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Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm dreaming of a cheapskate ChristmasBy Christine Romans, CNN [Mentions]


Gold prices are at record highs, and silver is at a 25-year high. This is not the year for cuff links or a gold watch. So how about giving your honey golden memories? Raid the attic for old photos of great-grandparents and ancestors and have them digitally restored. (It's a great gift for grandma and grandpa, too.) Find a long-forgotten photo from your courtship and tuck it into a shadow box with a concert ticket or baseball rickets or something you can enjoy together.
Better yet, digitize those boxes of photos under the bed and in the closet. can do it in a couple of days, and then you can spend the holidays hooting with laughter over your old hairstyles (and his old girlfriends.)
[via Christine Romans, CNN Host]
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