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Social media marketing allowing businesses to go global (Profile on

Social media marketing allowing businesses to go global

How to Print Pictures From Your Cell Phone, Computer and Camera

Rediscover all your photo memories.

Whether it's a picture you just took on your cell phone, or all those special photos we scanned for you, make sure to order custom photo cards, photo reprints and build your own albums. Our new instant, online photo cards and loads of other custom photo products are easy to order from Give it a try and learn more

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View the CNN profile on

Using social media to improve your business

[Source: CNN. Read full article]
Mitch Goldstone has owned a photo-developing business in Irvine, California, since 1990. He used to develop 24-exposure film cartridges. Today he takes those shoe boxes of photos under your bed and scans them so you can use them online. has 10,600 followers on Twitter and Goldstone has sent 32,000 tweets.

He doesn't just self-promote. He shares links and product reviews, and blends into a running conversation online about all things photo. His presence on Twitter and Facebook has taken his Irvine photo shop international. He scans photos from three miles away in Irvine to thousands of miles away in Australia.

"If you're not into social media social networking you will be out of business. I'm going to repeat that: You will be out of business if you don't tweet, use Facebook, and social media today," Goldstone says

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CNN Profile on

Tune in to CNN at 12:50 p.m. (PDT) today for profile on Repeats on Monday am

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Blogger Explains How "Makes" News

Is online PR the ultimate link building technique?

Thanks to Jitendra Singh Jat for writing in depth about the PR magic behind It's important to have something new and interesting to talk about, and have a history of credibility - we have a foundation 20 years in business as leaders in the photo imaging industry.

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I often spend Saturday mornings browsing the New York Times, CNN and other big media, looking at how they cover small businesses. Here’s a great story Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last (you need to be a registered member of to see it) about a company,, set up by Mitch Goldstone. As you can see Goldstone is rightly proud of the coverage he’s received:
Image 1 Link-building techniques online PR"

This coverage brings real business benefits and if you work hard at it, you too could be one of hundreds of small businesses that get such coverage.

So what benefit does such publicity bring?

1) You’ll get lots of direct traffic as a result of media coverage in mainstream media. Get your website mentioned in the paper edition and people who are interested will enter your URL into their browser or if the story doesn’t give your URL they will search for your company or brand name.
Even better, get yourself a link in the story online and people will click on it to go directly to your site.
The business you get from such coverage can be substantial.

2) Bloggers who comment on your industry scan the news to find good stories to comment on or direct their readers to. So if you do get featured, then you can be sure bloggers will pick the story up and either link to the article or your website when they write. In my experience, just one good piece of online coverage can result in scores, even hundreds of further mentions.

For example the unclutterer blog picked up the story from the New York Times, and provided a link to the company website as well:

This additional coverage, often accompanied by a link, is a great way to get links without having to ask for them.

3) It’s not only journalists and bloggers who can spread your story. It can also be spread by the army of people who use bookmarking and recommendation sites such as

Get enough traction on your stories and you could end up on the front page of Digg and other social media sites. This can bring a huge number of visitors to your site.

4) Other journalists are more likely to write about you if you’ve already been featured. Journalists are always a little wary of writing about a small business for the first time. Can they be sure that what they read in your press release is true? But if you’ve already been covered in the New York Times, they’ll trust you more and will be more likely to write about you.

No journalist looking at could doubt their pedigree:

And remember that journalists who are considering writing about you will check you out on Google or Google News.
Have a look at how well ScanMyPhotos appear – 89 mentions on Google News:
Image 5 Link-building techniques online PR"
And over 1,700 references of Google Blog search:
Image 6 Link-building techniques online PR"
5) Any links that you get as a result of media coverage will help your search engine rankings.
Google is likely to consider such links ‘authority links’, because they’re likely to be checked out by the journalist or by an editor. Again this adds to your credibility.

6) The final benefit is that you’ll get bragging rights. For a small business, it’s great to be able to put, “as featured in the New York Times” on the front page of your websi

How can you get big media coverage?

The easiest way is to hire a public relations professional. Their expertise and range of contacts can be invaluable, but make sure to check out their experience of online campaigns.
However, using an expert might be outside your budget so you’ll have to do put the work in yourself. It’s entirely possible to learn how to do your own PR effectively. use to distribute their news releases. Here’s a recent example:

Image 7 Link-building techniques online PR"
Image 4 Link-building techniques online PR"
Image 3 Link-building techniques online PR"
Image 2 Link-building techniques online PR"

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White Paper: What To Do If You Lose All Your Digital Camera Memory Card Photos

Symptoms of a Damaged Memory Card

  • Error messages like "memory card error", "card locked", "card error", or an error code on your camera screen or the card may not be be able to be seen by your computer
  • You may see the card but no images are visible on your computer
  • Your camera or computer can't see the card
  • Your camera "loses" pictures, meaning that the picture was taken but does not show when reviewing the images on the card
  • Your computer or camera may prompt you to re-format the memory card or your camera may refuse to take additional pictures or to view taken pictures. You might get "The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility" warning in Event viewer or "Do you want to format the drive? or Device not ready."
  • Open file error (such as invalid file format)
  • Files are renamed with gibberish characters
  • Computer frequently crashes and hang without apparent reasons when the card in plugged into the computer

Tips To Avoid Memory Card Error & Damage

  • Most card failures are very sudden. If you experience any problems with a card the most important thing to do is stop using the card. When a memory card begins to have a random error here and there, total failure is not very far.
  • Proper Card Usage
    • Like all electronic devices, memory cards have a limited usable lifespan. A typical flash memory card unit has about 10,000 write/erase operations. Rather than risking your images, it is safer replace memory cards used frequently over many years
    • It is good practice to not fill the card to 100% capacity. Taking the last picture can lead to some corruption for a couple reasons. The camera may have underestimated the size of that last picture and could run out of space. To "solve" this, some cameras have cause the last file to wrap their file writes around and erase the beginning of the card. Also, in general, the last sectors of a card tend to be slightly unreliable
    • It is VERY important to always "Eject" cards properly if your operating systems requires you to do so. "Unplug or Eject Hardware" (Windows) or "Unmount" (MAC/Linux) your memory card or camera from your computer prior to its disconnection
    • Another good habit to get into is formatting your card regularly. While formatting usually does not permanently erase data from the card, it allows you to start each session in a clean known state and minimizes the impact of file fragmentation. It is recommend to reformat your card "in-camera" rather than "in-computer" because the each camera is slightly different and it is always best to format the card in the camera it will be used in
    • It is not recommended to used one memory card for multiple camera brands. Each brand of camera writes it's data structure a little differently
    • Verify each file transfer to your computer. Copying images/videos to a computer is not always successful. Check that the files were copied correctly to the computer and are usable at full size before reusing the card. Make certain that all your images are safe before shooting again on a card. This may seem a bit tedious but it will ensure that you have your images prior to deleting them off the card.
    • More info see Data Recovery Tip Sheet
    Firmware; Editing
    • Make sure your camera firmware is up to date. Digital cameras contain their own firmware. They are, in fact, like small computers running normal computer programs. Bugs do happen, incompatibilities do arise, especially when pushing the edge of performance. Most manufacturers release firmware updates from time to time. You can check by going to your camera manufacturer's website
    • Often times if you register your camera electronically and have signed up for their email updates, they will send you and email when there is an update to your camera
    • Do not edit pictures on the card from your computer. Data Recovery Services can help you. Always copy the contents of your card onto your computer prior to editing and only edit those files. Edited pictures may take a bit less or a lot more space on the card, however, they may be saved in a format that is unrecognized by the camera. Editing pictures will increase fragmentation

Proper Card HandlingNever remove your card while saving or viewing images. When a file is halfway written and the process is halted , the file creation becomes incomplete and a file corruption occurs
  • Do not remove or insert your card while your camera is turned on
  • Do not take or view images while your battery is low. This can lead to your camera battery dying while the camera is writing to a crucial area of the card
  • Transfer your images using a card reader rather than via your camera to avoid "low battery issues" unless you plug your camera into the wall during transfer
  • If several different memory cards get damaged in one camera at the same time, there may be some issue with your digital camera and how it is writing data. However, this could also be an issue with switching the memory cards too quickly. Do not swap cards in and out of your camera before the data has been fully written to the card. If you think you may have swapped your cards too quickly, do not reuse the card in question before you have saved the pictures it contains. A card that has been removed before writes were completed may contain bogus directory information that could compromise the next pictures. Similarly, do not swap cards in and out of your card reader without being sure all the writes have been completed. "Eject" cards properly if your operating systems requires you to do so. News Interview

via Digital Transactions Magazine


(October 14, 2010) TCF National Bank’s federal lawsuit against the controls on debit card interchange contained in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law draws scant sympathy from retailers who have been battling against card interchange, including a merchant and entrepreneur who has been leading a crusade against the pricing mechanism for years. “It’s nonsense,” says Mitch Goldstone, president and chief executive of, Irvine, Calif. “It’s just another distraction.”

Goldstone argues the suit, which names the Federal Reserve as defendant and claims that the law’s provision for the Fed to control debit card interchange is unconstitutional, represents an effort by banks and the card networks to preserve status-quo interchange pricing for as long as possible. “It’s just a big game to them,” he says. “They’re just trying to run out the clock. Every day Visa and the banks get away without addressing interchange, they make another $120 million.” TCF filed its suit on Tuesday (Digital Transactions News, Oct. 12),

Goldstone’s estimate of the daily tab for interchange includes both credit and debit card fees, he says. Debit card interchange alone is estimated to represent about $15 billion in annual income for financial institutions. TCF, which is a prominent debit card issuer but has no credit card portfolio, estimates Dodd-Frank will cut its annual interchange income from $102 million to $20 million. While Visa and MasterCard set interchange rates, interchange income flows to card-issuing banks. It is paid by merchant acquirers, which then pass the cost on to merchants as part of the discount fee merchants pay on each transaction.

While Goldstone sees TCF’s suit as part of a strategy by banks to forestall—and possibly prevent—the arrival of the Fed’s debit card pricing regime, TCF argues the legal action is necessary to fend off what the bank sees as unwarranted interference with its ability to earn a return on its debit card investment. “It is unprecedented for Congress, or any regulatory agency, to mandate a fee charged in the free market that not only denies a reasonable rate of return on investment, but actually requires the rate to be lower than the incremental cost of providing the service,” William A. Cooper, chairman and chief executive of the bank’s parent company, Wayzata, Minn.-based TCF Financial Corp., said in a statement on Tuesday.

While keeping an eye on debit cards, Goldstone is also a lead plaintiff in a massive federal antitrust case against credit card interchange. That case consolidates a number of actions that merchants have filed against various banks and Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. over the past five years. He is also proprietor of a Web site,, that tracks news and information about credit and debit card pricing and policies. For Goldstone, Dodd-Frank with its debit card restrictions is just a preliminary to the main event. “The real money is with credit card interchange fees because they are so much higher [than on debit cards],” he says.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Technology: Debating the Future of Television - via David Pogue

Apple and Roku approach Internet television from very different perspectives. The products from both companies have shortcomings.

Related Article:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is the best way to clean 35mm slides and negatives?

While Kodak's Digital ICE, which is used for slide and negative scanning at, does help remove unwanted dust and scratches, it is only designed to remove a moderate amount. If your film and slides are very dirty or dusty, it is in your best interest to clean them prior to sending them in to be scanned. Here are some recommended tips:
  • Purchase a soft, anti-static cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth, like those used for cleaning lenses and gently clean each slide and negative.
  • Gently wipe the film negative and slides from one side to the other. Careful.  Watch for abrasive material, like sand, which should be gently blown off the negative before wiping with the dust cloth. Canned air is preferred.  For 35mm mounted slides, remove the film from its plastic or cardboard casing before wiping to avoid just brushing dust to the edges of the slide.
  • FOR ADVANCED USERS: Find an alcohol-based film cleaner and compressed photographic gas at a photography store or online.
  • The film cleaner should have a neutral pH and not contain any water.
  • Cotton pads can be purchased at any drugstore. Pour the film cleaner on a cotton pad and spread it on the negative. A light touch and a steady hand will help preserve your film and prevent scratching. Use the compressed gas to blow off cotton fibers and dry the film cleaner. The negative should now be free from non-water-based stains.

More Frequently Asked Slide Scanning Questions

More Frequently Asked Film / Negative Scanning Questions

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Kurt Hummel - I Want To Hold Your Hand - Glee

I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

Performed by Kurt Hummel

How to order prepaid scanning box

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How to Buy the New KODAK SLICE Touchscreen Camera, SAVE $100 through 10/12

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Introducing the KODAK SLICE it’s more than a camera, it’s a whole new way to share.

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WASHINGTON - As the seventh annual National Preparedness Month (NPM) comes to an end, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) continues to remind citizens of the importance of emergency preparedness throughout the year. NPM, sponsored by the Ready Campaign and Citizen Corps, is held each September. NPM encourages Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and communities.

This year, more than 4,800 organizations joined the Ready Campaign as NPM Coalition Members, committing to promote emergency preparedness by hosting events and other activities in their communities. Coalition Members encourage the public to create a family plan, get an emergency kit and be informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur in their area and their appropriate responses. This year's campaign also reached out to more than three million employees in the business community, 2,445 Citizen Corps Councils, 3,514 Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), 27 Citizen Corps partners and affiliates, and countless individuals and families across the nation. These partners worked to bring government and community leaders together to involve citizens in all-hazards emergency preparedness and resilience.

"We made important strides during National Preparedness Month this year, reaching more Americans than ever before. But the real test is: Are we better prepared?" said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. "We all know that emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, and we need to continue to focus each and every day on getting the public ready and aware of all hazards. The public is an essential member of the nation's emergency management team and preparedness is crucial to the success of any emergency response. The more prepared we are now, the better off we'll be after disaster strikes."

Activities during the 2010 National Preparedness Month included:

  • President Obama, the U.S. Army, 25 states and countless counties and cities issued proclamations urging all Americans to take time to prepare a family emergency plan, get an emergency supply kit and learn more about the types of disasters that might happen in their areas.
  • The U.S. House of Representatives passed Resolution #1618 and the U.S. Senate passed Resolution #625 proclaiming September as National Preparedness Month.
  • The Ready Campaign launched new PSAs targeted to the general public, and unveiled new video and print PSA's targeted toward the Hispanic market. The PSAs direct audiences to or where they can find tools and resources to prepare. Those PSAs can be found at
  • FEMA's Citizen Corps announced the winners of the 2010 National Citizen Corps Achievement Awards recognizing innovative practices and achievements of Citizen Corps Councils and individuals across the nation.
  • FEMA's Citizen Corps, along with the U.S. Department of Education and the American Red Cross held the National Summit on Youth Preparedness, bringing together experts and authorities to develop a framework for a national strategy on grades K-12 preparedness education.
  • The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security led interviews with a broad range of media across different regions of the U.S., which featured participation from additional FEMA leadership. These interviews combined helped reach more than 38 million people.
  • Coalition Members posted more than 700 events on the National Preparedness Month calendar, spearheading activities that encourage specific steps for individual, neighborhood and community preparedness in every State and Territory.
  • FEMA Regional Administrators and staff worked with state partners and attended regional fairs, conferences and meetings to promote personal preparedness and strengthen partnerships.
  • FEMA's Private Sector Division sponsored 40 initiatives on business preparedness around the country, working with Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and many others to communicate preparedness information to more than three million employees.

FEMA's Office of Disability Integration and Coordination hosted "Getting Real - The 2010 Inclusive Emergency Management National Capacity Building Training Conference." This three-day interactive training conference brought disability and emergency management community leaders together from across the country to build national capacity for inclusive emergency management practices.

Listen to Mitch Goldstone, President & CEO, "The CEO Radio Show" Interview

Listen to an inspirational business story about how helped reinvent the photo imaging industry. Founded in 1990 as 30 Minute Photos Etc., Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman faced technological shifts as film transitioned to digital and today, they operate an international photo imaging service that helps digitize tens of millions of photos and provides hundreds of other photo imaging services through its retail and Ecommerce business.

Listen Here

About The CEO Show with Robert Reiss:
The CEO Show is America's only nationally syndicated broadcast to go in depth with business leaders who have reinvented industry by creating customer experience organizations. The show started with one radio station in Greenwich, CT, in April, 2007, and is now broadcast in 37 cities throughout America. Aired every Sunday evening, well over half a million people start their week with The CEO Show with Robert Reiss. More info, click

Broadcast Locations Listener Demographics - Anchorage, AK, Anderson, IN, Ann Arbor, MI, Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, Boca Raton, FL Boston, MA Brainerd, MN Charleston, MO Charlotte, NC Chicago, IL Columbia, SC Columbus, OH Eden, NC Ely, NV Erie, PA Greeenwich, CT Holbrook, AZ Holcomb, KS Houston, TX Jackson, MS Jackson, TN Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, IL Johnstown, PA Jupiter, FL Las Vegas, NV Lexington Park, MD Long Island, NY Manchester, NH Mayodan, NC Mobile, AL Monteray Bay, CA New York City, NY Pittsburgh, PA Portland, OR Richmond, VA Rockford, IL San Diego, CA Sarasota, FL Show Low, AZ Spokane, WA Teaneck, NJ Toledo, OR Washington,DC Waynesville, MO West Palm Beach, FL Westchester County, NY

CEO Show Interview Index
Podcasts By Date
click here.

Prior CEO Interview Guests included:

RetailBernard Marcus, Co-Founder & CEO, The Home Depot Howard Lester, CEO, Williams-Sonoma Maxine Clark, Founder & CEO, Build-A-Bear Kip Tindell, CEO, The Container Store Jack Mitchell, CEO, Mitchells Matt Rubel, CEO, Payless ShoeSource Stew Leonard Jr., CEO, Stew Leonard’s Shep and Ian Murray, Co-founders, Vineyard Vines Christopher Zane, President, Zane Cycles Napoleon Barragan, Founder & CEO, 1-800 Mattress Ronnie Rothstein & Mara Urshel, Co-CEOs, Kleinfeld James F. McCann, Founder and CEO, Kevin Sinclair, CEO, Wireless Zone Howard Behar, Former President, Starbucks N.AWalt Freese, Chief Executive Officer, Ben & Jerry's Bernard Marcus, Co-Founder & CEO, The Home DepotHoward Lester, CEO, Williams-SonomaMaxine Clark, Founder & CEO, Build-A-BearKip Tindell, CEO, The Container StoreJack Mitchell, CEO, MitchellsMatt Rubel, CEO, Payless ShoeSourceStew Leonard Jr., CEO, Stew Leonard’sShep and Ian Murray, Co-founders, Vineyard VinesChristopher Zane, President, Zane CyclesNapoleon Barragan, Founder & CEO, 1-800 MattressRonnie Rothstein & Mara Urshel, Co-CEOs, KleinfeldJames F. McCann, Founder and CEO, 1-800-Flowers.comKevin Sinclair, CEO, Wireless ZoneHoward Behar, Former President, Starbucks N.A and Starbucks InternationalWalt Freese, Chief Executive Officer, Ben & Jerry's

Business Services
James H. Quigley, CEO, Deloitte Michael J. Critelli, Exec Chairman, Pitney Bowes Bruce Mosler, CEO, Cushman & Wakefield Michael E. Chen, CEO, General Electric Media Finance Harley Lippman, Founder & CEO, Genesis 10 Dr. Ken Blanchard, Chairman, Ken Blanchard Companies John Boccuzzi, Jr., CEO, Kenosia Dick, Cattani, President, Restaurant Associates Rafael Pastor, CEO, Vistage Robert Schaffer, Founder, Robert H. Schaffer Patrick O'Sullivan, CEO, Zurich International Business Richard Owen, CEO, Satmetrix Dr. Laura Brooks, VP, Satmetrix Scott R. Gingold, Founder and CEO, Powerfeedback David G. Kaytes, Co-founder, Co-CEO, Novantas Jon Hall, Cofounder & Co-CEO, SpencerHall Ian Bremmer, Founder and CEO, Eurasia Group Dan Warmenhoven, CEO and Chairman, NetApp Arunas Chesonis, CEO & Chairman, Paetec David Rock Founder & CEO, Results Coaching Systems Intl. James H. Quigley, CEO, DeloitteMichael J. Critelli, Exec Chairman, Pitney BowesBruce Mosler, CEO, Cushman & WakefieldMichael E. Chen, CEO, General Electric Media FinanceHarley Lippman, Founder & CEO, Genesis 10Dr. Ken Blanchard, Chairman, Ken Blanchard CompaniesJohn Boccuzzi, Jr., CEO, KenosiaDick, Cattani, President, Restaurant AssociatesRafael Pastor, CEO, VistageRobert Schaffer, Founder, Robert H. SchafferPatrick O'Sullivan, CEO, Zurich International BusinessRichard Owen, CEO, SatmetrixDr. Laura Brooks, VP, SatmetrixScott R. Gingold, Founder and CEO, Powerfeedback David G. Kaytes, Co-founder, Co-CEO, NovantasJon Hall, Cofounder & Co-CEO, SpencerHallIan Bremmer, Founder and CEO, Eurasia GroupDan Warmenhoven, CEO and Chairman, NetAppArunas Chesonis, CEO & Chairman, PaetecDavid Rock Founder & CEO, Results Coaching Systems International.
Consumer ProductsWilliam P. Lauder, CEO, Estée Lauder Leon Gorman, Chairman, L.L. Bean Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO, Gibson Guitars David, Friedfeld, President, ClearVision Lori Robin Sandler, Founder, Divvies Marc Shuman, Founder & President, GarageTek Philip H. Jones, CEO, Jones Dairy Farm Stephen C. Jones, CEO, Jones Soda Tory, Kiam, President, lia sophia Jewelry Rick Fencel, CEO, Lladro Wally Amos,Founder, Famous Amos Cookies Cyrus Schwartz, CEO, Mountainside Farms Larry Janesky, Founder and CEO, Basement Systems William P. Lauder, CEO, Estée LauderLeon Gorman, Chairman, L.L. BeanHenry Juszkiewicz, CEO, Gibson GuitarsDavid Friedfeld, President, ClearVisionLori Robin Sandler, Founder, DivviesMarc Shuman, Founder & President, GarageTekPhilip H. Jones, CEO, Jones Dairy FarmStephen C. Jones, CEO, Jones SodaTory Kiam, President, lia sophia JewelryRick Fencel, CEO, LladroWally Amos,Founder, Famous Amos CookiesCyrus Schwartz, CEO, Mountainside FarmsLarry Janesky, Founder and CEO, Basement Systems

Simon F. Cooper, President, Ritz Carlton Hotels David Neeleman, Founder & CEO, Jet Blue James F. Parker, 9/11 CEO, Southwest Airlines Carol Marlow, President, Cunard Lines David Spurlock, Founder, Eos Airlines Stephen Kaufer, CEO, Gregg Michel, CEO, Crystal Cruises Simon F. Cooper, President, Ritz Carlton HotelsDavid Neeleman, Founder & CEO, Jet Blue James F. Parker, 9/11 CEO, Southwest Airlines Carol Marlow, President, Cunard LinesDavid Spurlock, Founder, Eos AirlinesStephen Kaufer, CEO, Tripadvisor.comGregg Michel, CEO, Crystal Cruises

Cathie Black, President, Hearst Magazines Tim & Nina Zagat, Co-Chairs, Zagat Survey Gary Loveman, CEO, Harrah’s Entertainment Carolyn Kepcher, CEO, Carolyn & Co. Media David Amlen, Co-founder, Legacy Recording Studios Matthew David Hopkins, Founder, Matthew David Events AJ Khubani, CEO, Telebrands Danny Meyer, Founder, Union Square Hospitality Group Marvin Tomlin, CEO, United National Football League David Banner, President, CSB School of Broadcasting Jack Leslie, Chairman, Weber Shandwick Michael Kempner, Founder & CEO, MWW Group Peter Cuneo, Vice Chairman and former CEO, Marvel Entertainment, Inc. Mitchell Grossinger Etess, CEO, Mohegan Sun & CEO, Connecticut Sun Jaymin B. Patel, CEO, GTECH Steve Forbes, CEO and Chairman Forbes Cathie Black, President, Hearst MagazinesTim & Nina Zagat, Co-Chairs, Zagat SurveyGary Loveman, CEO, Harrah’s EntertainmentCarolyn Kepcher, CEO, Carolyn & Co. MediaDavid Amlen, Co-founder, Legacy Recording StudiosMatthew David Hopkins, Founder, Matthew David EventsAJ Khubani, CEO, TelebrandsDanny Meyer, Founder, Union Square Hospitality GroupMarvin Tomlin, CEO, United National Football LeagueDavid Banner, President, CSB School of BroadcastingJack Leslie, Chairman, Weber ShandwickMichael W. Kempner, Founder and CEO, MWW GroupPeter Cuneo, Vice Chairman and former CEO, Marvel Entertainment, Inc.Mitchell Grossinger Etess, CEO, Mohegan Sun & CEO, Connecticut SunJaymin B. Patel, CEO, GTECHSteve Forbes, CEO and Chairman Forbes

Reynold Levy, President, Lincoln Center David A. Williams, CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation Edward T. Reilly, CEO, American Management Association Jonathan Spector, CEO, The Conference Board Kathy Giusti, Founder & CEO, Multiple Myeloma Dale Reed, President, Specialty Sleep Association Mildred Robbins Leet, Founder, Trickle Up Beth Chappell, CEO, DEC & The National Summit Kathy Cloninger, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA Reynold Levy, President, Lincoln CenterDavid A. Williams, CEO, Make-A-Wish FoundationEdward T. Reilly, CEO, American Management AssociationJonathan Spector, CEO, The Conference BoardKathy Giusti, Founder & CEO, Multiple MyelomaDale Reed, President, Specialty Sleep AssociationMildred Robbins Leet, Founder, Trickle UpBeth Chappell, CEO, DEC & The National SummitKathy Cloninger, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA

Bill Williams, CEO, Harry & David’s Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos Jay Walker, Founder, Gary Swart, CEO, oDesk J.R. Johnson, CEO, Richard S. Braddock, CEO, Fresh Direct Reid Hoffman, Co-founder, CEO and Chairman, LinkedIn Philip Rosedale, Founder and Chairman, Linden Lab and Barry Herstein, General Manaager, N.A.,PayPal Cella M. Irvine, CEO, THe About Group ( Patrick Welsh, Founder, Shop to Earn/Shop to Earth Patrick Michael Byrne, CEO & Chairman, Bill Williams, CEO, Harry & David’sTony Hsieh, CEO, ZapposJay Walker, Founder, Priceline.comGary Swart, CEO, oDeskJ.R. Johnson, CEO, VirtualTourist.comRichard S. Braddock, CEO, Fresh DirectReid Hoffman, Co-founder, CEO and Chairman, LinkedInPhilip Rosedale, Founder and Chairman, Linden Lab and secondlife.comBarry Herstein, General Manaager, N.A.,PayPalCella M. Irvine, CEO, THe About Group ( Welsh, Founder, Shop to Earn/Shop to EarthPatrick Michael Byrne, CEO and Chairman,, Inc.
Sustainable/GreenFred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund Ray Anderson, Founder, Interface Seth Goldman, President, Honest Tea Don Droppo, CEO, Curtis Packaging Daniel Van Starrenburg, CEO, SavATree Joel Babbit Co-founder and CEO, Mother Nature Network (
Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense FundRay Anderson, Founder, InterfaceSeth Goldman, President, Honest TeaDon Droppo, CEO, Curtis PackagingDaniel Van Starrenburg, CEO, SavATreeJoel Babbit Co-founder and CEO, Mother Nature Network (
LuxuryPaul Ferraiolo, President, Rolls Royce Ron Losby, President, Steinway & Sons Ira Neimark, former CEO, Bergdorf Goodman’s Terry Betteridge, CEO, Betteridge Jewelers Jeff Potter, CEO, Exclusive Resorts Greg Furman, Founder, Luxury Marketing Council Shane Krige, General Manager, The Plaza Hotel Tom Scott, Founder, Plum TV David and Lee Ann Lester, Founders, Sea Fair Nancye Green, CEO, Waterworks Lauren Marrus, CEO, Dempsey & Carroll
Paul Ferraiolo, President, Rolls RoyceRon Losby, President, Steinway & SonsIra Neimark, former CEO, Bergdorf Goodman’sTerry Betteridge, CEO, Betteridge JewelersJeff Potter, CEO, Exclusive ResortsGreg Furman, Founder, Luxury Marketing CouncilShane Krige, General Manager, The Plaza HotelTom Scott, Founder, Plum TVDavid and Lee Ann Lester, Founders, Sea Fair Nancye Green, CEO, WaterworksLauren Marrus, CEO, Dempsey & Carroll
HealthcarePatrick Charmel, CEO, Griffin Hospital Craig R. Smith, CEO, Owens & Minor Paul Spiegelman, CEO, The Beryl Companies Donna McAleer, CEO, Elant Inc. Dr. Susan Frampton, President, Planetree Andrea Wieland, CEO ICPH Mickey Herbert, CEO, Connecticare Mitchel Rothschild, CEO, William A. Cook, Founder and CEO, Cook Group Patrick Connolly, Pres., Sodexo Health Care Jonathan Bush, CEO and Chairman, Athena Healthcare, Inc. Rob Lynch, CEO, VSP Patrick Charmel, CEO, Griffin HospitalCraig R. Smith, CEO, Owens & MinorPaul Spiegelman, CEO, The Beryl CompaniesDonna McAleer, CEO, Elant Inc.Dr. Susan Frampton, President, PlanetreeAndrea Wieland, CEO ICPHMickey Herbert, CEO, ConnecticareMitchel Rothschild, CEO, Vitals.comWilliam A. Cook, Founder and CEO, Cook GroupPatrick Connolly, President, Sodexo Health CareJonathan Bush, CEO and Chairman, Athena Healthcare, Inc.Rob Lynch, CEO, VSPFinancial ServicesPatrick O’Sullivan, CEO, Zurich International Gary C. Smith, CEO, Fairfield County Bank Corp. Robert A. DiMuccio, CEO, Amica Insurance Paul Blanco, Managing Partner, Barnum Financial Dr. Barry Kaye, Founder, Barry Kaye Associates Inc. Arkadi Kuhlmann, Founder and CEO ING Direct Joseph J. Grano, Jr., Former CEO and Chairman, UBS PaineWebber
Patrick O’Sullivan, CEO, Zurich InternationalGary c. Smith, CEO, Fairfield County Bank Corp.Robert A. DiMuccio, CEO, Amica InsurancePaul Blanco, Managing Partner, Barnum FinancialDr. Barry Kaye, Founder, Barry Kaye Associates Inc.Arkadi Kuhlmann, Founder and CEO ING DirectJoseph J. Grano, Jr., Former CEO and Chairman, UBS PaineWebber
EducationJeffrey H. Cohen, CEO, Sylvan Learning Dr. N. Gerry House, CEO, Student Achievement Peter J. Cohen, CEO, Educate Inc. Scott Ventrella, Founder, Me Inc. Richard Kahan, Founder/CEO, The Urban Assembly James E. Whaley, President, Siemens Foundation Dr. Lou Anna Simon, President, MSU Jeffrey H. Cohen, CEO, Sylvan LearningDr. N. Gerry House, CEO, Student AchievementPeter J. Cohen, CEO, Educate Inc.Scott Ventrella, Founder, Me Inc.Richard Kahan, Founder/CEO, The Urban AssemblyJames E. Whaley, President, Siemens Foundation Dr. Lou Anna Simon, President, MSU

Source: The CEO Show
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