Saturday, September 19, 2009

Digital Tips Today author, Nancy Hevenor Blogs on Photo Scanning

Reposted from Nancy Hevenor's Digital Tips Today blog:

If you are over 30 you probably have a lot of non-digital photos. And for most people they are still in the envelopes and stuffed in a box or drawer where they are not only accumulating dust they are slowly fading away. Now that even most grandmothers have a digital camera and perhaps a digital photo frame it would be nice to have some of those old photos to look at and and preserve. And the only hope that your children and grandchildren will keep them may be to get them scanned to a digital format to share with them.

I know I was guilty of this problem. I had decades of photos of my children growing up and of my parents and other relatives who are no longer with us. I did not want to lose these images. While they are certainly not photographic art they are precious memories to me that I want to preserve.

So I was delighted to find a website,
ScanMyPhotos that would scan 1,000 photos for only $64.00! I know from personal experience it would take me many weeks of scanning photos to scan that many photos! And it would never get done. They have an even more affordable option where they send you a priority mail box to fill with as many photos as possible and they pay the postage.

I immediately set to work gathering up my old photos and putting them on some kind of order, eliminating duplicated and disasters. Even just this task took me the better part of a week to prepare about 2,000 photos for scanning. I also ordered the photo index book which printed a thumbnail of every one of my photos.

I must say I was delighted with the results. Browsing the book is like watching my children grow in fast forward. I made copies of the disks with the photos to send to my sons and they browsed them all too.

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