Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May is National Photo Month - Enter a Photo Contest

National Photo Month began as a week-long event back in 1984 and was recognized by Congress as a celebratory month in 1987. If you love photography, this is the month to indulge in your hobby and learn a new technique or two. It’s also the perfect time to help foster a love of photography with your children or other loved ones.

A Photo a Day…Try taking a photo each day of a (wonderfully) ordinary moment throughout the month of May. It could be as simple as your morning breakfast gathering (as chaotic and busy as it is) or a photo of Dad and the kids playing a pick-up basketball game after school. Just keep your point-and-shoot in your pocket or use your camera phone if your camera’s out of reach. At the end of the month, print all the pictures on a poster board and number the days. It’s quite fascinating to see your daily life depicted this way, and kids of all ages get a kick out of seeing themselves in print.

Encourage Your Youth: Many children discover a love of photography through a parent, relative or mentor. Consider taking your child or a child in your life on a photo safari. It can be in your own backyard or at a local park. The purpose is to let the child experience seeing the world through the camera lens and foster creativity. What sparks his interest? Watching a child compose images and then explain why he made those choices is an activity that inspires all involved.

Enter a Photo Contest: Yes, you! You’ll find lots of photo contests being held during National Photo Month, so consider entering one (or several!). Don’t sell yourself short, either. Go through your photo library and find your favorites or shoot some new pictures for the contest of your choice. You may surprise yourself with the results, so send in a picture and see what happens.

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