, LVCC Be one of the first to see the 2011 products and innovations from Kenmore. Featuring connectivity, innovations and exciting, fresh uses of social engagement. Kenmore is proud to showcase its forward thinking with a media reception on day one of CES. Pleas

The NCC S227, LVCC Introduction of the Stanley Brand power Squid. Introduction of the Stanley Brand Energy Saving Power Line. Release of Green Peace, Hand Held Devices, Green Survey.

Dry Corp, LLC #5230, Grand Lobby, Lower Level Meeting Rooms, LVCC DryCorp is introducing a new waterproof technology that can keep any hand held and portable electronic device dry with its new vacuum-sealed, one-size fits all product, DryCase. DryCase even has a headphone and stereo jack, allowing you to continue using

General Motors Booth #CP28, Silver Lot 2, LVCC Chris Borroni-Bird, GM's director of advanced technology vehicle concepts and world-reknown automotive futurist, will host daily media demonstration and ride sessions of the EN-V concept at select daily times from Thursday, January 6th though Saturday, Ja

Visteon Corporation CP #20, Central Plaza, LVCC Visteon and 3M have collaborated on a growth market vehicle that features the latest in-vehicle electronics. Visteon will also present its advanced technology demonstration vehicle, "C-Beyond," that highlights in-vehicle integration of the consumer electr

JVC Americas Corp. Shimmer Lounge, Las Vegas Hilton 2011 Product Launch *INVITATION ONLY*

Skype Communications SARL S227, LVCC

Esoteric Casanova 501, The Venetian Esoteric, a subsidiary of the TEAC Corporation, introduces models K-01/K-03, setting new standards for PCM and DSD data retrieval, and for PC/NAS media playback. Esoteric's hardware and D/A conversion process include advanced VRDS-NEO transports, 32 bit p

Microgenesis Media Booth # 25307, South Hall, LVCC This event will addres the challenges that the new generation of Internet -connected devices presents to the digital content industry. MgMEDIA will showcase its "Four Screens" platform and its last product: Samsung Movies.

HeartMath S221, LVCC A cutting-edge performance company that provides a range of unique services, products and technologies to improve health and well-being HeartMathLLC will unveil their full line of personal stress relief products including the emWave Personal Stress Reliev

S227, LVCC With so many new products to see at CES, what's the quickest way to hit the highlights and see all the trends in action -through the eyes of the people who use the technology? Living in Digital Times will be highlighting the hottest products from its six

Verizon Wireless Veronese 2402, The Venetian *INVITATION ONLY*

Ty Booth #35750, LVCC Ty Founder, celebrity Aiden Turner, along with Ty team will demonstrate and discuss the evolution of Ty, a cool, sleek, cloud and Bluetooth enabled new piece of technology, a disc the size of a poker chip, that attaches to personal possessions and keeps y

PocketBook-USA, Inc. S221, LVCC One of the world's top five producers of electronic reading devices and the best selling e-reader in Eastern Europe and number three in Western Europe, Pocketbook-USA will unveil its newest line of products and accessories available for the US market, inc

Sony Electronics Prima Suite #107, The Venetian *INVITATION ONLY*, The Venetian. Presenting new bulk 35mm slide scanning service featuring a new fill-the-box service

Skunk Juice S227, LVCC Press conference for the launch of Skunk Juice earbuds.

Hoyos Corp S227, LVCC Media briefing highlighting current Hoyos iris-based biometric access control solutions as well as a tease for future consumer applications

LensPen S221, LVCC The LensPen Company introduces SideKick - designed for cleaning fingerprints on iPads and other Tablets. No Liquids, no sprays, no cloths. Safe, compact and stylish! Patented carbon cleaning technology - unique in the market.

Scott Creations LLC S227, LVCC Versetta Bags solve the iPad's portability problems. The brilliant and elegant designs allow for quick access to your tablet without the cumbersome fumbling and unpacking. Versetta Bags keep your device where you need it most; by your side and at your fin

Casanova 502, The Venetian CEATEC JAPAN is a comprehensive trade show gathering and showcasing everything from electronic components and devices, to digital home appliances, network services, next-generation technologies. With a strong presence in the world of trade shows, CEATEC J

bsg technologies, llc Casanova 501, The Venetian qol TM is a new technology that extracts information from audio signals that, until qol TM, has always been hidden and buried due to cancellation effects. The result? The most complete and natural sound ever through electronics.

Suite #48001, Las Vegas Hilton LYD Technology will introduce and demonstrate its new Digital interference free USB receiver and 4 channel wireless surveillance do it your self security kit windows 7 ready. This press conference will demonstrate the future of digital in home systems con

Icron Technologies S221, LVCC Icron will introduce and demonstrate new USB 3.0 extender and USB over DisplayPort technology plus unveil new uncompressed video and USB KMV (keyboard, video, mouse) Extender product. This press conference will demonstrate the future of connectivity and h

General Motors Booth #CP28, Silver Lot 2, LVCC Chris Borroni-Bird, GM's director of advanced technology vehicle concepts and world-reknown automotive futurist, will host daily media demonstration and ride sessions of the EN-V concept at select daily times from Thursday, January 6th though Saturday, Ja

P2i Ltd. S227, LVCC "Aridion is a revolutionary liquid repellent nano-coating technology that provides unbeatable protection against damage, corrosion and staining caused by liquids.

On treated surfaces, water forms beads and simply rolls off, ensuring cell phones and other"

iMovee Booth #9540, Mobile DTV TechZone, LVCC iMovee presents Mobeo - a Pocket WiFi receiver to bridge Mobile Broadcast TV to all Smart Phones and tablets. iMovee is redefining the concept of personal entertainment by introducing 'telefusion' i.e. combining Mobile Broadcast TV, VOD/Streaming TV and S

Livio Radio S221, LVCC Join Livio Radio as they announce plans for 2011 alongside special guests, Ian Gellar VP, Business Development (CE & Mobile), Pandora Radio and Zach Brand, Sr. Dir, Chief of Technical Strategy & Operation, NPR Digital Media.

MusicSkins S227, LVCC MusicSkins offers premium quality vinyl protective coverings known as "skins" for personal electronic devices (iPads, iPhones, laptops, gaming accessories, etc). MusicSkins will announce the details of their Viacom partnership which will involve their new

Ecovacs Booth #22016, South Hall, LVCC Well known for continuous innovation in Vacuum Cleaner Industry and establishing business strategy as result of global exposure and marketing strategy, ECOVACS specializes in intelligent home appliances and brings to our Consumers the latest innovative DE

S221, LVCC "Get briefed on 2011 COMPUTEX TAIPEI and its d&i awarded products. Turn on Taiwan’s

hottest Tablet PCs and 3D Tech. Leading companies will share insiders and map out the trends for

global ICT. Let’s shape the future together!"

PrimeSense Booth #36255, South Hall, LVCC Explore the unimagined potential of Natural Interaction as PrimeSense officially launches OpenNI, the open standard for development of Natural Interaction applications and algorithms. Join us for an exclusive VIP cocktail and demo featuring Mayamuna, the

Sonic Emotion Booth #20425, South Hall, LVCC Hear the world in 3D: Come and see an introduction for the newest consumer electronics powered by Sonic Emotion for the U.S. Market.

Casanova 501, The Venetian As host of the "TOP Brands from China" ever since was introduced in 2006, 2010-2011Y's event is the fifth. Who will those winners for the top brands of china after the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Who have successfully got the gateway to international busine

Shuttle Computer S227, LVCC Shuttle defined what a modern PC should be when it invented the XPC - the world's first small form factor PC - in 2001. XPC has since evolved into solutions for entertainment, gaming, workstations, digital signage, healthcare, and more. In 2011, Shuttle

Bits Limited S227, LVCC Bits Ltd. will be introducing their expanded product line during their 2011 CES press conference. The expanded product line will continue to support the Bits Ltd. reputation for having the best and most unique advanced power strip line of surge protectors

Kenmore Booth #26111, LVCC CEA has opened its doors to appliances this year and to celebrate advanced appliance technologies, Kenmore is opening its booth for an invitation-only blogger roundtable as hosted by Tech blogger, C.C. Chapman. To attend and discuss exciting new technolog

General Motors Booth #CP28, Silver Lot 2, LVCC Chris Borroni-Bird, GM's director of advanced technology vehicle concepts and world-reknown automotive futurist, will host daily media demonstration and ride sessions of the EN-V concept at select daily times from Thursday, January 6th though Saturday, Ja

S221, LVCC This session for public relations and product marketing professionals will offer a primer on the electronics program at Consumer Reports, one of the most influential voices in consumer electronics. Paul Reynolds, Electronics Editor of Consumer Reports mag

Sonic Emotion Booth #20425, South Hall, LVCC Hear the world in 3D: Come and see an introduction for the newest consumer electronics powered by sonic emotion for the US market.

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