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Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Scan Photos to DVD: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm having problems placing an order.

A: Sometimes it is as simple as using a different web browser. We recommend using the most current version of Internet Explorer for PC users and Safari for Mac users. If you still have problems, please contact us via Live Support so we can instantly help you diagnose the problem.

Q: Can you scan slides or negatives?

A: Yes we can but the high speed scanning is only available for print scanning. We scan slides and negatives as a separate service. The cost varies depending upon quantity and resolution. For more info, please visit our slide or negative scanning sections.

Q: What resolution are my photos scanned at?

A: All photos are scanned at 300 dpi. The final file size will vary depending upon the size of the original photograph. A standard 4x6 usually is about 1 to 1.5 MB in size. Many websites refer to resolution as a pixel by pixel notation. To determine what your own picture's pixel-by-pixel resolution will be, multiply the inches by 300 dpi. For example, a 4"x6" print will have a resolution of 1200x1800 (4" x 300dpi = 1200 pixels, 6" x 300dpi = 1800 pixels).

Q: Can you scan my photos at a higher resolution?

A: No, we only scan photos at 300 dpi for bulk scanning. 300 dpi is ideal for making reprints and slightly larger enlargements from your images. These JPEG scans are also ideal for sharing with others and using as Power Point and other video presentations. Higher resolution or files saved as TIFFs typically are larger files that the average person doesn't need and it can slow down your computer due to these larger files sizes. We have been leaders in the photo industry since 1990 and are experts on helping to protect your photo memories and we recommend 300 dpi files for nearly every application.

Q: Can I see sample scans?

A: For samples, click here.

Q: Are my photos returned to me?

A: Yes, your photos are returned to you along with the digital DVD data disc of your scanned photos. We do not offer a service dispose of or keep your photos. All photographs will be returned with your order.

Q: Are my bundled photos returned to me in the same bundles?

A: While we try to keep your bundles of photos together, there are times when this is not feasible. We need to fit the photos back in the box for return shipping along with the DVD and any other additional options you may order. This means we may need to break apart bundles. We will not shuffle your photos like a deck of cards but your photos may not be in the same order you sent them to us in.

Q: How long will it take to complete my scanning order?

A: Photo scanning is typically completed and mailed back the same business day it is received. Based on your quantity of slides or negative scanning, it typically is completed within several days and mailed back the same business day it is completed. Please note that we do not have any control over the United State Postal Service or any other courier or transport companies and therefore cannot be held responsible for delivery times to or from our location.

Most services, including photo picture scanning, reprints, enlargements, photo memory books and photo cards are rushed with our super-fast same day service. Photo restorations and slide and negative scanning orders take just a little bit longer depending upon the individual order. We do feature a Rush Next Up Scanning Service, which moves you to the top of the line; see the Pay-per-1,000 order form to choose this feature.

Q: Where are my photos scanned?

A: All orders photo scan orders are processed the same day at our Irvine, CA headquarters, founded in 1990. Due to the extra work associated with slides and negatives, the turnaround time might be longer than one-day and all that work is also processed and fulfilled in Orange County, CA. The only orders sent overseas are to our customers abroad who send us their orders for processing, and those orders are also scanned and mailed back internationally the same day too.

Q: Can you custom name my files or put my images into separate folders on the DVD?

A: Due to the high number of photos that are scanned in an average order and our daily scan totals, we cannot offer to custom name your scanned images or separate them into folders. We start every order at 00000001.JPG and continue until the last photo scanned in numerical order. You can easily rename your files after you receive the DVD back. We recommend that you use any number of free file renaming software that is available that will automatically rename your files once copied to your hard drive. You can find quite a few at by searching for "file rename ".

Q: How much compression do you use when saving the pictures in JPEG format?

A: Due to the high number of photos that are scanned in an average order, we use what would be considered a medium compression rate to ensure that we can fit the most images on a disk without loosing quality.

Q: Will the order of the scanning be the same as the photos in the box?

A: Scanning your pictures in a specific order requires an additional fee. If you do not wish to pay for this additional option, your entire order must be organized by size.

Q: What is the difference between your prepaid box and the $79.50 fee to scan 1,000 photos?

A: While the final product is the same, we offer two different pricing structures to ensure it is affordable for any quantity of photos to be scanned. Below you can see the main differences:

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