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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MacVoices #10111: Mitch Goldstone of Talks About Their Affordable, Easy and Quality Photo Scanning Service

MacVoices #10111: Mitch Goldstone of Talks About Their Affordable, Easy and Quality Photo Scanning Service

MacVoices #10111: Talks About Their Affordable, Easy and Quality Photo Scanning Service

Mitch Goldstone
President & CEO

If you haven't done so already, check out Chuck's family of shows which includes: MacVoices, MacNotables, The MacJury, and MacVoicesTV. You can subscribe for free in iTunes.

ScanMyPhotos President and CEO Mitch Goldstone has been getting plenty of press recently about his photo scanning service. ScanMyPhotos is being talked about as service to use to digitize your old photos. Mitch outlines the process and options, including shipping, scanning and the value-add services they offer. Your photos can be reoriented, enhanced, archived and even printed and bound if you desire. Don’t want to wait a month for your photos to be scanned? No problem. ScanMyPhotos’ “Fill the Box” option is perhaps the fastest and most affordable way you will ever find to take all those old shoeboxes of photos and move them to the digital age, where they can be duplicated, uploaded and protected. Mitch reviews it all, and receives an enthusiastic endorsement from host Chuck Joiner.

MacVoices is the internet show and podcast that delivers in-depth discussions with the most influential people in the Mac industry as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Apple community.
Fully embracing the podcast and on-demand models of content distribution, MacVoices’ hallmark is “high signal – low noise” content that focuses on the guest(s) projects or products, providing listeners with uninterrupted, undiluted information.

The Host
Chuck Joiner is an active participant in the Apple space and beyond. With interviewing skills honed by a career in insurance investigation, negotiation and litigation management, and a passion for technology, Chuck delivers content that is curiosity-driven and designed to both entertain and inform. His productions include MacVoices, “The Talk of the Mac Community,” MacNotables, (”The Mac Experts You Want to Hear From” and The MacJury (“Truth, Justice and the Macintosh Way”).  Chuck is an outspoken advocate for Macintosh User Groups, serving as editor-in-chief of The MUG Center, the Internet’s most comprehensive resource for and about Mac User Groups, and the host of the on-hiatus User Group Report, the very first show about the MUG community.  Chuck’s credentials include almost five years as Chairman of the Apple User Group Advisory Board, Macworld Conference & Expo speaker, and seven-time User Group University faculty member.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CNN Host, Christine Romans' "Smart is the New Rich" Profiles

"Smart is the New Rich: If You Can't Afford It, Put it Down," by CNN "Your $$$$$" host, Christine Romans writes about the practical way to think about money today. and company president & CEO, Mitch Goldstone is profiled in this new book. 

About the Author:

Christine Romans is the host of CNN's Your $$$$$, as well as a featured correspondent on the network's American Morning and CNN International. She is a former correspondent for both Moneyline and Lou Dobbs Tonight, and spent several years reporting from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. In 2004, she received an Emmy Award for her reporting on Exporting America, a Lou Dobbs Tonight investigation into the impact of globalization on U.S. workers. Prior to joining CNN, Romans reported for Reuters and Knight-Ridder Financial News.

Smart is the New Rich explores how adopting a new approach to money can lead to a healthier financial lifestyle. Each chapter opens with a question about money to begin the conversation about earning, saving, spending, growing, and protecting your money. Using checklists and quizzes, Romans guides you through the "New Normal," helping you to think differently about your money and relearning good habits for prosperity.

Reexamines the money rules abandoned during the consumer bubble and poses the essential questions we should ask ourselves before spend our money

Provides an interactive, step-by-step guide to all things money, from credit, debt, and savings to investing, taxes, and mortgages

A companion Web site allows you to chat with other readers about jobs, mortgage rates, investing, and saving

For thirty years, the financial rules for life revolved around abundant credit. That bubble has burst. Smart is the New Rich addresses why these rules no longer apply, and reveals what it will take to make the right money choices moving forward.

From the Inside Flap

It's over. It, of course, is the bubble economy many Americans enjoyed during the good ol' days of easy credit, ever-increasing home prices, and using both to live beyond one's means. Those heady days came crashing down in what former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker refers to as "the mother of all financial crises." That crisis led to the Great Recession, and while no one knows for sure whether the worst is behind us, one thing is certain—the old economy of easy money is unlikely to return anytime soon, if ever again.

So what is today's "new normal," and what does the future hold? Only you can answer that question, but Christine Romans?—host of CNN's Your $$$$$?— can help. Smart Is the New Rich: If You Can't Afford It, Put It Down shows you how living below your means, allows you to immediately begin enjoying a healthier and wealthier life, while also preparing yourself for the economic downturns of tomorrow.

In Smart Is the New Rich, you'll learn how today's retro consumers are rediscovering good spending habits and rebooting their expectations by asking important questions before they spend their money:

Do I really need this?

Will this make me truly happy, and if so, how?

Can I really afford this?

And if you feel like you're slipping back into the old bubble ways of "buy now, pay later," you can join other Smart is the New Rich readers in a running conversation with Christine on Facebook or Twitter (@ChristineRomans,

Some might view life in the new normal as old-fashioned, or even un-American, but what's more American than pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps? Doing so doesn't mean doing without. Rather, it means doing a better job at knowing what brings you true happiness and peace of mind.

In the years to come, economists will debate whether the country's historic economic stimulus was too much, not enough, or not targeted correctly. Politicians will argue for higher taxes, lower taxes, more regulation, or less government intervention. Let them talk. You can only take care of yourself. It's time to turn "the mother of all financial crises" into an opportunity to make smarter decisions about how you earn, spend, save, grow, and protect your money. Smart Is the New Rich can help.

From the Back Cover

Smart Is the New Rich

"Christine Romans makes a compelling case that if you want to be rich these days, you first have to be smart—and she shows you how. For those who navigate in rough economic waters—that's all of us—this is a breezy, easy-to-understand but invaluable guide."
—David Gergen, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School; Senior Political Analyst, CNN

"Christine Romans is one amazing, super-smart woman who has written a seriously valuable book for everyone who wants to understand and benefit from¿the bewildering new world of money, jobs, healthcare, investing, and much more. Read it right now—Romans can help you live a smarter, much much better life."
—Alexandra Penney, author of The Bag Lady Papers and former editor of Self magazine

"Who else could turn shopping for a $5 Barbie dress in 1977 into a practical lesson in familyfinance? Christine is close enough to Wall Street to understand the game. Yet she's far enough away to be plain spoken and practical. From jobs to retirement to mortgages to family, she puts the money picture together. This is a smart book that anyone can understand and put to work."
—Pat Kiernan, Anchor, NY1 News; Host, The World Series of Pop Culture; founder,

"Recharge your financial life with this comprehensive guide to smart money choices, from credit cards to housing to health care. Christine Romans reintroduces readers to the 'retro rules' of financial well-being lost in a decade of boom and bust."
—Laura Rowley, Yahoo! Finance Columnist, and author of Money and Happiness: A Guide to Living the Good Life

Click here to order today

Author and CNN veteran money correspondent Christine Romans believes we should live by three qualifiers: living within our means, living with less debt, and being less vulnerable. While some may say this is old-fashioned, today it's hard to argue with Romans' view.

3 for 2 Custom Photo Index Albums From Your Scanned Photos

New KODAK Gallery Capability Enables 500 Million Facebook(R) Users to Easily Share Their Kodak Moments

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Eastman Kodak Company announced a way to make the KODAK Gallery ( more social, by allowing users to join or login to KODAK Gallery using their Facebook account.

With this feature, Facebook's 500 million users can easily share their KODAK Gallery photos with their friends using their Facebook username and password. Instead of remembering various password and username combinations for logging in to access their KODAK Gallery account, users have to remember just one set of login credentials.

"We're looking to add simplicity to the lives of our users, and remembering a lot of usernames and passwords can be frustrating. Logging in via Facebook is a helpful way of not having to remember an additional login to access secure KODAK Gallery photos," said Victor Cho, General Manager of KODAK Gallery, Eastman Kodak Company.

In addition to logging in on Facebook, users can upload photos to KODAK Gallery first, before sharing with friends and family on Facebook --to ensure photos are uploaded and stored in original high quality resolution. Also with KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology, photos are sure to look great when viewed on a high-definition television.

KODAK Gallery allows consumers to share, create and save all in one place and share instantly with their friends on Facebook or by email. KODAK Gallery provides easy access to products and services from almost any desktop or mobile device-- allowing for an easier more efficient way to connect to your account.

KODAK Gallery continues to connect and interact with users through their Facebook Page and TWITTER handle at

Monday, September 27, 2010

Get some great photographic shots at the local zoo by following these tips

If you can’t venture to places where wildlife roam, you can still get some great shots at the local zoo by following these tips from Russ Burden. But never give up on your dream to go on a safari!

Lenses: Bring your longest lens and a macro. The long lens can be used to try and fill the frame with the subject. It can also be used to throw foreground bars out of focus when placing the lens right up to the bars and shooting with a wide open aperture. The macro comes in handy for the smaller animals residing in the indoor exhibits behind glass. If zoo rules allow you to get right up to the glass, press the lens against it to eliminate as many reflections and as much glare as possible. The closer the subject is to the glass, the better it allows you to fill the frame. Be sure to shoot in RAW as the image will take on the color of the glass. By shooting in RAW, this cast can be corrected more efficiently using Adobe® Photoshop® or another RAW editor of your choice.

Tripod: Most zoos don’t have tripod restrictions for shooting outside exhibits, but they may set limitations for the indoor exhibits. Before heading out, check into this. A monopod may prove to be a good alternate. The tripod not only helps stabilize the lens, it also keeps your arms from getting overtired while waiting for the animal to display behavior.

Settings: Pump up the ISO to 400 to obtain a high shutter speed to freeze the motion of a subject. If the animal is absolutely still and you’re using a tripod, use a lower ISO setting to get better quality. If the light levels drop and you need to go above 400, do so and use noise-reducing software to get a smoother image. With regards to aperture, if you need to defocus a foreground fence, place the lens right up to it and shoot as wide open as possible. In other situations, if you need a good amount of depth of field, adjust the aperture so the corresponding shutter speed is still fast enough to freeze the movement of the animal.

Be Patient and Ready: As with photographing any animal, it’s often better to wait for it to do something interesting or to display emotion. The resulting image will be more intriguing than just a recording of the subject lying down in its cage. Research the feeding times. Animals tend to be more active in the hour or so before they’re fed. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded.

Go Back: Revisit the exhibits at different times of the day, as each time nets different lighting angles. If the zoo is open late, note which exhibits get bathed in sunset light and make it a point to be there to take advantage of the sweet light. Try different times of the year. If you live in a cold-weather climate, go right after a fresh snow and head to the polar bear, arctic fox, or bighorn sheep exhibit.

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Erin Manning: Video Tips on What Photo Items To Always Carry With You

Monday, September 20, 2010

Photokina 2010 Opens Its Doors to the World of Imaging

Photokina 2010 Opens Its Doors to the World of Imaging

Kodak Celebrates 125 Years of Innovation at Photokina (via Kodak Tube)

Kodak Photo Kiosk PYNK Makes Sharing Pictures Super Easy and FUN!

PHOTOKINA 2010: Kodak is offering you a way of printing all the collages and frames you like with out a single artistic bone in your body. The Kodak Pynch kiosk has been on trial in the US and provides an automatic way to match your needs without having to do any cropping, resizing or rearranging yourself.

This digital printer uses smart software to not only detect where the relevant parts of your shots are but also how to best snip and fit them into any given frame size you could possibly have. Better still, it also comes with an ID card so that the machine can remember the precise dimensions of your choosing without having to remeasure or bring the thing in each time.

From the name of the service you really get no idea what Kodak has unveiled. You go to the store with your photos on media of some sort. You pick a frame style that you want hanging on the wall or sitting on the table and scan the bar code for the frame at the Pynk kiosk.

Then you select the images that you want in the photo frame via whatever method you chose to upload them and the kiosk takes those photos, sizes them, crops them, and then prints a single sheet with the photos on it perfectly arranged and sized for the frame you choose. Before you had to spend time cutting, printing, and sometimes taping photos together in one of these collage fames to compete the same thing

– Eastman Kodak Co. has a new trick for its retailer kiosks: a hassle-free way to create photo collages that fit various frames with precut cardboard mats.

The picture-taking pioneer has been scrambling to counter eroding profits from photo processing over the last decade by reeling in custom-photo customers via retail channels. In typical fashion, its PYNK Smart Print system will try to catch the eye of the hustling masses.

"We're opening up a whole new print-to-fit category," said Rowan Lawson, a marketing director in Kodak's consumer digital group. "It goes back to Kodak's DNA: 'You press the button, we do the rest.'

"With the advent of digital photography, nobody has properly solved putting multiple photos together at the press of one button. If you don't make it that simple, it's not going to happen."

Kodak unveiled the new kiosk software Monday on the eve of Photokina, the world's largest photo-products trade show held annually in Cologne, Germany. The company has installed 100,000 self-service kiosks at retail businesses worldwide since 1993 and will roll out the collage option beginning Dec. 1 at 5,000 CVS/pharmacy stores nationwide.

The patented technology automatically enlarges, shrinks, crops, aligns and arranges as many as 13 images on one print.

The catch? The system is packaged to pull in a tidy profit. Aside from the collage, customers must also purchase a mat with anywhere from two to 13 slots for photos of various sizes, or a frame with a mat. A 6-by-8-inch print plus an 8-by-10 frame will retail for $17; an 8-by-10-inch print and mat will cost $11.

"I would not balk at the price," said Barbara Koff, a cosmetics sales consultant in White Plains, N.Y., who bought a framed collage as a surprise gift for her niece during a three-month Kodak trial run this summer at 32 drugstores in Westchester County, near New York City.

"It's very quick, very easy, and you feel you've created something you'd have to pay $50, $60 to do in a photography store," Koff said. "It put the smaller pictures that weren't as important to me in the smaller slots and the ones I wanted larger were a little bit enlarged. It's almost like the machine knew."

Kodak plans partnerships with frame makers offering a variety of frame sizes and mat configurations.

In the tumultuous digital era, the print side has been through a rocky decade. The number of digital and film images converted into conventional prints has tumbled from a peak of 30.3 billion in 2000 to around 17.7 billion in 2009, according to Photo Marketing Association International.

Overall revenues are rising, however, as alternatives to traditional 4-by-6-inch snapshots blossom, from putting computer reproductions of images onto posters and postcards to T-shirts and bronze plaques. U.S. sales in the specialty market soared from $738 million in 2006 to $1.3 billion last year, said Gary Pageau, the Jackson, Mich.-based trade group's publisher.

"Most creative collage systems in the market don't really take the presentation into account — you create the collage but then you have to mount or frame it," Pageau said. "Kodak is taking it all the way to the wall."

In both film and digital arenas, products that offer "an extraordinarily easy, high quality, end-to-end solution" usually win out, and photo collages catch the imagination, Pageau said. "When you're at a family event, there's not just one picture, there's typically two or three that really describe the scene."

Now print banners and large poster-sized images with Kodak's "BIG" app.

In 2012, the trend will be to digitize your photos for better preservation and to more easily and instantly share your precious photo memories.

12 Gadgets That Changed The World

Digital Camera

The digital camera meant photography was no longer a relatively expensive, materials-intensive activity and enabled the sea of photos we're awash in today. One of the leading photo sharing sites, Flickr, holds upwards of 4 billion photos, and an estimated 2.5 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook every month. The first true digital camera -- one that saved images as a digital file -- was the Fuji DS-1P, featured in a 1989 issue of Popular Mechanics, while the first commercially available model in the U.S., the Dycam Model 1, came on the market in 1990.

In the same way that digital cameras have led to an explosion of still images, digital camcorders have led to seemingly every event being recorded for posterity. They've brought down politicians and revealed official misbehavior; they've also let us watch teenage girls unpack their shopping bags. The first shoulder-carried video camera that didn't require a separate recording deck debuted in 1983, but the market really took off with the hand-held Sony Handycam in 1989. Video cameras that fit in your shirt pocket date to the introduction of the Pure Digital Point & Shoot in 1996, now known as the Flip.
Apple Macintosh

The personal computer debuted in the 1970s, but the 1984 introduction of the Macintosh set the standard for how they would operate from then on. A Mac-like computer had debuted a year earlier -- the Lisa -- but at nearly $10,000, it was a flop. At $2,495, the Macintosh wasn't exactly cheap by 1984 standards, but it revolutionized the way people interacted with their computers, establishing the interface and metaphor that every current OS uses.

For our money -- get it? -- this is probably the most revolutionary gadget in the list. It's hard to believe there was a time when the money you had in hand by 3 PM on a Friday afternoon was all the money you had for the weekend. Experiments with cash-dispensing and deposit-taking machines at individual banks started in the early sixties, but it was in 1963 that the first networked ATM made its debut. Nightlife would never be the same.

These days we can always know where we are and how to get where we're going, thanks to the portable satellite receiver known as a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit. The system was first conceived by the U.S. military in the 1970s, and the satellites that let the units triangulate their locations were launched between 1989 and 1994. Magellan claims to have been first out with a hand-held unit, in 1989.

First introduced in 1963, the VCR may now be almost obsolete, but it revolutionized Americans' relationship with their TV entertainment. We no longer had to make sure we watched something when it was first broadcast or risk missing it forever, and it enabled us to watch our shows whenever we wanted rather than when the networks thought we should.
Microwave Oven

It might come as a surprise that the microwave has been around for more than 60 years, but in fact, there was a commercial model (almost 6 feet tall and weighing 750 pounds) on the market in 1947, two years after a chocolate bar melted in the pocket of an engineer working around a source of radio waves. College students and harried homemakers everywhere owe their ability to eat something resembling real food to that happy accident in 1945.
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

The DVR took the trend started by the VCR to another level. Providing the same time-shifting and programming choice capabilities as the VCR, the DVR was easier to program and eliminated the need to rewind a tape to find the show you wanted to watch. The first DVRs were introduced in 1998 by TiVo (whose name has practically become a synonym for their use) and ReplayTV. They've raised what we demand from our TV service to another level and put pressure on networks and advertisers to meet our new standards.
Personal Computer

Our modern world would not exist without the personal computer, full stop. (For one thing, you wouldn't be reading this.) It's hard to settle on a firm date for its invention. The first commercial unit that didn't require assembly from a kit made its appearance in France in 1972. That Micral N would be followed by the Commodore PET and the Apple II in 1977 and in 1981 by the machine that lent its name to the whole category: the IBM PC.
Mobile Phone

"Mobile" phones were available for cars in the mid sixties, but it wasn't until 1973 that the first truly hand-held model came along (not that it would fit in your pocket). The first call was made by Motorola researcher Martin Cooper to his rival at Bell Labs, Dr. Joel S. Engel. Current estimates are that there are more than 4.5 billion mobile phones in use today.

One can object that there were other MP3 players before Apple's iPod, and one would be correct: the Audio Highway Listen Up was the first on the market, in 1996. But how many people did you know that had one before the iPod arrived on the scene in 2001? The integration with an easy way to buy and download music plus the gadget's iconic advertising vaulted the iPod over all other contenders and established it as the leader in a category it still dominates.

The iPhone makes this list because it's so much more than a mobile phone. When it debuted in 2007, it revolutionized the notion of a web-enabled phone and launched a million -- well, several hundred thousand -- apps. It's done the most so far of any gadget to fulfill a gadget-lover's dream of a full-fledged computer in your pocket and as such, it defined a new category.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"So Kodak" is the newest tagline to promote Kodak's photo-sharing

Kodak's latest entry into the "cool, hot and worthy" category was unveiled this week for Photokina, the major photo industry trade show being held in Germany (take a sneak peek above). The brand's new Pynk "smart printing system" includes a retail photo kiosk "automatically enlarges, shrinks, crops, aligns and arranges as many as 13 images on one print."

Friday, September 17, 2010

How To Restore Old Photos: Pay One Price Photo Restoration

Among your generations of photo snapshots, do you also have those extra-special family heirlooms that are fading away, torn or need a major make-over? and its photo restoration experts do magic.
Results of a Damaged Photo Restored at

Awhile back, USA Today's Jefferson Graham, visited with us and had digitally restore a photo that meant the world to his wife. She shared such a powerful story about why this tattered and torn photo needed to come back to life. All restoration stories are equally as emotional and the reason why the photo imaging business is so enjoyable and important.

For more info on and the Photo Restoration services, click here.

Click here to view more photo restoration samples.

[Picture restoration for Jefferson Graham]
Let us restore and enhance your vintage photographs into works of art to be enjoyed and preserved for generations. Old pictures fade and degrade with time. Fix old and damaged photos with our custom professional Kodak-quality photo restoration today from 30 Minute Photo Etc. Since 1990, our customers have trusted us with all their photographic and now digital imaging services. You are about to find out why.
Any photo restoration is now only $39.95, with a 20-day turnaround. Faster turn-around times available at an additional cost (see below). Additional print sizes on Kodak photo paper are available. Add tax for CA residents only (7.75%). All major credit cards accepted. Due to the custom nature of this work, no discounts, online gift certificates, or promo codes are valid for any restoration work.
See a few samples of before and after.
Results of a Damaged Photo Restored at
Find out how easy it is have your photos restored. Ready to order and upload your images, click here. This is also ideal for restoring those special pictures that were recently scanned by
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Make a Photo Album in Minutes

Turn your loose photos into keepsake albums that you easily design in minutes.

  • Keep
  • Give
  • Carry

What is a Photo Book?A photo book is the next evolution of the photo album using your digital photos brought to you by Our photo book creator was designed to be easy to use and all online - no software download is necessary. Photo books are FREE to create. You only pay when you want a printed copy of the book. We offer many layouts to choose from along with customizable text to make your book personalized just for you. Just pick a layout, drag-and-drop your photos into the photo slots, and edit to your heart's content. Prices start at $26.25. The book has a capacity for 21-300 photos & text, ranging from 20-80 pages total.

Pricing:•$26.25 for each 10 double-sided page book
•Add $1.00 for each double-sided page added (max 40 double sided pages)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Washington Post Tech Column Profiles

Problem: Photographs may be one of your family's most prized possessions, but their preservation, organization and presentation is often in chaos. Crumbling photo albums and drugstore film processing envelopes full of unsorted memories are scattered throughout many homes.

"I found that these are fast and affordable and ideal for uncluttering and organizing generations of photo memories," she said. She chose

Read Article

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reviews and testimonials about photo scanning service

Reviews and testimonials about photo scanning service

6Sight Future of Imaging Conference Nov. 15-17, 2019, in San Jose, CA

6Sight: Your business tomorrow (via PMA Newsline)

The upcoming 2010 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference is where photography meets its future

Think of all the things you would have done differently in life – if only you had known in advance what the future held. You wouldn’t have bought the car that turned out to be such a lemon. You wouldn’t have hired that employee who helped himself to the cash drawer when no one was looking. You definitely would have bought stock in Apple.

Here’s a rare opportunity to know what’s coming next: Go to the 2010 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference Nov. 15-17, 2010, in San Jose, Calif. Appropriately themed, “Where Photography Meets its Future,” the conference will show the trends and technologies that will shape and drive business tomorrow, next year, and beyond.

“Imaging is experiencing such rapid innovation as it changes from an analog camera-based industry to a digital or an electronics-based ecosystem. People need a place to experience the developments firsthand, form alliances, meet customers, and present their ideas,” says Joe Byrd, president and co-founder of the conference. “6Sight provides a unique opportunity for industry leaders and emerging companies alike to present their technologies to each other, as well to the media, analysts, and investors who shape the future of their businesses and the ecosystem as a whole.”

A new imaging reality

Augmented reality (AR) is one technology taking center stage at 6Sight. AR may sound like something from “Star Trek,” but it’s real – and it’s going to have a big impact on the way people experience the world around them.

“With augmented reality, your view of reality is enhanced with computer-generated data, images, and objects. It is perhaps the first real effective combination of all the technology crammed into today’s mobile phones,” Byrd says. “The camera captures what is in front of you, and then that data is sent to an internet application or used by an app on your phone. The processor combines the data and the live view in real time. Then, you see it all on the phone display.”

For example, “there is an app where you can walk up to a construction site in Amsterdam and watch on your camera what you can’t see in real life – a view of the building, from where you’re standing, as it will look when it’s completed. As you move around the construction site, you can see other aspects of the building – other angles,” Byrd says. “In another example, I can walk around a Templar castle in Portugal, taking pictures with my mobile phone. Using an app, it can show me what the castle would have looked like in the 11th century or tell me some facts about what was going on there. It really gives me an interactive experience with what I’m looking at.”

What may someday be the most useful example of AR, especially among husbands, is Byrd’s third example: “Say you want to put a new couch in your living room. You can take a picture of your living room with a target that you lay on the floor. That target gives the computer the complete dimensions of the room. You can put a couch from another app in the picture of the room, move it around, and see where it will fit or won’t fit in exact size,” he states. “If you have ever dragged a couch around a room to see where it fits, you know this is quite a back-saving innovation. AR will significantly impact the way we deal with imaging in the future.”

More of tomorrow’s technology

No discussion of the future of imaging would be complete without 3D – another topic the 6Sight conference will cover in detail.

“Last year, we invited some of the top 3D experts – like Lenny Lipton, inventor of much of the Hollywood 3D movie technology, and Richard Dean of the [email protected] Consortium, which influences what 3D TVs will look like – to give us an overview of 3D and how it is likely to affect consumer demand,” Byrd says. “This year, we are continuing our coverage of 3D cameras, printers, and big-screen displays, and looking at where 3D is likely to take us in the next few years. What will the new 3D technology, infrastructure, and ecosystem offer companies in the imaging business? 3D can provide a whole new set of opportunities. 3D provides more incentive for homes to add 3D-enabled big screens, displaying still and video images from digital cameras. How will this benefit photography? What part does 2D-to-3D conversion software play in bringing legacy images into 3D? Who will be the leaders, and who will be the followers? How can companies capitalize on this emerging 3D technology? We’ll cover all these issues.”

Also on the agenda are the latest digital cam-era features and upcoming advancements and trends. “The innovations

Paul Worthington, editor of the The 6Sight Report, leads a panel discussion with notable imaging journalists and innovators at the conference last year.

that professionals, consumers, and prosumers will soon find in cameras, and how they will change the services the industry provides to users, are the topics of ‘The State of Cameras’ overview,” Byrd notes. “We’ll discuss computational photography, advancements in on-board software and applications, and wireless functionality.”

He says technology developers and other experts will answer questions such as, “Will we soon see an end to the ‘lonely camera’ that is not connected to the internet?” and “Is there room for a mid-range camera that sits above the consumer level of commodity cam-eras and below the DSLR?”

The imaging industry has undergone rapid change in recent years, but new developments like those Byrd mentions will bring about additional lightning-quick transformations. The only way to prepare is to know what’s coming.

“Nothing progresses until a leader takes a chance and innovates a product or a technology. If you are a leader looking for partners, customers, investors, and awareness, there is no better place to present, to lead, and to be recognized than at 6Sight; at 6Sight, we give you time to meet and discuss your innovations with our audience of imaging leaders, media, investors, and analysts,” Byrd concludes. “In other words, 6Sight gives you the chance to network with those who can help your business grow to a brighter future in imaging.”

3-D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution (NYT)

A wealth of design software programs, from free applications to the more sophisticated offerings of companies including Alibre and Autodesk, allows a person to concoct a product at home, then send the design to a company like Shapeways, which will print it and mail it back.

Based on research done by Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, an engineering professor at the University of Southern California, Contour Crafting has created a giant 3-D printing device for building houses. The start-up company is seeking money to commercialize a machine capable of building an entire house in one go using a machine that fits on the back of a tractor-trailer.

The 3-D printing wave has caught the attention of some of the world’s biggest technology companies. Hewlett-Packard, the largest paper-printer maker, has started reselling 3-D printing machines made by Stratasys. And Google uses the CADspan software from LGM to help people using its SketchUp design software turn their creations into 3-D printable objects.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kodak: A Thousand Words - Kodak K-Zone at Photokina

Kodak will be there with what has become the highlight of past shows, the Kodak K-Zone. This is where experts come together in panels to discuss hot topics about photography, imaging, film vrs digital, social media, business, product development and future innovations.

(Via Kodak Press Release) Join Interactive Panel Discussions Led by Industry Experts on Retail Innovation, Social Media and the Future of Photography

Rochester, NY, September 15, 2010 - Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) announces the schedule of events for its interactive K-Zone, which brings together today's luminaries in the field of photography in an essential forum for the discussion and exchange of leading ideas on the continuing evolution of imaging.

The highly anticipated K-Zone stage (hall 5.2, E020, F020, F030) will feature interactive panel discussions September 21st through September 24th at Photokina in Cologne, Germany.

Photokina attendees are invited to visit K-Zone to participate in engaging conversations ranging from the current state of photography and the future of the marketplace, to improving the customer experience at retail, to the role social media plays in helping generate brand awareness, visibility and sustainability.

This year's K-Zone theme commemorates Kodak's 125 years as an influential thought leader on innovation and vision in imaging, and underscores the brand's continued leadership in fostering photography.

"From our beginnings in creating film in 1885, Kodak continues to bring photographic advances to market," says Evandro Matteucci, Marketing Director, Eastman Kodak Company. "K-Zone represents our constant devotion to inspiring an industry and leading an enduring conversation that embraces photography's storied past, while looking to a future of technological advancements. Such advances make it easier for consumers to share their own stories, as is evidenced by Kodak's new SMARTFIT Technology, which enables consumers to create a photo book from home in minutes."

Moderating this year's K-Zone panels is award-winning communications expert Brian Burmeister. With
 more than 19 years of presentational speaking experience, including executive speech writing and coaching, Burmeister will lead four daily interactive discussions, which will be simulcast via Each panel will be held at the same time Tuesday, September 21st, through Friday, September 24th:

10:30 -11:00 am: Photography and Social Media: Generating brand awareness and leveraging word of mouth through social media.

12:00 - 12:45 pm: The Retail Experience: Improving the customer experience and transforming the retail store.

2:00 - 2:30 pm: The Future of Photography: Insights and predictions for the future of the photography industry.

3:30 - 4:15 pm: Photography: Celebrating 125 years since the innovation of film and exploring its existence in a digital world.

Photokina attendees are invited to join the live panels, or to follow online

Friday, September 10, 2010

Reviews and testimonials about photo scanning service

Reviews and testimonials about photo scanning service

Top 100 Photographers on Twitter Listing []

[This list was posted on YourPhotoTips - Click here for complete info]

Damien Franco is a contemporary art photographer living the deserts of West Texas and posted the below list on

Damien Franco: "This is not a list of the best photographers on Twitter as pertaining to their actual skill in photography. This is a list of the most engaged photographers on Twitter. Engagement means many different things to the various Twitter ranking websites but most often includes the probability and frequency in which these photographers will talk with, not just at, their followers. They share links, retweet other’s tweets, they share photography knowledge, etc. They also got lower scores when they talked to much “me, me, me” and if their tweets were too spammy or promotional."

#1 ScottBourne – Host – Photofocus Podcast, Publisher, President Bourne Media Group – photographer, author, teacher, speaker, new media pioneer

#2 jeremycowart – Photographer to the Stars and the Suffering. Founder of Help-Portrait.

#3 photojack – world, travel, lifestyle, stock photographer. Social Media coach and consultant to photographers. Husband. Father. Austinite

#4 strobist – Professional Flasher

#5 xryanrussellx – Rock photographer. I post behind the scenes photos from tours, photoshoots, etc here. I ramble about video games and comic books too!

#6 Jonathan360 – Photographer and Social Media Ninja. Fashion and Twitter addict.

#7 TheBigKlosowski – Allen Klosowski is a professional photographer based in Denver, Colorado. DenverTweetup organizer.

#8 TreyRatcliff – A warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys.

#9 fleurdeleigh – 75% photog, 3% uberdork, 92% adoring wife and mom, 2.7% mathmatically inept, 12% blogger, 9% superhero, 3% spy.

#10 LaraJade_ – fashion photographer, creative director, dreamer.

#11 scottwyden – New Jersey Portrait, Travel, Band and Event Photographer.

#12 Pyeman – wedding photographer, commercial photographer, web entrepreneur, web programmer, gamer, sports enthusiast

#13 DamienFranco – Photographer, web author/blogger, and all around nice guy. Great art is supposed to make you think…

#14 JeromeShaw – Photographer Traveler Teacher Writer PT Aspenite–Lover of hoppy beer, chocolate, travel, strong coffee, occasionally wine, too infrequently women & always song

#15 thomashawk – Quiet Observer of Modern Nihilism with Box that Captures Light

#16 jimgoldstein – Web Strategist / Photographer: Capturing the worlds beauty one photo at a time. Photographer of landscapes, nature and anything beautiful

#17 PaulManoian – Child, Family and Wedding Photographer. Voted #1 Best Portrait Photography in Detroit for 2009.

#18 CelticCamera – Gareth Glynn Ash – The Celtic Camera Specializing in Music (Concert, Publicity, Promotional); Product/Food Styling; Landscape

#19 iYassin – I tweet about photography, tech, apple, design, blogging. and i love coffee.

#20 iamatyler – photographer. check out my blog. if you feel like it. no pressure. you are your own person. or my flickr account at

#21 frederickvan – Photographer, Blogger, Instructor, and Host – This Week in Photography Podcast (TWiP)

#22 nicolesy – I’m a full-time photographer in SLC, Utah. I’m into photography, computers, geeky tech stuff, and Lightroom & Photoshop.

#23 FredEgan – A photographer and style blogger living life 144 characters at a time.

#24 keatonandrew – Visual ventriloquist. Oh, wait… photographer or something like that. I photograph people, they tend to be in bands as well.

#25 topherlin – 1/3 of Lin and Jirsa Photography. I love travel, basketball, friends, family, and photography. I kind of hate post production, arrogant people, and traffic.

#26 tofurious – Wedding photographer / marketing consultant (currently Grace Ormonde’s Chief Marketing Officer) who loves tofu, Chipotle and wonton noodles.

#27 zemotion – Gundam Wing pilot wannabe. Hearts bagels, scones and dark chocolates. Photographer, traveller.

#28 jorycordy – photographer, film maker, couple others.

#29 TrevorCurrent – Photographer, Graphic Designer, Gadget Lover – Bringing you the latest photography news, tips, tools and reviews for beginner through professional photographers

#30 StevenTaylor – Photographer & Pop music lover.

#31 willbl – Pro wildlife photographer looking to share info & connect with other togs

#32 natalienorton – love wins. forever.

#33 inf3ktion – Future Optometrist, Medical Technician, Canonite, Platoon Sergeant, Narcissist, Imagiste, Fotografr, Lomosapien, ManUtd fan, Trance, Post Rock, Seducer!

#34 seanmclellan – To do: Insert most exciting description of a wedding photographer you’ve ever seen, here. Later.

#35 crismitchell – Photographer, Publisher of / and Author of Internet Marketing Techniques for Professional Photographers

#36 lindsayadler – Lindsay Adler is an energetic and passionate fashion photographer living in New York and London.

#37 ap4a – Web developing grape addict and photographyist.

#38 ahetherington – Freelance editorial/commercial photographer available anywhere.

#39 stevesimon – Obsessed with documentary photography and all things photographic

#40 Carsten_Peter – Addicted to nature, loving extremes, National Geographic photographer, biologist, adventurer, environmentalist – EMMY & World Press awarded, go:

#41 photosil – Italian amateur photographer. My works are for sale at

#42 alpower – Photographer and Web developer who likes good UI design, web standards and general web geekery.

#43 rob_sheridan – Artist/designer/photographer/geek. Creative Director for Nine Inch Nails.

#44 bluelilyphoto – Photog. Check out my blog. It is the epicenter of rad. In my humble opinion. Get it? Because it is horribly arrogant? Nevermind.

#45 heygrover – Founder of PhotoShelter,, and – a website for tequila freaks, like me.

#46 SvenSeebeck – I’m a Landscape photographer and publish my images and articles on my website. Feel free to visit.

#47 davidbean – Advertising and Musician/Celebrity Photographer. Art is not my life. Life is my art.

#48 chasejarvis – Maniac Photographer Director

#49 EverywhereTrip – Travel blogger and photographer. I’m a one man National Geographic. I’ve blogged and tweeted from over 60 countries and territories since March 2007.

#50 JeffRodgers – Husband, Father, lbobi Shephard, Photoshop Alchemist, Designer of things and Photographer to the people.

#51 theshutterclick – Profesional Photographer, I shoot people!

#52 brianlarter – Halifax based photographer and Studio Manager at Aperture Studios.

#53 Greg_Easton – I take pictures.

#54 alexlindsay – Random musings and 140 char discussion of film, photography, and life’s random bits.

#55 abbyharenberg – Weddings/portraits/events/lifestyle photographer, love to photograph people.

#56 mikeluter – I twitter about photography, photography tips and techniques as well as some personal stuff.

#57 chaselisbon – Photographer Videographer Owner Writer/photographer

#58 mostlylisa – Photographer & blogger. I love my Canon 5DMKII, iMac & L-Lenses. i sleep with my iPhone under my pillow.

#59 jefflynchphoto – Photographer, blogger, author, husband and father

#60 RodHarlan – Author, Artist, Director, Educator, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Videographer, DV Junkie, Photoshop Addict! Using social media to make Media social again

#61 RachaelDCruze – Freelance journalist and photographer. Loves writing, photography, most things arty, anything girly.

#62 wizwow – Designer. Photographer. Author. Entrepreneur: Loving life at 100MPH. Love working and teachng.

#63 jessicaclaire – fun, fresh, fabulous photographer living the good life in the OC

#64 chrismarquardt – What’s the Buzz? :wq!

#65 warandpeace – A photographer who finds it very difficult to write about himself

#66 monophotography – Donald Cameron – black and white landscape and seascape photographer.

#67 christinebpc – Wedding Photographer, Blogger, Knitter, Geek. Share & Learn at

#68 pattyhankins – In search of the next beautiful flower to photograph – Does life get any better than this?

#69 MichaelZelbel – I tweet about photography. I do love artistic nude photography. Ask me anything via @MichaelZelbel, I never check DM’s.

#70 thebecker – wedding photographer, educator, entrepreneur, wannabe pro poker player, follow @thebschool too!

#71 newmediaphoto – New Media Photog’er: A photographer who publishes to the web. Rosh is also a blogger, podcaster, author speaker, consultant, Univ. instructor Bio –

#72 Photocritic – Photographer, author, blogger, motorcyclist, technonaut, geek, Apple-fanatic, pan-european import-Londoner

#73 bonnietsang – lifestyle + wedding photographer (for my art, design & food talks, follow @bforbonnie)

#74 stacyreeves – I take pretty photos of pretty people in pretty places. Best job ever.

#75 danesanders – writer, photographer, learner, teacher & entrepreneur who loves to get curious with my friends

#76 stanflan – photographer based in western washington shooting weddings and assignments nationally and internationally

#77 toddowyoung – Your favorite concert photographer.

#78 phillprice – Photographer and EMC Documentum Developer and ocassional @photowalklondon co-organiser

#79 chromasia – Editorial, fine art and commercial photographer, photoblogger, photoshop fiend, and husband to @libby_chromasia

#80 JeshdeRox – spiritual explorer, experiential photographer, lover of life

#81 GKPhotography – Photographer, Mother, and Creative Thinker

#82 nickonken – photog of life.

#83 leggnet – I’m a full-time professional photographer specializing in stock photography. My tweets are mostly photography and tech related.

#84 IlanBr – Photography for me is a way to find my inner peace. Same with blogging. So I combine the two.

#85 SarahRhoads – i take photos.

#86 anneruthmann – Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer, Creative Business Consultant, World Traveler, Music Lover, Etsy Buyer

#87 koltregaskes – Used to work in the games industry, a very keen photographer, likes music, movies, sport, computing + games, web development, art, tech, sci-fi & FriendFeed.

#88 kennykim – Chicago-based photographer available for weddings worldwide & author of Digital Wedding Photographer’s Planner by Wiley Press:

#89 gallagherphoto – photographer; i view life one eye at a time…….not really!

#90 jmarkwallace – Photographer, traveler, artist

#91 polaroidgirl – I like polaroids and plastic deer.

#92 ronbrinkmann – mostly awake, wish I was traveling…

#93 leesteffen – Photographer, Creative Director and Founder @ World-traveler, musician and advocate for social justice and equality.

#94 MartinBailey – Nature & Wildlife photographer based in Japan. I do a photography Podcast, run workshops and sell fine art prints. Available for assignments and seminars.

#95 extrajection – Amateur photographer, covering abstract, macro, nature, landscape, architectural and industrial subjects

#96 kevinswancom – Great KISSer

#97 jasongroupp – NYC’s most awesome photographer.

#98 ciaochessa – Photographer, Mama-To-Be, New Yorker, Artist, People Watcher, Corporate Dropout, Recovering Lawyer, Blogger, Perfectionist

#99 carlonicora – Photographer, technologically minded thinker and life enthusiast

#100 julesbianchi – fashionjournalistic wedding photographer

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kodak: Plugged In - CBS Early Show: Saving & Sharing Summer's Photo Memories

Kodak: Plugged In - Early Show: Saving & Sharing Summer's Photo Memories

Click here to view

Saving & Sharing Summer's Photo Memories on CBS Early Show

Chances are many of your pictures from this summer are just sitting in your digital camera or computer. Senior editor David Gregg of spoke with Harry Smith on some creative new photo-sharing ideas.

Read more:;photovideo#ixzz0z73rnljX

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kodak at the Hoodie Awards: Kodak Moments with Celebrities & Attendees

Celebrity guests and attendees answer the question, "What's your favorite Kodak Moment?" at Steve Harvey's Hoodie Awards. The star-studded award show honors community and business leaders from "the hood" and recognizes the everyday efforts and strides that the stars of our neighborhoods make in their cities and towns.

How to Order Photos Online

Since 1990, one of our great challenges was to always complete work within minutes. But, what happens if you need pictures, albums and 100s of custom photo products instantly?

30 Minute Photos Etc. and our division are always on the cutting-edge and provide the perfect answer: instant service. Your quality Kodak-quality 4x6" pictures are ready and back in the mail, or ready for pickup super-fast. You upload your high-resolution images, order quality prints, photobooks and photo gifts, and it's returned the same business day. If you are local, in southern California, use our Kodak kiosks and convenient drop off service.

Best yet, anytime you have any questions, reach us on our free 24/7 live support help desk.

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