Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Boxes of Old Photographs – And a Simple Solution" (via LA Times)

"Framework: Capturing the World Through Photography, Video and Multimedia" is the new The Los Angeles Times photography blog that profiled See and hear how does its magic.

OK, what to do with the thousands of snapshots sitting in shoe boxes stacked in the top of the closet? It’s a problem that’s bedeviled photographers, amateur shutterbugs and pros alike, since before the dawn of the digital age.
You could spend days and weeks scanning precious family photos on a cheapie scanner, but where on Earth do you find the time? So, lo and behold, I discovered a tweet (note to self: Tweeting sometimes has practical benefits) from that introduced me to its fast and inexpensive scanning services.

This was such a simple solution to a classic dilemma — picture hoarding. Most of the firm’s business is done via the Internet, with a simple fill-it-up box that you mail in. Toss everything in the prepaid box, drop it off at the post office, and a few days later a DVD appears along with your photos. It’s that easy.

Frameworks, article photographs and video by Los Angeles Times photographer, Robert Lachman

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