Thursday, August 20, 2009

Profile: Fire Destroyed a Home But Not The Photo Memories

Photos are an important way to share family history and experiences. It is more important than ever to find ways to preserve those memories. Everyone always thinks that the worst possible thing will happen to someone else until it happens to them. That is what Larry from Maryland thought:

“Dear You always hear of something bad happening to someone else... until it hits you! I decided to send over 7,000 photographs to SCANMYPHOTOS .... over 70 years of my family history... to be scanned. All the photographs were professionally scanned and returned to me; three months before the fire destroyed my home. All my photographs were destroyed or damaged by fire, smoke or water - except for the DVD's in my fireproof safe that I had received from Not a single picture was lost that were on the DVD's and I can have quality prints restored for display in our home. I am so glad I had my photographs scanned when I did. Thank You!”
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