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Thursday, June 18, 2009

WOW! Make Custom 24x36" Giant Kodak Photo Collage Gifts

All New Photo Service from

Kodak Poster Print Collages has made it easier than ever to create stunning photo collages for every occasion. Posters are printed a 24" x 36" on Kodak quality matte paper. Great for birthday parties, wedding receptions, retirement parties and more. Any event you can think of, a poster print collage can compliment it. Each collage can contain up to 25 images and will be arranged by our trained photo technicians. We determine positioning and image sizing based on aesthetics and image resolution to create a great final product you will be proud to display. Your poster-sized collages are printed with a matte finish.

up to 25 JPEG files on a CD, DVD, thumb drive, or other storage media.
Great for events such as weddings, retirements, birthday parties, etc. 
Think of new ways to present those special scanned photos?

Make your favorite shots larger than life.

Just fill out the order form and include your disc to be converted to a poster-size collage. Count on Kodak quality for rich, vibrant colors.

Huge size: 24"x36"

Buy more and save!! Discounts for multiple prints.

Step 1 - Select up to 25 JPEG images
Select up to 25 JPEG images to be converted into the Kodak Poster Collage.

We recommend files to be at least 800x1200 pixels. Smaller files my look pixelated in the final product.

Burn your JPEG files onto CD or DVD. You may also use thumb drives or memory cards. Make sure there are only a maximum of 25 images. If there are more than 25, we will only use the first 25 images.

Step 2 - Fill out the order form online and print it out Click here to open the order form

Fill out the order form online. Please do not hand write your information to avoid mistakes due to illegibility issues. Print out the completed form.

Step 3 -
Send in your photos and order form

Place your saved images and order form in a standard USPS Priority Mail envelope and ship the order to us. Allow up to one week to complete your order. If you wish to have rush, same-day service, there is an additional $9.95 fee.

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