Monday, March 1, 2010

Photography Tips from

Jim Miotke, the President and Founder of, was inspired to explore Web publishing in early 1996, when a friend shared her experiences creating an online college thesis. With a unique major that combined American studies and high technology, she was required to publish her final project on the Web. Seeing this was all Jim needed to become totally inspired, diving whole-heartedly into Web development.

However, Jim did not want to simply create another personal home page. He listened to the wisdom: "Write about what you love" and, since he had a passion for photography, Jim published a brief article - his Top Ten Photography Tips on photography. The rest, as they say, is history. This short article served to launch what was to become the premier educational Web site on photography.

Jim's mission is to provide honest answers to budding photographers everywhere. He got his first serious camera - a Pentax ME Super - in 1984 and started shooting professionally in 1994. He now primarily shoots stock, travel, and wildlife photography. See Jim's Basic BetterPholio™ Photo Gallery or Deluxe BetterPholio™ Photographer Web Site to learn more.


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