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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make Something Special With KODAK Picture Kiosks

Different Needs. Different KODAK Picture Kiosks

Every KODAK Picture Kiosk offers you a variety of ways to help you make the most of your pictures—and we’re adding new tools and ideas all the time.

Almost all KODAK Kiosks let you make prints from your digital camera card or CD. Many kiosks have a scanner so you can make prints from your existing prints. Based in Irvine, Calif., and 30 Minute will help you create exactly what you want. Or, you can click here for a store locator in your neighborhood if you are not located in southern California. KODAK has photo kiosks in convenient locations around the world.

Tips: Before You Visit the KODAK Kiosks

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Making of a Modern Grandmother

"The Making of a Modern Grandmother - Author Rona Maynard Finds a Way to Connect"
Author Rona Maynard became a grandparent before she was ready, but like other modern grandmothers she has found a way to make it work for her and the grandson she adores.

Clean Up Your Photo Collection with Free Tools

You've taken digital pictures for years across multiple systems and camera upgrades, and now your collection is a mess. These free tools and techniques will fix your photos' metadata, weed out duplicates, reorganize folders, and otherwise whip your digital photos into shape.

The aim here is to provide fixes for the common problems that plague photo collections, no matter what kind of
photo organizer you're using, or what kind of data your digital camera provides. After this de-duping, meta-tagging, folder-fixing shape-up, you should be in a good place to keep your photos organized with whatever methods or tools you choose.

Monday, May 10, 2010

See These New Kodak Picture Kiosk Features

Smart new features for Kodak Picture Kiosks will soon be available at your favorite photo lab, including 30 Minute Photos Etc. and in Irvine, CA

Access to Kodak Gallery, Facebook and Picasa Web Albums, Kodak Pet Eye Retouch, Kodak Video Snapshots (perfect for instant photos from your Kodak video cameras, like Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera), Facial Retouch Feature.

Kodak Picture Kiosks
A new modular, highly flexible photo retail solution, consisting of Kodak Picture Kiosks and APEX include these features:

• Kodak Video Snapshots Feature - lets consumers quickly and easily review and select individual frames from their video files, convert them into still images, and then use those pictures to create prints, collages, greeting cards, photobooks and calendars, or store them on a photo CD.

• Kodak Pet Eye Retouch Feature - allows consumers to fix the very common and problematic pet eye glare caused by flash photography of their four-legged companions.

• Kodak Facial Retouch Feature - This new feature/service uses Kodak technology to help smooth wrinkles, diminish and/or erase blemishes and improve skin tone.

content provided by - PluggedIn, a blog about Kodak products and customers

Nice Review From AARP Magazine Reader

Reprinted from our Customer Stories testominial page - read more here.

Just wanted to say thank you for outstanding service. I learned about in an AARP magazine article a while ago, and I purchased the prepaid 3-box scanned photo service. The quality, speed, price and reliability of your service was outstanding and far exceeded my expectations. I will use your Company again, and have recommended it to several other people, as well.

Bradley Sinclair
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Toshiba To Move U.S. CE Operations To Irvine

This is big hometown news. Way back in 1990, [30 Minute Photos Etc.] began by launching its retail photo center in Irvine, California. As strong community supporters, we long knew the value of having a company, based in Orange County. Today, with great pride, we learn that Toshiba's IT products unit Toshiba America Information Systems (TAIS) and its CE products unit Toshiba America Consumer Products (TACP) will merge into a single operating company, effective July 1.

Under the plan TACP will be integrated into the digital products division (DPD), a division of TAIS. The new operation will be located at the current TAIS headquarters in Irvine, Calif. The company said the move was "designed to take full advantage of the ongoing digital convergence in the U.S. market by combining the resources of each company to provide the industry's broadest and strongest range of digital products."

In Irvine, TAIS markets and sells a range of information technology products, including laptop computers, storage devices, telephone systems and industrial camera products in the U.S. The company also recently added its first flash-based digital camcorder.Headquartered in Wayne, N.J., TACP has marketed and sold home entertainment products, including high-definition flat-panel TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, TV/DVD combination products and portable DVD players.Toshiba said the unification will leverage the convergence between PC and TV technologies and will generate synergies in sales, service, marketing and communication activities. The company expects the action to "strengthening Toshiba's overall brand image and increasing brand awareness."

Toshiba said it has closely monitored the evolution in the U.S. market of the convergence between information technology and visual products. "By combining the U.S. operations of two of Toshiba's pivotal businesses, Toshiba will further its market leadership and will be better positioned to offer new products and services to customers," the company said in a statement announcing the move.In the new arrangement, TAIS will market and sell a full line of LED and LCD TVs, T/DVD combination units, Blu-ray Disc players, portable DVD players, and DVD player and recorder products, as well as laptop computers, hard drives, industrial camera products, telecommunication systems and imaging systems."

According to Toshiba, "[t]he Irvine operation is also home to other Toshiba America subsidiaries, including Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS), Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) and Toshiba America Medical Systems (TAMS). Additionally, the location offers easier access to overseas manufacturing facilities, as well as to Toshiba Corporation which is headquartered in Tokyo.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Worth The Wait (via College Candy)

We just saw this posting from a wonderful blog site called College Candy

"Digitally Organize All of Her PhotosThis is such a fab idea. I’m sure everyone’s mother has a cherished collection of dusty photos in their basement just waiting to be shared. Now that it’s so much easier to share photos digitally, you can send her old photos to this website [] and they’ll scan them all for you and turn them into a digital collection! It’s really simple, and if your mom has a Facebook account (bless her heart), she can share them with her friends. The Internet: what a wonderful thing."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peter Piazza, Guide Reviews

Click here to read the entire review

Excerpt: "The service is a fast, efficient, and--depending
on how many photos you have to scan--reasonably priced photo-scanning service."

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