Thursday, April 22, 2010

Results of a Damaged Photo Restored at

Customer feedback from their photo restoration experience at

This was a challenge. But, our "pay-one-price" photo restoration costs $39.95 - no matter how damaged it is - and we promise that it is easy to order online. And it was. This photo on the left was the original and required ultra-heavy repair, be we had a mission because every picture is special and deserves a face lift to restore those special memories. Look around at all those faded, water damaged and special photographs that are calling out for some TLC. Since 1990, we have been performing this magic for customers worldwide.

To place your photo restoration orders from photos we previously scanned, or pictures you have digitized yourself, click here. Also visit for hundreds of other photo preservation and sharing services.


"I have to tell you that the recent restoration that you did for me of my friend's sister is nothing short of amazing. Although I expected some significant improvement on what you were given to work with, I never dreamed that you would produce the quality of the restoration. It is absolutely awesome. In a previous email, you ask if you might use the picture as a before and after and I think that would be great, and encourage you to do so. Thanks for the quick turn around and great job!"

Fred Robbins

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