Friday, June 26, 2009

How Are You Celebrating the Apollo Mission's 40th Anniversary?

What are you doing to celebrate and remember as NASA and the world marks the Apollo mission's 40th anniversary of the first moon landing on July 20th? One idea is look back in time and share your family's pictures from 1969 and beyond.

There have been so many giant-leap technological changes since America explored the Moon. But, one memory has remained analog in today's all digital world - your generations of snapshots. We landed on the Moon, now it is time to also celebrate and rediscover your own memories

While NASA is promoting this Web site, is engaging everyone to also mark this anniversary by preserving generations of family photo memories from the 1960s and all the other indelible decades of memories tucked away in those shoeboxes.

To step back in time, visit this official NASA Apollo 40th anniversary Web site: It provides easy access to various NASA resources and multimedia about the Apollo story, the program and the history of human spaceflight, including gallery of images from the Apollo program. The Apollo site is online at:

For more information about NASA, visit:

For more information about, visit:

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[photo credit: NASA]
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