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Monday, March 29, 2010

We Love Our Customers, Especially The Most Famous

[Photo caption: Anita Pointer and Mitch Goldstone [president and CEO, and 30 Minute Photos Etc.]

Anita Pointer, loved by millions throughout the world and a member of the famous musical group, "The Pointer Sisters," visited our Irvine, CA retail photo center on Monday with her family and enjoyed the Kodak Photo Kiosks. Afterwards, she toured and saw how we do our magic. She was a delight, so personable and more than made our day. [Bio]

Especially noteworthy is that among all the music selections that you can order on the Kodak Picture Movie DVD is her song: "I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters. We shared a sampling from sixty of their scanned photos (~8,500) as a Kodak Picture Movie DVD and displayed it for their personal preview on our in store large flat-screen TVs, with Anita and her sister's song as background while they watched some wonderful photo memories.

Just another day in the [20-year] life of owning what is the most fun business in the world, using Kodak technology and photography to help preserve and share memories and make people smile. especially Anita Pointer.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Turn Your Scanned Photos in Kodak Gallery Photo Books

More info, Kodak Gallery

See how Kodak is bringing people together (Kodak Picture Kiosks)

Visit 30 Minute Photos Etc. ( retail photo center in southern California). We have eight Kodak Picture Kiosks waiting for you to preserve and share your magical 'Kodak Moments.' It's time to smile and experience our 20-years of photographic experience. Stop by today.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

In The News: Profiles on

In Business for 20-years, follow our adventure and click on the below news items for, a division of 30 Minute Photos Etc.

NEWS PROFILES: As Seen In The National Media Commends Calif. Investigative Hearing on Credit Card Fees
Snap out of your photo funk: Make sense of pics with our 4-week strategy - Chicago Tribune
O.C. businessman fights fees for Haiti donations - OC Register
National Retail Federation and Radio Interview
How Visa, Using Card Fees, Dominates a Market - The New York Times
Visa Reigns with Silent Tax - The New York Times
Mitch Goldstone on CEO Radio Show
"Operation Photo Scan" Offers 1,000 Free Photo Scans for Military Families
Delta Sky Magazine names an Editors' Pick - Delta Sky Magazine named in Los Angeles Magazine's Best of LA issue - Los Angeles Magazine
How Photos Can Be Protected From Natural Disasters, Advises
"Virtual Swag:" Free Stuff by Following on Twitter - MarketWatch
Time to develop a scan-do attitude - Denver Post
Protect Your Priceless Photos - AARP Magazine
CBS and KCAL9 Story on
ScanMyPhotos as seen on CBS Sunday Morning -
Video - Text - CBS on Fox Business - Fox Network News is #16 on Top 100 Photo Websites
Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last - The New York Times
How to digitize your life - USA Today
A Lifetime of Photos on a Single Disc - The Wall Street Journal
Protecting Precious Memories and Data from a Fire - CBS featured in Laptop Magazine's Gadget Guide 2008 - Laptop Magazine
Tears and cheers at inauguration parties - ABC World News
Strangers watch the inauguration together at - CBS Commends Calif. Investigative Hearing on Credit Card Fees
Snap out of your photo funk: Make sense of pics with our 4-week strategy - Chicago Tribune
O.C. businessman fights fees for Haiti donations - OC Register
National Retail Federation and Radio Interview
Banks suspend interchange fee for Haiti donations
How Visa, Using Card Fees, Dominates a Market - The New York Times
Visa Reigns with Silent Tax - The New York Times
Mitch Goldstone on CEO Radio Show
"Operation Photo Scan" Offers 1,000 Free Photo Scans for Military Families CEO, Mitch Goldstone to Address Intl Photo Imaging Conference in Cologne, Germany
Companies keep employees motivated in tough times - OC Register
Oprah Winfrey Would Love This Inspirational Saga, Explains Announces Partnership with Mixbook for Photo Books
Delta Sky Magazine names an Editors' Pick - Delta Sky Magazine
How to use Twitter for your business named in Los Angeles Magazine's Best of LA issue - Los Angeles Magazine
How Photos Can Be Protected From Natural Disasters, Advises
"Virtual Swag:" Free Stuff by Following on Twitter - MarketWatch
Time to develop a scan-do attitude - Denver Post
CBS and KCAL9 Story on - CBS/KCAL
ScanMyPhotos as seen on CBS Sunday Morning -
Video - Text - CBS
Interview with Mitch Goldstone at #PMA09 & the Kodak blogger meetup at his store
OSTA Recommends Protecting Digital Images
"Don't Give Up on California," Cautions Entrepreneur, Mitch Goldstone
After the Football Game, Your 3-D Glasses Are Worth Ten Dollars at
How a scrappy native New Yorker is turning his California photo specialty store into an international scanning service - Picture Business CEO Mitch Goldstone to Address Lyra Research Imaging Symposium on January 28th - Market Watch
Tears and cheers at inauguration parties - ABC World News
Strangers watch the inauguration together at - CBS
At a photo shop, picture-perfect memories of inauguration - Irvine World News
Swearing off work on Inauguration Day - LA Times
Many employers say inauguration now, work later - USA Today
Order in the house - Herald Tribune
Dave Graveline “Into Tomorrow” at CES
International Consumer Electronics Show brings crowds, extra buses
Free Inauguration Day Party Hosted by 30 Minute Photos Etc. and - Market Watch
Irvine business offers free help for preserving old photographs - OC Register
Nostalgia, What's Old is New Again at CES, Says - Market Watch As Seen on KPIX-TV CBS 5 Eyewitness News - What a great way to begin the new year, helping preserve millions of additional family photo memories. On January 1st, KPIX-TV (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose), the CBS Eyewitness News affiliate, profiled as part Sue Kwon's ConsumerWatch Report.
How to Participate in The National Photo Preservation Month
GM, Ford and Chrysler Sales Could Skyrocket Says Entrepreneur, Mitch Goldstone, President & CEO of - Market Watch
Stand Out: Power of Reinvention Keeps This Biz Owner Afloat - Smart Money Magazine featured in Laptop Magazine's Gadget Guide 2008 - Laptop Magazine
When 9 Cents Makes a Memorable Gift
Letters: Adapt to new economic climate - OC Register CEO, Mitch Goldstone to Address InfoTrends' Digital Imaging Conference
Goldstone’s Las Vegas Photo Industry Presentation, August 2008
The Power of PR - PMAI Magazine
Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last
When Analog Meets Digital, Profits Follow: Mitch Goldstone And - The Photo Reporter
Write up in Popular Photography
A Lifetime of Photos on a Single Disc - The Wall Street Journal
Two Minutes to Prepare 10,000 Photos for Scanning with Kodak Technology at - Yahoo! News Sponsors "Great American Photo Scanning Project" - Announces Artistry of Genealogy Award Website Winners
2008 Artistry of Genealogy Awards Announced by the Photo Preservation Center - Yahoo! Finance
Digital Technology Preserves Movies, Photos, Music
Local Search Success at Photo Site
Free Photo Scanning for Facebook®, MySpace®, Blogger®, Twitter® or Flickr® Members from
1,000 Free Photo Scans for Facebook®, Other Networks
Photo Books Hit a Home Run for Holiday Gift-Giving - Market Watch
Tips for Keeping Your House in Order - Mercury News
Analog is Dead: Why All Photo Snapshots Must Be Digitized in 2008, Explains
Protecting Precious Memories and Data from a Fire - CBS News CEO Mitch Goldstone to Speak at the Consumer Electronics Show
First Film, Now 4x6 Photo Snapshots are Fading Away, Reports Photo Industry Expert
During the Writers Guild of America and Theatrical Stage Employees' Walkout, Watch Your Own Pictures, Says
Super-fast and Inexpensive Tips on How to Save Photographs on Computers - Yahoo! News
Speeding Up the Scanning Process - Family Tree Magazine (pdf)
How to Digitize your Life - USA Today
Remember 9-11-01, Fly the Flag CEO Mitch Goldstone to Speak at OSTA Optical Storage Symposium - OC Register
Where Have All Your Digital Files Gone?!'s Image Raised by USPS Flat-rate Box - DM News
Three Million Pictures Scanned and Fifty-Thousand USPS Co-branded Boxes Ordered by - Yahoo! News
The Record of Your Life as a Digital Archive
From Film to Digital to.....Cookies? - Popular Photography
Sweet Images Ltd and Create Recipe to 'Sweeten Your Memories'
Generations of Family Photos are Going Digital Super-fast at - Yahoo! News
Page from Reader Digest (JPEG)
Article from Women's Health Magazine (PDF)
Microtech, Kodak and Work Together to Preserve Our Most Valuable Resources - Memories
Your Photos Say More Than You Think - Popular Photography
Labs see conversion of photos to digital images as a way back to profit - USA Today
Shoebox scanning services featured in the Wall Street Journal Launches; Offers One Price Batch Photo Scanning
Gadgetress Video Blog
30 Minute Photos Etc. Kodak ProLab Premium Member
30 Minute Makeover, Retailer 30 Minute Photos Etc. debuts new look, services (PDF)
NBC News
Video on Scrapbooking Software
Photo retailers benefit from 'Starbucks effect'
High-speed photo profits
Photos scanned superfast - OC Register
Super photo scanners DO exist! - OC Register
Scanning made cheap and easy - Got Prints? - Popular Photography
Photo Industry’s Transitions from Film to Digital is Nearly Complete, Reports Photo Industry Executive - Yahoo! News
30 Minute Photos takes 'Starbucks approach' to photo kiosks
30 Minute Photos Etc. Redesigns Irvine Store with New Lucidiom Photo Kiosks
Putting a fresh face forward - OC Register
New Kodak technology will know what you are looking for in hunt for old pictures - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Cool Kodak Technology - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
30 Minute Photos Etc. to offer photo scanning services at Irvine Family Fun Fair
Retailer Spotlight: 30 Minute Photos Etc. Entrepreneurial Spirit Promotes His Business and the Industry 24/7
Shoeboxes full of photos give way to CDs - Irvine World News
Business Model Changed? How to communicate your new direction to customers. - OC Metro
Prioritizing the Myriad Challenges, Problems, and Diversions (pdf)
New technology is but a click away - OC Family
Divorce: Deciding Who Keeps the Pictures is Easy and Inexpensive with - Yahoo! News Archives Generations of Family Photos In Minutes - Yahoo! News
30 Minute Photos Etc. scans hundreds of prints in seconds
Kodak Will Overshadow Apple’s iPod and Nano, Combined - Yahoo! News
Mitch Goldstone Leads a Rebellion - USC Marshall
Kodak May See Bigger Changes - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
FedEx competing with small businesses - San Francisco Chronicle
Blow-up: Snapshots made to poster-size prints are becoming more popular
e-tailing: What's your Story
e-tailing On the Campaign Trail, First National Online Photo Service to Launch Round-the-clock WebServices Facility
Taking a Note from the Music Industry raises money for victims of Russian school tragedy
Creating the Complete Retail Experience
Athens Olympic Games to Get Support from U.S. Business Leaders
The Kiosk Continuum
15 Steps to Reinvent Your Business
Advice to Help Kodak Compete in the New World of Digital Photography
E-tailing, Are you ready?
Defining Longevity - OC Metro
Back In Focus - OC Metro
Kodak's Critical Moment
Ultimate `Kodak Moment' to Occur From Athens Summer Games in 2004
Kodak and the Teacup Index
Going Digital? - OC Register
Seek Help vs. DIY Printing - OC Register
Photo Shops Find the Bright Side of Digital Technology
Kodak's Digital Dilemma
Digital makes memories easier to capture and share--but harder to hold on to
Fly with Courage: An Act of Patriotism - CNet News
Kodak Among Country's Best Corporate Citizens

Operation Photo
PLEASE NOTE: All information regarding Operation Photo is for historical purposes only. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting cameras for this program. You can directly contact
Operation Homefront News
Reactions To Operation Photo
Sample Emails Received by Operation Photo from Across U
Operation Photo extended through July 4
Lifting Spirits One Photo at a Time
Capturing the moment - Operation Photo is collecting digital cameras for military families to take photos of loved ones.
Operation Photo: Keeping Military Families in Touch
Digital Cameras For A Good Cause: Operation Photo
Operation Photo Collecting Digital Cameras for Soldiers
Operation Photo Picking Up Steam
Operation Photo Puts Military Families in Picture
Digicams Bring Military Families Closer Together
Duo Collects Cameras for Troops' Families
How can your older-model digital camera find new life and bring military families closer together?
Digital cameras can connect soldiers with families
Kodak, Sony, Canon and All Other Used Digital Camera Models Finding New Life and Bringing Military Families Closer Together
Important Updates
PMA 2005 Speech - Memories are Worth More Than Ten Cents
PMA 2004 Speech - Online Photo Processing Success Stories
PMA 2004 Speech - Cross promotions with businesses down the street
PMA 2004 Speech - Kiosk Krazy
Support the Games

Support the Games News

EPICC News & Information
Visit the Official EPICC website
Businessman Booking on Economic Relief for NY
New York Trip an Epic in the Making
Drawing set Monday for Teachers Seeking Free New York Trip
NYC Awaits EPICC Travelers
Letter of Appreciation from NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Letter from Congressman Christopher Cox
Letter from Governor Jeb Bush
Letter from Third District Supervisor Todd Spitzer
Tickets to NY Take on New Meaning
A Perspective Upon Returning from NY
Alaska Couple to Visit World Trade Center Site Thanks to EPICC
Goldstone Leads NY Travel
Trooper Honored in Wake of Anthrax Scare

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tips for Photographing Pets

Shooting pets can be one of the most rewarding types of photography one can do, but it’s not as simple as it may seem. Just try getting a kitten or frisky young puppy to hold still long enough to focus and get a shot, and you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about; they move – and very quickly!

One way to solve this problem is to restrict the areas into which your subject can bolt. Some ways I’ve accomplished this task are to place kittens in baskets and puppies in buckets, nestled into wingback chairs, placed on picnic tables, or even on stumps tall enough to make them think before leaping.

Kitties are just as difficult to corral and wrangle; but they too can be confined to a specific area, giving you enough time to photograph them before they have a chance to remove themselves from their portrait sittings.

Personally, I love the fence concept because your kitty is free to move about, back and forth, but always at the same distance from the camera, give or take a few inches.

Peeking from tall boots or even sitting on top of their dog houses might also work.

Getting help from the pet owner, or even a friend if it’s your own animal, is a must for shooting animals. Not only will it make the shoot go easier, it will be a lot of fun. Your assistant will probably be the most important part of your shoot, besides your pet subject.

The assistant will gather up the loose little ones and return them to the set or area where you’re shooting. The assistant will be there to hold a reflector, which may be either your main light if the sun is at the back of the animal, or the source of a catch-light in their eyes. (A catch-light is the bright specular highlight in the eye that gives it it’s “twinkle.” It adds a lot of life to a photo and is a good thing to try and have.) Remember to focus on the eye nearest the camera. It’s difficult to do close-ups that aren’t looking squarely and directly at the face, in which both eyes are in focus. When presented that choice, just remember to focus on the eye nearest you.

Your assistant can also distract your pet with either a toy (squeaky ones work great with dogs, but can scare cats away) or small treats. The best treats are ones that can be gobbled and not chewed. Rewards are quick, and you waste no time waiting for them to finish. This kind of assistance should also allow for some more or less candid photography, as your pet is now paying attention to the food and/or toy provider and not worrying about you and the camera.

This assistant might also carefully hold your pet, hiding their hands in ways that enable you to shoot a portrait with an uncomplicated or uncluttered background and no obvious fingers.

© Frank Siteman

Other tips for shooting your pets might be to include other members of your family. The interactions can be fun and provide some idea of scale.

Prepared by For more tips, visit More info:

Marni Jameson book “House of Havoc" Includes Chapter on Photo Scanning

Nationally syndicated columnist, Marni Jameson's newest book: “House of Havoc: How to Make--and Keep--a Beautiful Home Despite Cheap Spouses, Messy Kids, and Guests Who Just Won't Leave” is now available.
It includes an entire chapter (p 62) on and devoted to photo scanning. Look at Chapter 13: “Photo Management: Someone Manage These Memories – Please!,” which is a recap of the two columns she previously wrote about us. Thanks Marni!

Here are the two prior syndicated articles that will be referenced in the book:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Customer Profile: The Power and Emotion of Photography

Pictures do share a thousand words, and then some...

Steve G. had digitally preserve his family's most precious memories. It all started with a photo booth and a kiss - his parent's first picture together was fading away, but managed to be saved and is now shared with their whole family. This warmhearted story is repeated every day as digitally saves millions of pictures, but none with more emotion or sentimental love than this one.
This was another remarkable photo from their family collection that was scanned at

Scanning is only half the magic. Once your pictures are digitized, consider having it professionally restored, colorized and more [click here for more info].

But, there is more. Once your pictures are organized, then you can design extraordinary custom photo memory books, collage scrapbooking pages. You choose the design, add the photos, caption and customize each picture. Have fun and take as much time as you like. No experience is necessary and our 24/7 Live Support help desk is always accessible. Best part is that your completed photo enlargements and precious photo memories are printed, fulfilled and mailed back to you on the same business day from from our southern California headquarters.

How to "Fan" us on Facebook; We want to hear from you

How did we do?

Click here to share your comments and feedback on Facebook from your experience with We have been helping to share photo memories since 1990 because we listen. Your comments are the reason we continue to grow and offer hundreds of new photo imaging services.

1) How did you learn about

2) Share the details from your personal encounter with

3) Click here, sign into Facebook and "Fan" us today.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kodak: "Come Together" [Kodak Gallery Picture Book]

Outdoor Portraits: Lighting Control Photo Tips

By Russ Burden

The world is chock-full of items that don’t go well together. The quintessential science example is oil and water. How about a cell phone and a swimming pool? Not a good pairing. In the world of photography, how about harsh sunlight and portraiture? While there may be no hope for the first two examples, there are options for the last. These options include technology, homemade light modifiers, photographer ingenuity, store-bought products, or a combination of any of the above that provides a solution to the harsh light problem.

Example No.1
Before and After: These two images were made with a digital point-and-shoot camera. I intentionally included these before and after pictures to prove one doesn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on sophisticated lighting equipment to net a pleasing image. This is a photo of a participant on my nature photo tour to Hunt’s Mesa and Capitol Reef National Park. When I saw how the fall foliage and the red vest blended, I knew there was a photo opportunity, but the light falling on the subject was awful.

Out from my pocket came my little point-and-shoot. I knew I had to use fill flash to counteract the high-contrast light falling on the subject. I set the flash mode to “Forced On” as it otherwise would not fire due to the intensity of the ambient light. I made the image, but the result was still less than ideal. I showed the photo to the “nature-walk class,” and the realization was the flash on the point-and-shoot was not powerful enough to overcome the harsh sun. I then asked for two volunteers to stand to the subject’s right side to cast their shadows across her. This softened the light to the point the flash on my trusty point-and-shoot worked just fine, as evidenced by the result in the “After” photo. Moral: A combination of flash technology along with a bit of ingenuity and two volunteers worked together to provide a nice souvenir portrait, even with a point-and-shoot camera.

Example No. 2
Overhead Sun and A Large Hat – Two Major Obstacles: When the sun hovers directly above, deep shadows appear in the eyes, under the nose, and under the chin. To make matters worse, the lit portions of the face tend to be washed out. Add to the mix a hat that creates its own havoc-filled shadows, and the photographic nightmare begins. Thankfully, the fix is as basic as the pop-up flash on a DSLR, providing the photographer is close enough to the subject. As an instructor for the Panasonic Digital Photo Academy, I went to New York City for an orientation. During this orientation, one session included a photo shoot in Central Park with live models. I positioned one of them by an iron fence, as the setting matched her outfit.

As you might imagine, the light was horrendous because the hat created a strong shadow directly across her right eyebrow and left eye. I set the focal length of the lens on my Panasonic L1 DSLR to 50mm and moved in close so the pop-up flash would be strong enough to offset the harsh ambient light. I had to set the aperture to f9 because of the strong ambient light, but in checking the depth of field, this was not a problem in that the background was far enough away to throw it out of focus. I set the compensation on the flash to +2/3 so it would act more as a main light rather than a fill, which was necessary to overcome the shadow cast by the hat. Look closely at the image to see how the shadow line of the hat crosses just above the eyes but even the light is a result of using the flash and moving in close to overpower what would have otherwise been a poorly lit photograph.

Example No. 3:
White Reflector: In the portrait of the girl in the red blouse, I used a reflector to bounce light back onto her face. The weather conditions included cumulous clouds in the sky. I took the photo when the sun just started to be obscured by one of the clouds. This provided directional, yet soft, light. The reflector kicked back just enough light onto the subject’s face to make it the brightest part of the image. Without the reflected light, she wouldn’t stand out as prominently, and soft shadows would have appeared in her deep eye sockets and under her nose.

Prepared by For more tips, visit .

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DIGITAL AGE - What's That Thing Called Twitter? - David Pogue

Great Tips for Creating Photo Thank-You Notes

Taking pictures of kids at a birthday party can be both a fun and challenging experience. Recently, my wife and I threw a surprise birthday party for our son, Nicholas. I wanted to take pictures but not in the traditional “party picture” way. I set up a place in a more quiet and controlled room, where I could get the children’s undivided attention. Click here to make photo book, cards and more.

A white wall worked as the background, instead of crazy party central. A big window directly opposite was my only light source. The picture-taking process was made into an event just as much as “pin the tail on the donkey” or clubbing the piñata.

Images © 2005, Frank Veronsky

The challenge was to get the first one going, and then the rest would hopefully see how fun it was and join in. My son, who is quite used to posing for me, was first. When everyone saw how much fun it could be, they all wanted to pose. I took two shots of each partygoer; one close-up and one of every friend with my son. The children seemed to like posing in front of the wall, which had more of a professional-model, photo-shoot feeling than the normal snapshots to which they were accustomed.

By resizing the doubles picture, increasing the canvas size, and adding something with the type tool, like, “Thanks, Jake/Love, Nicholas,” we had personalized thank-you notes later sent to everyone who attended the party. An additional personalized close-up photo, printed as an 8-by-10, was also included.

Tips for Taking Successful Party Pictures

  • Get their attention
  • Be entertaining
  • Be silly
  • Talk to them on their level. (This you may need to practice)
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds
  • If shooting against a backdrop, the children know they need to stay put in one spot.
  • Get it done fast. Snap, snap, snap; you’ve taken the picture before they know what happened
  • Don’t miss the party!
  • Taking pictures is great fun, but don’t miss what is happening in real life. Those memories will last a lifetime.

Prepared by Frank Veronsky for PMA, Take Great For more tips, visit

For more information, visit:

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OSTA Recommends Protecting Digital Images

CUPERTINO, Calif., -- When people are facing a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina roaring up the Gulf or the San Diego fires cascading through the city, the call to evacuate results in a rapid sorting of priorities. Often it comes down to how much you can fit in your car. Space is at a premium, and children and pets typically get top priority. After that, most people consider what things hold special memories that would be hard to replace ... High on this list is the family photo collection. You would assume that people have prepared for this possibility by storing their photos in a way that they are not only protected but also easy to transport, but this is often not the case.

When a disaster is imminent people often grab their computer, desktop or notebook, and load it in their car. What people don't realize is that there is a much simpler alternative: carrying copies of their important files and digital images on CD or DVD discs.

"When you consider that you can copy nearly 3000 photo images on a DVD that costs less than a dollar, it would seem to be a logical solution," says David Bunzel, President of the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA). Optical discs are not only a great way to protect your photos and archive them, but they are also simpler to carry than boxes of photos or large albums.

But what about these albums and boxes of photos? They represent important memories but are often too bulky to easily transport. There is a solution for this: scanning photos and saving the resulting images on DVD discs. Often people put this off because of the time involved in converting large quantities of photos to digital images.

A California-based company,, recognized that people would not necessarily do this themselves but might consider a service if the price was right. Mitch Goldstone, President of, notes "When people can have their family photo collection preserved for less five cents a print, it is an easy decision." The company simplified the process, providing a box for customers to put up to 1800 4x6 photos inside to be mailed to its processing center.

People often have insurance to protect against disasters, but limited documentation to support their claims delays the process. Having a home inventory of personal belongings preserved as digital photos is of critical importance. "Photos are an excellent way to keep account of the entire inventory in your home, especially if you become a victim of a disaster," noted Jerry Davies, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies spokesman. "The wildfires in California are year-round and having visited claims sites following the 2008 fires, I was very impressed with homeowners who brought their digital photos of the contents of their homes to their claims adjuster meetings. Taking digital photos and placing them on DVDs and storing them in a safe place is very important."

Making a second or third set of discs is further insurance against disasters. "Carrying your photo collection in an emergency is important, but also having a set of these discs in a bank box or sent to a relative outside of the area is an important way to assure your critical files or digital images are not lost forever," says David Bunzel.

About OSTA:

OSTA was incorporated as an international trade association in 1992 to promote the use of recordable optical technologies and products. For more information see or

[source OSTA]

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Favorite Vintage Kodak Retro TV Commercials (via YouTube)

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Although The Eastman Kodak Company today is all-digital and super high-tech, it is fun to remember some special "Kodak Moments" from the past via YouTube.

Kodak unveils new “emotional technology” in kiosks

Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y., introduced a series of new features and enhancements to its KODAK Picture Kiosk software, including a number of industry firsts, at PMA 2010.

The new features are designed to inspire consumers to create something truly memorable with their most important photos easily and in minutes, through highly-profitable premium at-retail photo products. Utilizing Kodak’s proprietary materials and digital image science, these unique-to-Kodak features are compatible with KODAK Picture Kiosk G4 series – the majority of the KODAK Kiosk fleet.

KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v4.0 now debuts Kodak’s Video Snapshots, a first-of-its-kind video-to-still capture application at retail that allows consumers to easily select individual pictures of that “perfect moment” from video clips shot with digital still and point-and-shoot digital video cameras. Other industry firsts include Kodak’s Pet Eye Retouch, Kodak’s Facial Retouch and true one-touch premium products. In addition, onboard workflow enhancements in KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v4.0 make it faster and easier than ever to create popular premium products such as photo enlargements and collages, as well as KODAK Picture CDs, and Photo Books, making this Kodak’s most powerful software release for its kiosk fleet ever, the company says.

New features of KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v4.0 solve real problems for consumers and retailers:

Kodak’s Video Snapshots feature lets consumers review and select individual frames from their video files, convert them into still images, and then use them to create prints, collages, greeting cards, photo books and calendars, or store them on a CD making them easier to share and relive. The simple user interface is quick, easy and fun. Kodak’s Video Snapshots will support video formats of top brand digital still and point-and- shoot digital video cameras, including the newest HD models. With consumers in the United States alone shooting more than 4 trillion video frames annually, this presents an enormous opportunity for retailers.

Kodak’s Pet Eye Retouch allows these consumers to fix the very common and problematic pet eye glare caused by flash photography of their furry companions. Consumer research shows that 65 percent of consumers were likely to use this feature, and remarkably, 28 percent would be willing to change where they print to get it.

Kodak’s Facial Retouch Feature smoothes wrinkles, diminishes and/or erases blemishes and improves skin tone for more perfect photo keepsakes at the touch of one button. This technology was successfully tested and launched with major European retailers and is now available to all Kodak retail partners around the globe.

The new Software v4.0 also gives consumers using the KODAK Picture Kiosk the ability to access the photos they have stored or shared on the KODAK Gallery, Facebook and Picasa Web Albums, and easily use them to create photo keepsakes in minutes right in the store. With more than 475M active consumers in 180 countries and more than three billion photos uploaded each month to these sites, the software offers retailers a huge opportunity to market their unique in-store services to these users.

Designed to help consumers become aware of the powerful new sharing solutions, and retailers to increase market basket opportunity, the new software now offers a complete suite of merchandising tools. Fresh, lively welcome screen messaging offers ideas for new projects right from the start, and the intelligent one-touch premium upsell feature creates animated product suggestions using the consumer’s own images, allowing her to purchase an additional product instantly with the touch of one button.

In addition to exciting new features, KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v4.0 requires fewer consumer touches, writes KODAK Picture CDs up to 33 percent faster, and creates KODAK Photo Books faster and more easily than with previous generation solutions. This translates into less queuing, improved customer satisfaction and more profit potential per minute.


Visit 30 Minute Photos Etc and for complete details and to use the new Kodak Picture Kiosks

Source PMA, via Kodak

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

David Pogue - "Apps I Did It Again" (video spoof)

David Pogue channels Britney Spears

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kodak Facial Retouch (Kodak video)

The New York Times' Personal Tech Columnist, David Pogue Profiled


Read the New York Times August 14th profile here.

"... the service could turn out to be the best [$79.50], plus shipping and optional services, you’ll ever spend."

"...the results are well worth it. [] ships your original photos back to you by Priority Mail (two or three days), complete with a nicely custom-labeled DVD."

"The scans look very good."

"ScanMyPhotos probably isn’t getting rich by charging only [$79.50] per 1,000 photos. Clearly, the real money is in the optional services, some of which are ingenious and nearly irresistible. For example, for [$184], the company will send you a pre-addressed shipping box that holds 1,600 photos (4 x 6); the price includes scanning and prepaid shipping both ways. If you buy two, you get a third box free, making the deal, when you consider postage, even better than the [$79.50] offer."

"... you can order a hardbound, custom-printed book containing every single scanned picture; the company even rotates the vertical shots upright for you. The layout is not fancy — the pictures are small and numbered — but in my family, this book was a huge hit."

Restoring Photos: What Happens if You Have a Damaged Photo?

Thanks Erin for the update to help people digitally preserve all their photos.

"One of my goals is to have all of my old photographs scanned so that I can have digital copies of these pictures. We’ve talked previously about
services that will scan your photographs (in addition to ScanMyPhotos, commenters also recommend ScanCafe and LifePreserver), and having my photos scanned is the first item on my to-do list for this project."
With all the news, blogging and word-of-mouth chatter on, and our Twitter page, we regularly read comments about our super-fast photo scanning. A while back, Matt at wrote about the scanning service and the author included an old, faded photo as part of the article.

We couldn't help resist turning Matt's picture on his blog (above) into a brand new, fresh masterpiece. If we can make magic happen by fixing this picture, imaging what we can do for your older family heirlooms that need some extra special TLC and photo fixing.

For complete info on the Photo Restoration services, click here.

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