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Customer Feedback: "We Could Not Be More Thrilled"


After reading about you in
The New York Times last August I ordered three photo boxes for you to scan. It took us a number of months to assemble the boxes with around 5000 prints however today we received back the final scanned box.

We could not be more thrilled.Many of the photos were well over 70 years old, some in poorer condition then others. The scan job was fabulous. More recent pictures retained quality comparable to our newer digital prints, and the old material looks significantly better than it did previously.

Scanmyphotos was courteous and the service extremely prompt. You all took great care of the pictures and went to the trouble to repack the boxes with the same care they were assembled with initially.I have no reservations strongly recommending your services to others. Please feel free to use us as a reference.


Bruce Cameron
Fort Lee, NJ

Description: This was taken at my wife's parents' wedding - well over 40 years ago. Last week we had our first child and having these memories so accessible to share with Emily means a lot. We have already run all the scans through Picasa's face recognition software and Melissa's parents are in the process of geo-tagging and captioning each of the pictures to ensure everything is given context and easily searchable. [caption and photo provided courtesy of Bruce Cameron].

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kodak Beat Google By 45 Years

Check out this Kodak TV commercial from the 1960s and follow the progression from baby to adult, not as modern high-tech as today's Google Super Bowl ad, but a wonderful memory and reminder to share and save all your pictures, especially those cherished photos tucked away in albums. Keep in mind that these timeless Kodak TV commercial memories are light-years behind the new high-tech modern Eastman Kodak Company as it transitioned from film to digital and beyond.

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Background from the website:

Quick take: You send them a box of photos, and the pros at ScanMyPhotos scan them, all for as low as 4 cents an image.

Let the scanning begin. Perhaps that should be the motto of ScanMyPhotos, a spot that’s all about turning your boxes, bins and envelopes of print images—whether they’re from your bar mitzvah in the ’70s, your great-grandma’s wedding in 1902, or maybe even from your recent past—into digital form. ScanMyPhotos is known for speedy, reliable service, and for providing detailed instructions about how to send your photos and get them safely back. Though plans vary, one option costs $64.00 for 1,000 scans, with your images converted into digital form and placed on a DVD. Add-on services are available, too, such as image rotation, photo books, and photo enhancements. But the key here is getting those images scanned, and then having them available for sharing and printing and whatever else. Staff

" is your source for the best of the web. At, rankings and reviews guide you to the web’s best sites and resources. Our top 100 lists, top 10 lists, and other lists help you cut through the web’s clutter and find the information you want. We choose websites and online resources based on their quality, popularity, usefulness and other factors. Advertisers and sponsors have no role in determining the content of’s top 100 lists and other editorial features. At, we value our editorial independence."

1 Flickr - Flickr is a fun and flexible photographic universe, for everything from storing your images to socializing with like-minded photographers. TAGS: photography, social networking

2 Slide - It’s a new era for slideshows, and you don’t need a projector. Just upload images, add music, and then share at Facebook, MySpace, and elsewhere. TAGS: photography, slideshows //

3 PopPhoto The official website of two top photography magazines, PopPhoto is an awe-inspiring news source for cutting-edge photography. TAGS: photography //

4 Digital Photography Review Reviews and previews of the latest digital cameras and accessories give you the information you need to make your next purchase. TAGS: cameras, product reviews //

5 MOO If your photos are languishing on your hard drive, get a kick in the pants from MOO, offering exciting ways to showcase your prints. TAGS: cool, photo printing, photography //

6 Aviary Unzip your cat’s skin, make a frog out of metal: just two things you can do with this fun photo editor.
image editor, photoshop //

7 Corbis Browse the world’s most striking photos, including stock footage, pictures of celebrities, and royalty-free images. TAGS: photography, stock images //

8 Shutterstock Images In need of a photo? Buy high-quality images at Shutterstock, the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world. TAGS: photography, stock images //

9 Fotolog Photographs lead to friendship. Fotolog gives you a place to share your most obscure or brilliant images—and you may find a soulmate in the process. TAGS: photography, social networking //

10 Digital Camera Resource Page detailed reviews of cameras, with an emphasis on consumer models, from point-and-shoot Kodaks to Nikon digital SLRs. TAGS: photography, product reviews //

11 Get carried away with Photobucket: a photographer’s playground, complete with photo sharing, prints, gifts, forums, and so much more. TAGS: photo printing, photography, social networking //

12 Rock You Rock the social network with great-looking photos: RockYou provides applications for making the most of MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Bebo, and more.

13 Nikon Cameras Stay up to date on the latest news from Nikon, producer of much-heralded cameras, scanners, and other imaging products. TAGS: cameras, photography //

14 Museum of Modern Art
Enter the world of contemporary photography, as showcased by New York City’s world-renowned Museum of Modern Art TAGS:
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15 Microstock Diaries
Some diaries are meant to be read: Microstock Diaries teaches you the ins and outs of selling your photos.
blog, photography, stock images //

16 ScanMyPhotos You send them a box of photos, and the pros at ScanMyPhotos scan them, all for as low as 5 cents an image. TAGS: photography, scanning //

17Digital Camera HQ It’s like a dating service for you and cameras: Learn all you need to know before you commit.
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18 Stock up at iStockphoto, the online spot to buy and sell stock photos. Free to join, easy to use.
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19 Photodoto hotography is for everyone at Photodoto: Learn the basics of photography, hone your skills, or browse reader photos.

20Blurb Turn your works of art into books of art: Blurb enables you to create your own high-quality photography books. TAGS: books, photography, self-publishing //

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Around the Country, Our Customers Are Talking About

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How to Organize Your Photos

With today's digital cameras, it's easy to take a lot of photos. Yet if you don't take steps to organize them, it will be difficult to find the ones you want later. It's much easier to organize a bit at a time - or as you capture your digital photos - than to wait until you have so many that it seems overwhelming.

One way to organize your photos is by creating categories. Do it in a way that makes sense to you! After all, as long as you follow the naming guidelines, there's no "right" or "wrong" way. The following ideas may inspire you to choose a method that works naturally with the way you think:

Organize by date
The number of photos you have or intend to have will determine your categories - years, seasons, months or days. If you take a lot of photos throughout the year, this may be the best way.

Organize by subject
If you shoot most of your photos during special occasions, you many want to categorize them by "key words or phrases" - Family-Reunion, Ethans_Graduation, European_Vacation, Hobbies, and the like.

Sort by project
If you want to share your photos by "special projects", you may want to give them titles - E-mails_to_Mom, Vacation_Album, Fathers_Day_Slideshow, Friends_Collage and the like.

Combination approach
With this method, you can organize by subject, and within the subject folders use "date sorting". Re-naming your favorite photos with the date will help with sorting. For example, in a folder such as "European_Vacation", rename a photo in this way - "2006_09_05_Joe.jpg" - to help you easily sort by date. (Try it - you'll be surprised at how well it works!)


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Divorce: Deciding Who Keeps the Pictures is Easy and Inexpensive with

The only thing inexpensive and amiable about a marital split is who gets to keep the memories pictured on photographs. The in-laws, "out-laws" and everyone in the family can now easily get copies and archived digital DVDs from all their photos. operates a worldwide photo scanning service to instantly scan all photographs. The company has scanned tens-of-millions of pictures so far and operates an ecommerce and a retail photo center since 1990, based in southern California.

Pay just $64.00 to instantly have up to 1,000 professionally scanned photos preserved on high resolution (300 dpi, 1.0-1.5 MB) digital files. Reprints and duplicate photo enlargements printed on real 100% Kodak-quality photographic paper is just as fast. While you wait.

Although this service is available to everyone with shoeboxes of generations of family photos, it is especially useful for people undergoing the daunting challenges of divorce where nothing seems easy, or inexpensive.

To prepare your photos for scanning, please visit for complete ordering instructions.

Over the past 20-years, [30 Minute Photos Etc.] has handled all types of photographic work assignments. Often the most challenging are from divorced couples who want to each get copies of their once treasured memories. The pursuit of copying so many photos once was prohibitively expensive and emotionally straining. But, thanks to a new high-speed commercial scanner and software from the Eastman Kodak Company, super-fast, high quality scans are easy to produce. It is as simple as having the attorneys mail in the photos to and have it back the next business day.

Poll: Top 10 Reasons Why People Scan Pictures

Why people digitize their analog photos is not always a pretty picture. According to a revised study released today by, lamentable events in people's lives top the list of ten leading reasons why people are choosing to have high-speed commercial scans made from their shoeboxes of pictures. But, collectively, pleasurable family occasions are also an important reason for preserving photographs." After and earlier poll of customers, we just asked again, and the results have maintained and mirror those prior ranking. The poll was motivated by wondering why people digitally archive their generations of family pictures that were previously stored in shoeboxes," explained Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO

According to, topping the list of ten primary reasons why people want to scan pictures was divorce. "It turns out that the most common reason for scanning pictures is due to divorce and seeking to easily split up photos," explained Goldstone,. His company, instantly marry pictures to a digital CD before a divorce takes it away. And, according to Goldstone, "the only thing easy and inexpensive about divorce is deciding who gets the photos; for just $64.00, his company commercially scans up to 1,000 pictures in minutes or buy a prepaid box that holds about 2,000 standard pictures for $149.95 [buy two get third free]." Divorce, followed by funerals and anxieties over fading photos topped the list, according Goldstone, who is a well-known photo imaging industry leader and regular speaker at major photo industry conventions, including PMA, Lyra Research, CES and InfoTrends. This time, four hundred and twenty people were interviewed earlier thsi year for this revised study which identified the top ten reasons people scan pictures.


  1. Divorce (22%)
  2. Funeral / Memorial Service (15%)
  3. Concern About Losing or Fading Pictures (12%)
  4. Anniversary Gift / Multi-media Presentation (11%)
  5. Reunion (9%)
  6. Birthday, Wedding Gift / Multi-media Presentation (9%)
  7. Convenience (7%)
  8. Genealogy / Sharing / Family History Project (6%)
  9. Preservation from Natural Disaster (5%)
  10. Other (4%)

[Methodology. According to 420 consumers who were polled by during Jan 5-18, the top reason why they chose to have their entire shoeboxes of pictures commercially scanned was impending divorce].

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It took me close to two years to finally get that box your company sent over for me to fill up with photos and when I received the scanned results, I was amazed. The quality of the scans was excellent. My All-in-one printer with the built in scanner couldn’t have done a better job. I now have the peace of mind that all my photos have been digitized and I can now put my photos away and share the scanned versions with family and friends. You guys have a great and affordable service and I can’t thank you enough for helping me with this task.

Christian R.
San Dimas, CA

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