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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thanks to Lisa Nielsen's The Innovative Educator

Lisa Nielsen's The Innovative Educator blog has a new posting: "Teachers Can Help Students Make Deeper and More Meaningful Digital Footprints with Photo Archiving." Click here to view


Who knew?

LIFE magazine and I are suffering from a similar issue. We both had thousands of unpublished lonely images never-to-be seen because they were sitting in dusty archives. Unlike the digital images we've been capturing over the past five or so years that we've been posting and sharing those photos we captured pre-digital have been neglected. Sadly, these images may never have the opportunity to experience the same glory as their digital counterparts.But, now, I have just learned that LIFE magazine’s photos will have a shot at glory as shared during a recent announcement about the availability of never-before-seen images from the LIFE photo archive. This will bring offline images online as part of Google’s mission to organize all the world's
information and make it universally accessible and useful. This collection of newly-digitized images includes photos and etchings produced and owned by LIFE dating all the way back to the 1750s. As captured in the story featured in the Official Google Blog the collection includes The Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination; The Mansell Collection from London; Dahlstrom glass plates of New York and environs from the 1880s; and the entire works left to the collection from LIFE photographers. The images have been digitized so that everyone can easily experience these fascinating moments in time.

As I read this I thought, what about the rest of us who aren’t partnering with Google and want to digitally capture our moments in time? Are we destined to spend countless hours scanning every picture or digitally photographing them all? What about histories of museums, monuments, schools who are digital photo immigrants with images collected before the age of digital? Will their stories be left in forgotten archives due to this overwhelming task? I mean, LIFE only had a very small percentage of their images published pre-Google partnership. How can the rest of us people and places share our important images?

Answer: Welcome to - your affordable digital photo imaging headquarters. Pay just $64.00 for up to 1,000 photo scans, or order the prepaid fill-the-box service for just $149.95. Your photographs are professionally scanned as 300 dpi JPEG files onto a DVD-R data disc. They also produce high quality scans from your 35mm slides, 35mm and APS negatives, and video to DVD transfer. Check out the photo scanning service page for more info.

Another Tweeted Customer Experience About Photo Scanning

jennet: Finally got a chance to look at my photos from @scanmyphotos ... AWESOME JOB!!! YAY!!! Highly recommended, fast, great service!!!

More info, visit:

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Profile: Fire Destroyed a Home But Not The Photo Memories

Photos are an important way to share family history and experiences. It is more important than ever to find ways to preserve those memories. Everyone always thinks that the worst possible thing will happen to someone else until it happens to them. That is what Larry from Maryland thought:

“Dear You always hear of something bad happening to someone else... until it hits you! I decided to send over 7,000 photographs to SCANMYPHOTOS .... over 70 years of my family history... to be scanned. All the photographs were professionally scanned and returned to me; three months before the fire destroyed my home. All my photographs were destroyed or damaged by fire, smoke or water - except for the DVD's in my fireproof safe that I had received from Not a single picture was lost that were on the DVD's and I can have quality prints restored for display in our home. I am so glad I had my photographs scanned when I did. Thank You!”

Monday, August 17, 2009

Send Photo Postcards From Your iPhone

Shoot It! postcard messaging is the latest iPhone app that is scoring raves. Many customers who load their entire generation of newly digitized photo memories onto their iPhone to share in an instant, are loading this new app.

Turn your iphone into a mobile post office with shoot it!
  • It’s FAST, EASY and LOW COST!
  • Mailed First-class the next business day
  • Delivered worldwide in just days…not weeks
  • Personalized with your photo and your message
More info on Shoot It!, click here

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

"It's Time to Smile:" KODAK Ads Go Viral

Josh Goldman is a senior editor for CNET Reviews, covering digital cameras, camcorders, and related accoutrements. He explains how these smart "compliment guys" are helping KODAK's marketing message go vital. SMART!

Link can so totally see this national skit become a mainstay on NBC's lafe night show, Saturday Night Live and become a new icon, much like the fabled phrase: "Kodak Moment."

Background from Kodak's blog: A Thousand Words:

We teamed up with The Compliment Guys, their mission - to give out as many compliments as they can. The Compliment Guys are two college kids from Purdue who started giving out compliments on campus to brighten others days - what a great idea!

On the homepage we also wanted to have some smiles. We teamed up with the Kodak flickr group What's Your Story? to see what we could come up with. Every month there is a discussion thread based on a theme, members are encouraged to share their photos which best represent the theme. In June, we tried something a little different for the theme: Smile! - We're trying something new! We would love to showcase some of your images on our web site. [read more].

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dave Graveline "Into Tomorrow" Interviews

Watch the Dave Graveline's interview with Mitch Goldstone from at the 2009 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) In Las Vegas. Into Tomorrow Celebrates 14 Years On-the-air. The nationally syndicated radio show covers the latest in consumer electronics and technology for three hours every Sunday plus daily one-minute features. Learn more.

Click here to view

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Professional Organizer Scott Roewer Video Presentation

Watch this Video presentation by professional organizer, Solutions by Scott. Mr. Roewer provides helpful tips on how to organize your closets and mentions for helping to digitize those photo snapshots stored away in boxes.

For more info on Scott Roewer, visit his Web site:

Click here to view other related how-to videos by Mr. Roewer

Background: Washington, DC - based Solutions by Scott LLC was founded and operates through the creative expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of Scott Roewer. As one of the nation's inaugural Certified Professional Organizers® (CPO®) earning this designation in 2007. In May 2008, Scott Roewer was honored with the Professional Organizer of the Year award, bestowed on him by his peers in NAPO-WDC. His professional associations begin with the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). In May 2008, Scott completed his second term as President of the NAPO Washington, DC - Metro Chapter and continues on the Board of Directors as the Immediate Past President. In April of 2007 Scott was honored as he was appointed to the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO®).

How to Make Photo Albums, Kodak-quality Digital Reprints and Restore Pictures

A photo book is the next evolution of the photo album using your digital photos and scanned pictures from

Using our very simple online software from the website, you create beautiful coffee-table style books from your personal memories; just $26.50.

Each book is 10 double-sided pages (total of 20 individual pages) and a cover page with an image that shows through the front of the hard cover. Choose from a variety of page templates to display your images with or without text. All orders are completed and mailed back, or ready for pickup at our southern California photo center the same business day.

here to order

Create your own reprints, enlargements and dozens of other creative photo keepsakes directly from your digital camera, camera phone and scanned pictures.

Order Kodak-quality reprints instantly from the Web site. Your order is completed and mailed back the same business day.

From our Orange County, Calif. headquarters, you can even pickup your completed order directly from our Irvine, Calif retail photo center.

here to order.

We fix your photos.

restore and enhance your vintage photographs into works of art to be enjoyed and preserved for generations.

Old pictures fade and degrade with time. Fix old and damaged photos with our custom professional Kodak-quality photo restoration today from

Since 1990, our customers have trusted us with all their photographic imaging. You are about to find out why.

Click here to order.

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Gain Independence from Clutter, How to Organize Your Photo Snapshots

Thinking about dusting off the grill to celebrate our nation’s independence with a BBQ this Fourth of July? Cooking out during summer months has become as customary as apple pie and ice cream.

As you think about celebrating our nation’s freedom this summer, it is also a smart time to think about freedom from clutter. Especially those shoeboxes of photo snapshots. "We live in an all-digital world," said Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of, "and your decades of analog photos need to be digitized too." will scan your boxes of photos, negatives, slides, and VHS tapes and made them electronic. They can do some photo restoration as well. On their website, you can create photo cards and books out of your favorite pics.

Kids, home from school for the summer, often wreak havoc on organizational systems, allowing clutter to build up in garages, closets and under beds. Stress can heat up along with the grill as families try to restore order to their homes.

As an associate member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), hopes to help free families from clutter and is providing tips and information to help individuals enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of a well organized home.

Reap the Benefits of Being Organized:

A February 2008 NAPO consumer study found that 55 percent of the respondents would save upwards of 16 minutes to one hour a day if they were more organized. That translates into anywhere from two to 15 days a year being wasted!

“Getting organized is something that people know is beneficial, not just because of the obvious - saving time and money - but it really helps you save so much energy too,” said NAPO President Standolyn Robertson. “I can’t tell you how many people say they feel like a weight was lifted off of them when they finally got organized. They have more energy and feel more positive. Now who couldn’t benefit from that?”

Robertson suggests spending some time designing the systems you need to keep your home and office in order and then rewarding yourself with more time and energy to get together with friends and play with your kids and pets outdoors.

Secrets in the Bedroom….

NAPO’s recent study found that the top three disorganized rooms in the house, in successive order, are the bedroom, garage and home office/den. For married individuals, the garage was the most unorganized, while unmarried respondents cited the bedroom as the number one spot for clutter.

Here are some tips for organizing:

Bedroom Tips:
• Give away items that are still in good condition but you no longer need to local charities, or friends and family.
• Decide what you want at your fingertips and what can be stored away in decorative containers on top shelves, or in drawers.
• Go through your shelves and closets, collect all those photo snapshots and send to for affordable and super-fast scanning.
Garage Tips:
• Determine how you wish to use the space. Design a floor plan and stick to it!
• Get rid of things that don't work!
• Sort, purge and then decide the proper storage containers or fixtures for the treasures that you must keep. Clearly label both the tops and the sides of the containers.
• Consider floor-to-ceiling possibilities for shelving, racks, stackable drawers, hooks and
pegboards, and don’t forget the rafters.

Home Office/Den Tips:
• Keep only supplies you need on a daily basis on your desktop.
• Create a paper flow system for your incoming documents.
• Use your in box only for items that haven’t yet been reviewed.
• Avoid looking at documents and placing them back on the desk. Make a decision about each document and follow through with it.
• Create a filing system for your electronic documents that mirrors the one you have for paper. Sort, file, and purge electronic information regularly.
• Keep the most recent papers in the front of the file. Whenever you open it, the current information will be on top.

How to hire a professional organizer:
A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using
organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills. Professional organizers help
individuals take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper and their systems for life.

[elements of this posting provided by NAPO]

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sharing Your Photo Scanning Experience

We just received this email from a customer sharing their experience with

Subject: Thank You Thank You!!!


You always hear of something bad happening to someone else... until it hits you! I decided to send over 7,000 photographs to SCANMYPHOTOS .... over 70 years of my family history... to be scanned. All the photographs were professionally scanned and returned to me; three months before the fire destroyed my home. All my photographs were destroyed or damaged by fire, smoke or water - except for the DVD's in my fireproof safe that I had received from Not a single picture was lost that were on the DVD's and I can have quality prints restored for display in our home. I am so glad I had my photographs scanned when I did. Thank You!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kim Guymon reviews

Kim Guymon, author, entrepreneur and scrapbook industry expert who operates a very well recognized photo imaging company called Photo Books{etc} that creates custom items with your photos or scrapbook pages just write about her experience with

Photo Books{etc} was started by Kim Guymon of ScrapBiz. Lots of traditional scrapbookers have discovered photo books and gifts and Photo Books{etc} found this program to be a fabulous way to make them! Its products are top quality and you will be thrilled with their competitive prices and product selection!

Scan My Photos Scanned My Photos - Blog posting:

A while ago, there was a contest sponsored by Scan My Photos on Twitter. If you re-tweeted the contest tweet, you could win free scanning. Well, I won free scanning!!!

The prepaid shipping box was quickly emailed to me and then I had to decide which photos would go into it. I hauled out all my photos and started sorting. I actually wish now I would have just grabbed piles and put them in the box instead of trying to sort them. They will all have to eventually be scanned anyway. But, I wanted the photos of family members scanned first so I went for those. I followed the instructions provided and crammed the box FULL - I think I ended up with well over 1000 photos and I could have probably crammed in a few more. Then I dropped the box in the mail - it was all pre-paid so all I had to do was take it to the post office and send it off to California (not India as some services do).

In a week or so, I got it all back - all the photos were scanned! WooHoo! The prize package included several copies so I was able to give a CD to my folks. Now, I have to decide what to do with the photos now that they are scanned. Do I throw them away or keep them? I guess I'll keep them.

I can't wait to use them for digi scrapping and make photo books at PhotoBooks{etc}!

The best part is that I didn't have to scan them! I had started several times but doing one at a time on a flat-bed scanner was going to take FOREVER!!!!!

If you're on the fence about the cost of a scanning service - get off the fence and go for it! Time is money! There is no way I could have ever scanned this many photos myself! I highly recommend and will use them again to finish up my scanning.

For more info on Kim's company, visit Photo Books {etc}.

Background: Kim Guymon is considered one of the foremost authorities on starting and running a business in the memory preservation industry. Her company, ScrapBiz, helps entrepreneurial-minded women and men start and run their own businesses. In 2008, she added PhotoBookBiz to tap into the growing digital scrapbooking side of the industry. Kim is a memory preservation industry expert at the Roundtable Group, a Platinum level author at Ezine Articles and a SUNbassador Community Leader at She is a also on the advisory committee of the Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization for the International Photo Marketing Association and has written for several industry publications.

Scan Photos, 35mm Slide and Negative Scanning, Photo Restoration, Digital Printing -