Sunday, June 28, 2009 offers worldwide vacation photos by travelers

Have you been to the greatest place on Earth?StoodThere lets you share the places you've been, vote for your favorites, and find out where some of the best places on the planet really are.

The difference between StoodThere and most other photo sharing sites, is that when you add a picture to the site, you are required to connect it to a PLACE. This allows users to share places, and to add that place to their own favourite lists.

More info from the Los Angeles Times: offers worldwide vacation photos by travelers, By Jen Leo, June 25, 2009. can inspire your next trip by letting you see photos from travelers who have already been there. You won't be intimidated by glorious artsy travel photos impossible to re-create for your own albums, but you will find snapshots of places you might visit one day.

What's hot: It's easy to find such iconic destinations as India's Taj Mahal, Britain's Stonehenge, Italy's Colosseum, the Golden Gate Bridge, Paris' Notre Dame and more in the Top 100 Greatest Places to Stand on the Planet, but you can also take a gander at places that weren't on your radar, such as the Isles of Scilly at the southern tip of Britain. I particularly liked "The Most Impressive Bridges" in the Lists section, and Arches National Park in the Places section. You can also just scroll through uploaded pics in the photos section. If you want to speed-browse through vacation shots, use the Wall section, a grid of thumbnail photos or a map that has buttons to choose photos by location.
What's not: StoodThere is also getting into videos, uploaded in the TV section. It's not ready for public consumption. You can't search for videos by place as you can with the photos. Instead, you just get what you get when you click on World, USA, Europe or the United Kingdom. The website is run by a small bunch, and they welcome your feedback on improving the site.

Excerpt from the website: represents a very simple idea - it’s a place were you can make a list of really interesting places, add pictures and information, and then share that list with everyone else. Other people can then join a list, add their pictures and information, and we end up with a mass of information on every great place the world has to offer.
The idea for came from one question posed on a flight from London to Chicago: What were the 100 greatest places to stand on the planet - and how many of these places have you been to?

Having compiled the list and challenged each other to do all 100 within the next ten years, we then realised there were many more lists that could be created. From a list of the world’s largest skyscrapers, the best attractions in a particular country, the greatest sites in a city, the best pub-crawl in your local town, the most educational ‘day-out’ places for parents and children, etc. The lists, once you start thinking about them, can be in their thousands and millions - and all be of great interest to others.

The team that created consists of James, Ciaran, Sam and Julia, but has been added to as time has moved on by Roger, Ingrid, Hayley, Paul, Sean and Andrea. With your help that list will grow to include as many people out there
that ‘get’ what is all about and realise its massive possibilities for pure fun, easy learning and sense of community. More info.
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