Friday, June 5, 2009

Top 10 Apple iPhone Photo Applications

  1. The CameraZoom app, from KendiTech, is currently topping the list of iPhone photo apps and is selling for just $0.99. CameraZoom allows users to zoom in or out on their iPhone camera with the capacity up to 4X digital zoom. This app allows users to adjust the photo to the best quality after taking the photo.

  2. ColorSplash, from Hendrick Kueck, is remains on the list of top 10 iPhone photo apps and sells for $1.99. ColorSplash gives photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping chosen details in color. This effect helps draw the viewer's attention to the colored portions of the photos.

  3. The Photogene application, by Omer Shoor, allows users to improve digital photos and have fun while doing it, says the description. Photogene offers a comprehensive set of professional editing tools in a simple, appealing interface. Users can crop images, correct color distribution, rotate and mirror images, as well as add special effects. Photogene can be purchased for just $2.99.

  4. With the Picfree app, from Pinger Inc., users can send pictures to any U.S. mobile phone via MMS or even to an email for free. Picfree is for sending picture messages only and retails for $5.99.

  5. 101 PhotoFilters, from MacPhun LLC, includes more than 101 high quality filters and photo effects for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Users can take instant photos or choose pictures from albums and easily apply any filter in just three taps. This app is available for only $0.99.

  6. The NightCamera app, from Sudobility, picks the decisive moment for capturing a particular image. NightCamera detects motion and pulls the trigger when steadiest. When the shutter button is pressed, for 3 seconds the app takes accelerometer readings, and at the exact moment the sensor determines that the camera is steady, the shutter is triggered. NightCamera also provides tips on night photography and can be downloaded for 99 cents.

  7. Nick Campbell developed ShakeItPhoto, available for just $0.99. The purpose of the app is to take a regular photo taken with the iPhone into a Polaroid like snapshot with vibrant colors. Shaking the iPhone causes the picture to develop quicker.

  8. The DSLR Remote Professional Edition app, from onOne Software, allows users to control their DSLR camera through their iPhone, including LiveView. DSLR Remote makes remote shooting with high or low angles and self portraits and taking photos of children easy and fun. Users need to have a Canon DSLR camera and a WiFi connection. This app is available for $9.99.

  9. Sam Williams developed the Faces Wild! app that shows users how silly their faces would look on the body of someone else. With this app, users can choose a scene from different categories and align their face with the hole by pinching and dragging. More scenes are continuously being added and once the app knows where a face it, it automatically aligns it to subsequent scenes. This app retails for just $0.99.

  10. With the CameraBag app, from Nevercenter Ltd. Co., users can enhance photos from the iPhone camera or iPhone/iPod Touch photo library. CameraBag has advanced filters that imitate seven different camera/film styles users can apply to pictures. CameraBag retails for $2.99.

[via PMA Newsline]

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