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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VHS to DVD Transfer

For $249.95, we will ship you a box for you to fill with your tapes to transfer to DVD which you can put up to 14 tapes, either VHS, VHS-C or Hi8 tapes or any combination of the three (up to a total of 14 tapes). We will ONLY accept standard size VHS, VHS-C and Hi8 tapes for this service. No 8mm reels, BetaMax or any other type of videocassette is valid with this option. Any video included in the box that is not a meet these requirements will be returned with your order without transfer and no credit will be issued. Additionally if you send a damaged for copyrighted VHS tape, it too will be returned without copying and no credit will be provided. Make sure not to send any professionally produced VHS tapes, such as recorded television programs, theatrical motion pictures, etc. If organized properly, you should be able to fit up to 14 standard VHS tapes in the box. Once packed, simply drop off the box at your local USPS location for delivery. When your order is complete, the DVD's and tapes will be shipped back to you. We do not, nor will not, dispose of your old VHS tapes.

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