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Top 100 Photographers on Twitter Listing []

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Damien Franco is a contemporary art photographer living the deserts of West Texas and posted the below list on

Damien Franco: "This is not a list of the best photographers on Twitter as pertaining to their actual skill in photography. This is a list of the most engaged photographers on Twitter. Engagement means many different things to the various Twitter ranking websites but most often includes the probability and frequency in which these photographers will talk with, not just at, their followers. They share links, retweet other’s tweets, they share photography knowledge, etc. They also got lower scores when they talked to much “me, me, me” and if their tweets were too spammy or promotional."

#1 ScottBourne – Host – Photofocus Podcast, Publisher, President Bourne Media Group – photographer, author, teacher, speaker, new media pioneer

#2 jeremycowart – Photographer to the Stars and the Suffering. Founder of Help-Portrait.

#3 photojack – world, travel, lifestyle, stock photographer. Social Media coach and consultant to photographers. Husband. Father. Austinite

#4 strobist – Professional Flasher

#5 xryanrussellx – Rock photographer. I post behind the scenes photos from tours, photoshoots, etc here. I ramble about video games and comic books too!

#6 Jonathan360 – Photographer and Social Media Ninja. Fashion and Twitter addict.

#7 TheBigKlosowski – Allen Klosowski is a professional photographer based in Denver, Colorado. DenverTweetup organizer.

#8 TreyRatcliff – A warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys.

#9 fleurdeleigh – 75% photog, 3% uberdork, 92% adoring wife and mom, 2.7% mathmatically inept, 12% blogger, 9% superhero, 3% spy.

#10 LaraJade_ – fashion photographer, creative director, dreamer.

#11 scottwyden – New Jersey Portrait, Travel, Band and Event Photographer.

#12 Pyeman – wedding photographer, commercial photographer, web entrepreneur, web programmer, gamer, sports enthusiast

#13 DamienFranco – Photographer, web author/blogger, and all around nice guy. Great art is supposed to make you think…

#14 JeromeShaw – Photographer Traveler Teacher Writer PT Aspenite–Lover of hoppy beer, chocolate, travel, strong coffee, occasionally wine, too infrequently women & always song

#15 thomashawk – Quiet Observer of Modern Nihilism with Box that Captures Light

#16 jimgoldstein – Web Strategist / Photographer: Capturing the worlds beauty one photo at a time. Photographer of landscapes, nature and anything beautiful

#17 PaulManoian – Child, Family and Wedding Photographer. Voted #1 Best Portrait Photography in Detroit for 2009.

#18 CelticCamera – Gareth Glynn Ash – The Celtic Camera Specializing in Music (Concert, Publicity, Promotional); Product/Food Styling; Landscape

#19 iYassin – I tweet about photography, tech, apple, design, blogging. and i love coffee.

#20 iamatyler – photographer. check out my blog. if you feel like it. no pressure. you are your own person. or my flickr account at

#21 frederickvan – Photographer, Blogger, Instructor, and Host – This Week in Photography Podcast (TWiP)

#22 nicolesy – I’m a full-time photographer in SLC, Utah. I’m into photography, computers, geeky tech stuff, and Lightroom & Photoshop.

#23 FredEgan – A photographer and style blogger living life 144 characters at a time.

#24 keatonandrew – Visual ventriloquist. Oh, wait… photographer or something like that. I photograph people, they tend to be in bands as well.

#25 topherlin – 1/3 of Lin and Jirsa Photography. I love travel, basketball, friends, family, and photography. I kind of hate post production, arrogant people, and traffic.

#26 tofurious – Wedding photographer / marketing consultant (currently Grace Ormonde’s Chief Marketing Officer) who loves tofu, Chipotle and wonton noodles.

#27 zemotion – Gundam Wing pilot wannabe. Hearts bagels, scones and dark chocolates. Photographer, traveller.

#28 jorycordy – photographer, film maker, couple others.

#29 TrevorCurrent – Photographer, Graphic Designer, Gadget Lover – Bringing you the latest photography news, tips, tools and reviews for beginner through professional photographers

#30 StevenTaylor – Photographer & Pop music lover.

#31 willbl – Pro wildlife photographer looking to share info & connect with other togs

#32 natalienorton – love wins. forever.

#33 inf3ktion – Future Optometrist, Medical Technician, Canonite, Platoon Sergeant, Narcissist, Imagiste, Fotografr, Lomosapien, ManUtd fan, Trance, Post Rock, Seducer!

#34 seanmclellan – To do: Insert most exciting description of a wedding photographer you’ve ever seen, here. Later.

#35 crismitchell – Photographer, Publisher of / and Author of Internet Marketing Techniques for Professional Photographers

#36 lindsayadler – Lindsay Adler is an energetic and passionate fashion photographer living in New York and London.

#37 ap4a – Web developing grape addict and photographyist.

#38 ahetherington – Freelance editorial/commercial photographer available anywhere.

#39 stevesimon – Obsessed with documentary photography and all things photographic

#40 Carsten_Peter – Addicted to nature, loving extremes, National Geographic photographer, biologist, adventurer, environmentalist – EMMY & World Press awarded, go:

#41 photosil – Italian amateur photographer. My works are for sale at

#42 alpower – Photographer and Web developer who likes good UI design, web standards and general web geekery.

#43 rob_sheridan – Artist/designer/photographer/geek. Creative Director for Nine Inch Nails.

#44 bluelilyphoto – Photog. Check out my blog. It is the epicenter of rad. In my humble opinion. Get it? Because it is horribly arrogant? Nevermind.

#45 heygrover – Founder of PhotoShelter,, and – a website for tequila freaks, like me.

#46 SvenSeebeck – I’m a Landscape photographer and publish my images and articles on my website. Feel free to visit.

#47 davidbean – Advertising and Musician/Celebrity Photographer. Art is not my life. Life is my art.

#48 chasejarvis – Maniac Photographer Director

#49 EverywhereTrip – Travel blogger and photographer. I’m a one man National Geographic. I’ve blogged and tweeted from over 60 countries and territories since March 2007.

#50 JeffRodgers – Husband, Father, lbobi Shephard, Photoshop Alchemist, Designer of things and Photographer to the people.

#51 theshutterclick – Profesional Photographer, I shoot people!

#52 brianlarter – Halifax based photographer and Studio Manager at Aperture Studios.

#53 Greg_Easton – I take pictures.

#54 alexlindsay – Random musings and 140 char discussion of film, photography, and life’s random bits.

#55 abbyharenberg – Weddings/portraits/events/lifestyle photographer, love to photograph people.

#56 mikeluter – I twitter about photography, photography tips and techniques as well as some personal stuff.

#57 chaselisbon – Photographer Videographer Owner Writer/photographer

#58 mostlylisa – Photographer & blogger. I love my Canon 5DMKII, iMac & L-Lenses. i sleep with my iPhone under my pillow.

#59 jefflynchphoto – Photographer, blogger, author, husband and father

#60 RodHarlan – Author, Artist, Director, Educator, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Videographer, DV Junkie, Photoshop Addict! Using social media to make Media social again

#61 RachaelDCruze – Freelance journalist and photographer. Loves writing, photography, most things arty, anything girly.

#62 wizwow – Designer. Photographer. Author. Entrepreneur: Loving life at 100MPH. Love working and teachng.

#63 jessicaclaire – fun, fresh, fabulous photographer living the good life in the OC

#64 chrismarquardt – What’s the Buzz? :wq!

#65 warandpeace – A photographer who finds it very difficult to write about himself

#66 monophotography – Donald Cameron – black and white landscape and seascape photographer.

#67 christinebpc – Wedding Photographer, Blogger, Knitter, Geek. Share & Learn at

#68 pattyhankins – In search of the next beautiful flower to photograph – Does life get any better than this?

#69 MichaelZelbel – I tweet about photography. I do love artistic nude photography. Ask me anything via @MichaelZelbel, I never check DM’s.

#70 thebecker – wedding photographer, educator, entrepreneur, wannabe pro poker player, follow @thebschool too!

#71 newmediaphoto – New Media Photog’er: A photographer who publishes to the web. Rosh is also a blogger, podcaster, author speaker, consultant, Univ. instructor Bio –

#72 Photocritic – Photographer, author, blogger, motorcyclist, technonaut, geek, Apple-fanatic, pan-european import-Londoner

#73 bonnietsang – lifestyle + wedding photographer (for my art, design & food talks, follow @bforbonnie)

#74 stacyreeves – I take pretty photos of pretty people in pretty places. Best job ever.

#75 danesanders – writer, photographer, learner, teacher & entrepreneur who loves to get curious with my friends

#76 stanflan – photographer based in western washington shooting weddings and assignments nationally and internationally

#77 toddowyoung – Your favorite concert photographer.

#78 phillprice – Photographer and EMC Documentum Developer and ocassional @photowalklondon co-organiser

#79 chromasia – Editorial, fine art and commercial photographer, photoblogger, photoshop fiend, and husband to @libby_chromasia

#80 JeshdeRox – spiritual explorer, experiential photographer, lover of life

#81 GKPhotography – Photographer, Mother, and Creative Thinker

#82 nickonken – photog of life.

#83 leggnet – I’m a full-time professional photographer specializing in stock photography. My tweets are mostly photography and tech related.

#84 IlanBr – Photography for me is a way to find my inner peace. Same with blogging. So I combine the two.

#85 SarahRhoads – i take photos.

#86 anneruthmann – Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer, Creative Business Consultant, World Traveler, Music Lover, Etsy Buyer

#87 koltregaskes – Used to work in the games industry, a very keen photographer, likes music, movies, sport, computing + games, web development, art, tech, sci-fi & FriendFeed.

#88 kennykim – Chicago-based photographer available for weddings worldwide & author of Digital Wedding Photographer’s Planner by Wiley Press:

#89 gallagherphoto – photographer; i view life one eye at a time…….not really!

#90 jmarkwallace – Photographer, traveler, artist

#91 polaroidgirl – I like polaroids and plastic deer.

#92 ronbrinkmann – mostly awake, wish I was traveling…

#93 leesteffen – Photographer, Creative Director and Founder @ World-traveler, musician and advocate for social justice and equality.

#94 MartinBailey – Nature & Wildlife photographer based in Japan. I do a photography Podcast, run workshops and sell fine art prints. Available for assignments and seminars.

#95 extrajection – Amateur photographer, covering abstract, macro, nature, landscape, architectural and industrial subjects

#96 kevinswancom – Great KISSer

#97 jasongroupp – NYC’s most awesome photographer.

#98 ciaochessa – Photographer, Mama-To-Be, New Yorker, Artist, People Watcher, Corporate Dropout, Recovering Lawyer, Blogger, Perfectionist

#99 carlonicora – Photographer, technologically minded thinker and life enthusiast

#100 julesbianchi – fashionjournalistic wedding photographer
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