Monday, June 29, 2009

ScanMyPhotos.Com: A Review

"Angry Mom Julie, The life of a working Mom in the OC" blogged about her experience with Click here to read her blog.

Repost: "Last week I mailed a box of photographs to ScanMyPhotos. I followed their packaging tips and sent them in a USPS Priority Mail Box. About a day later, I received a telephone call from one of their employees. She told me that some of my photographs were the wrong size, etc. No problem. The next day, I went to their actual location (about 5 minutes from my house) and sorted through my photos. I removed all of the odd-sized photographs. About 1.5 hours later, I received another telephone call to tell me that my photographs were done being scanned.

On the way to Angry Toddler's swim lesson, we picked up the photographs and the DVD. Yep, they scanned over 500 photographs for me, and put them all on a DVD.

I had gone through my tote of photos and just randomly put them all together. I had no clue on what I sent. Well after looking at the DVD, these are the types of photos that I saw: Sorority Girl Julie, Police Julie, High School Julie, Julie and Angry Husband, before marriage, Fat Julie, Skinny Julie, Red Headed Julie, Blond Haired Julie, and about 200 photos of our cats (which now live at my parents).

[Click here to view Julie's sample photos that were scanned at]

I can't wait to go through all of the photos. I need to categorize them for iPhoto. I also want to do some posting on Facebook. ScanMyPhotos provides several services for photographs, besides scanning.

They provide:

If you live out of California, it's no problem. They have

instructions on their website for mailing in your photographs. The will mail everything back to you after it's all done.

I will definitely be using their services again. Plus, they are super close to my house, which makes it even better!"

More info on

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Sunday, June 28, 2009 offers worldwide vacation photos by travelers

Have you been to the greatest place on Earth?StoodThere lets you share the places you've been, vote for your favorites, and find out where some of the best places on the planet really are.

The difference between StoodThere and most other photo sharing sites, is that when you add a picture to the site, you are required to connect it to a PLACE. This allows users to share places, and to add that place to their own favourite lists.

More info from the Los Angeles Times: offers worldwide vacation photos by travelers, By Jen Leo, June 25, 2009. can inspire your next trip by letting you see photos from travelers who have already been there. You won't be intimidated by glorious artsy travel photos impossible to re-create for your own albums, but you will find snapshots of places you might visit one day.

What's hot: It's easy to find such iconic destinations as India's Taj Mahal, Britain's Stonehenge, Italy's Colosseum, the Golden Gate Bridge, Paris' Notre Dame and more in the Top 100 Greatest Places to Stand on the Planet, but you can also take a gander at places that weren't on your radar, such as the Isles of Scilly at the southern tip of Britain. I particularly liked "The Most Impressive Bridges" in the Lists section, and Arches National Park in the Places section. You can also just scroll through uploaded pics in the photos section. If you want to speed-browse through vacation shots, use the Wall section, a grid of thumbnail photos or a map that has buttons to choose photos by location.
What's not: StoodThere is also getting into videos, uploaded in the TV section. It's not ready for public consumption. You can't search for videos by place as you can with the photos. Instead, you just get what you get when you click on World, USA, Europe or the United Kingdom. The website is run by a small bunch, and they welcome your feedback on improving the site.

Excerpt from the website: represents a very simple idea - it’s a place were you can make a list of really interesting places, add pictures and information, and then share that list with everyone else. Other people can then join a list, add their pictures and information, and we end up with a mass of information on every great place the world has to offer.
The idea for came from one question posed on a flight from London to Chicago: What were the 100 greatest places to stand on the planet - and how many of these places have you been to?

Having compiled the list and challenged each other to do all 100 within the next ten years, we then realised there were many more lists that could be created. From a list of the world’s largest skyscrapers, the best attractions in a particular country, the greatest sites in a city, the best pub-crawl in your local town, the most educational ‘day-out’ places for parents and children, etc. The lists, once you start thinking about them, can be in their thousands and millions - and all be of great interest to others.

The team that created consists of James, Ciaran, Sam and Julia, but has been added to as time has moved on by Roger, Ingrid, Hayley, Paul, Sean and Andrea. With your help that list will grow to include as many people out there
that ‘get’ what is all about and realise its massive possibilities for pure fun, easy learning and sense of community. More info.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Kodak MOFILM contest winner! (via Jenny Casney, KODAK)

We loved this video which best represents the emotional value of pictures and the permanence of photography and sharing memories. This is why everyone must digitally preserve their shoeboxes of analog snapshots today.

A winner for the Kodak entry in the MOFILM contest has been chosen... "Always Connected" submitted by Karima Salmi from Temecula, CA. More info.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

How Are You Celebrating the Apollo Mission's 40th Anniversary?

What are you doing to celebrate and remember as NASA and the world marks the Apollo mission's 40th anniversary of the first moon landing on July 20th? One idea is look back in time and share your family's pictures from 1969 and beyond.

There have been so many giant-leap technological changes since America explored the Moon. But, one memory has remained analog in today's all digital world - your generations of snapshots. We landed on the Moon, now it is time to also celebrate and rediscover your own memories

While NASA is promoting this Web site, is engaging everyone to also mark this anniversary by preserving generations of family photo memories from the 1960s and all the other indelible decades of memories tucked away in those shoeboxes.

To step back in time, visit this official NASA Apollo 40th anniversary Web site: It provides easy access to various NASA resources and multimedia about the Apollo story, the program and the history of human spaceflight, including gallery of images from the Apollo program. The Apollo site is online at:

For more information about NASA, visit:

For more information about, visit:

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[photo credit: NASA]

Michael Jackson's Death Has Saddened the Entire World

With Respect, In Tribute to Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Michael Jackson, one of the biggest pop icons in modern history, has passed away at the age of 50. Although Jackson’s music career hit its peak in the 80’s, his influence on music, and especially music videos, has persisted throughout.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kodachrome Slide Film Being Retired by Kodak

As Kodak retires Kodachrome, click here for affordable and super-fast way to safely have your 35mm analog slides digitally scanned. Most orders are completed the same day and all work is entirely processed in southern California.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Randy Pausch Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams"

We originally posted this one year ago....

Tales from the World of Photo Scanning was designed as a tool for exchanging ideas about preserving generations of family memories. Nothing we ever experienced in our 19-years in business has prepared us for one single event that will change the way we all look at lifes memories, relationships and your family.

Over a year ago, The Wall Street Journal (May 3, 2008, p R-1), Jeffrey Zaslow wrote about "A Final Farewell: How Randy Pausch, a 47-year-old college professor, came to teach his family about love, courage -- and saying goodbye." Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who was dying from pancreatic cancer, gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium. In his moving talk, "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams," Pausch talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals. Professor Pausch thought a handful of students would attend, but the 400-seat auditorium was packed and subsequently, his lecture has been viewed by millions.

If you want to remember why life, memories and family are so important, how to achieve all your dreams and carefully preserve your memories, click here; more than 2-million others have already watched this emotional and powerful YouTube presentation.

Another good idea is what we have been doing during this past year, buy the book and give it as gifts. We've shared dozens of these books and the recipients are more than moved. Make sure to give it to all your employees too.

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

About the book: The Last Lecture goes beyond the now-famous lecture to inspire us all to live each day of our lives with purpose and joy

DIY: If You've Never Made Your Own Photo Album, Prepare to be Amazed

There is nothing quite like seeing your photos professionally printed in in a high-quality photo album that you design in minutes. online photo service completes and returns your photo albums the same business day. Our Irvine, Calif. retail photo center and scanning headquarters hosts banks of fun and super-easy to use Kodak photo kiosks where you make your own photo albums and much more.

Any questions, reach us 24/7 on our free live support help desk or click here.

What is a photo book?

A photo book is the next evolution of the photo album using your digital photos brought to you by Using very simple software on the website, anyone can create a beautiful coffee-tablestyle book of personal memories for just $26.50 per book. Each book is 10 double-sided pages (total of 20 individual pages) and a cover page with an image that shows through the front of the hard cover. Choose from a variety of page templates to display your images with or without text. All orders are completed and mailed back, or ready for pickup at our southern California photo center the same business day.

NOTE: This is not the Photo Index Book. For information about the Photo Index Book, please click here.

How is it different than the photo index book?

The photo book is designed by you through using our templates to create a memory book of an event or special occasion. They are great for gifts or as a way to tell a story with your photos. The photo index book is designed to help you organize your photos by creating a thumbnail image of your photo along with the file name to create an easy way to catalog your photo memories. Learn more about the photo index book.

How to order

Even more ways you can use photo books

Many people are creating impressive and treasured family history photo books at, online and at our southern California-based headquarter and retail photo center [same location since 1990]. They gather photographic material and prints from across the country and the world. The format, quality and condition of these vary enormously in the amount of care and effort in putting these together. If you plan to use a lot of old prints, slides or negatives, you will need the right scanner for your needs. Or you can use a scanning service, like which will save you a lot of time.

If you are about to renovate, remodel or decorate your home, use photobooks to tell the story. Do a before-and-after series on facing pages. Learn how to place a tripod for identical positioning. For interior shots, lower the viewing height, and point the camera level to avoid those converging doorways and walls. Include pictures of yourself and others working on the renovation, as part of the story.

Need a last minute gift? How about a simple photobook? Just make sure the book is one the recipient will enjoy receiving and will value, not just politely keep in a drawer and bring out when you visit them.

If you take a lot of good photographs for a family wedding, then this can make for a wonderful photo book. And you can add in other pictures of the happy couple as they first met, and on early dates, as part of the story. You can determine the style and quality that will allow you to make copies for the closest family members and friends. If funds are tight, maybe each person who wants one could offer to pay for their own, much as people do when they order from the photographer.

Sharing the news and pictures of a new baby can be done with a little photo book. It does not have to be a huge production or expensive – there are many simple and budget-priced books that can be chosen from at

A wonderful and caring approach is to create a tribute or memory book for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Here are a few tips... Caption and group the pictures to make sense for them. For example, someone with dementia is likely to be prompted by the inscription they once wrote on the back of a photo, even if it is cryptic to others. Be careful adding your own interpretations. But do add in names of others in the pictures and their relationships to your loved one. Maybe some added explanation and facts.

This can help you and the caregivers go through the book over and over again with your loved one, and for it to be a fresh experience every time..

It’s important for children need to see photos of themselves and their parents, and images of their grandparents at younger ages. They get a much better sense of their own identity through seeing their place in the larger family.

What better way to do this than give them their own family history book loaded with characters and stories. Pictures with captions, and more detailed stories they will grow into as they learn to read. They will be able to share this with their friends and classmates. Keep the separate set of digital originals on file, so that if a book is lost or damaged, you can easily have another made up from the same images.

So, with the range of books, styles, quality, formats and services available to you, whether online or at your local camera store, you can take advantage of this and create wonderful bound books, for whatever purpose you need.

More info, visit and visit us on Twitter -

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Learn How to Take Better Pictures

Take Great offers you Photo Tips and Techniques from Master Photographers, the latest news on new products, events, and artists, photo contests, reviews of photography books for your coffee table, columns on digital photography, taking a digital picture, scrapbooking, a calendar of photogenic events and destinations throughout the world, a place to share your own images with others, and helps you in taking great pictures. Brought to you by the PhotoImaging Information Council, Take Great Pictures aims to inspire, inform, and educate those with an interest of photography regardless of picture taking skill level.

Columns from

[source:; PhotoImaging Information Council]

Friday, June 19, 2009 Online Photo Lab Services

Your Online Digital Print Photo Lab:Turn your digital files into Kodak-quality prints
Read what others are saying about

4x6........... 15¢
Photo Book (Online design only)...
4x8 Photo low as 59¢
5x7 Folded Photo low as 65¢

Suggested Resolutions:

*** Prices subject to change

Other Information:-
Frequently Asked Questions
Shipping Options
Privacy Policy
Click here to begin your order instantly!!

All New Photo Experience: Just for you, our redesigned online photo and photo gift service. PhotoCentral 3 is the exciting new, improved online service from ScanMyPhotos that lets you View, Edit, Share, Print and Archive your digital photos. PhotoCentral 3 features an all-new, tabbed interface that simplifies navigation and online ordering. Orders are ready in minutes at our
Orange County, California retail photo center, or mailed back the same business day. The hundreds of unique products and features from our retail photo kiosks are now easy to load onto your computer. In minutes, you design super-easy photo scrap booking pages, wall-art, photo calendars, photo books, photo greeting cards and hundred of other innovative and extraordinary products to share and save your photo memories.

UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOS Upload your photos to our site, create albums to order prints from or share with others. It's the quick and easy way to let others view your photos of family and friends or that special occasion, such as a wedding, vacation or birthday.

PRINT YOUR PHOTOS Choose the photos you want to print, what size and quantity you want. Hit send and your order is sent to our Irvine, California headquarters for processing. All orders received by 2PM Pacific Time will be printed the same day.Everyone loves to share their pictures. But not everyone is as careful with your prints as you are. You want to protect them for years to come. Don’t worry! Prints from ScanMyPhotos are coated with KODAK XTRALIFEtm lamination to be especially durable. Real KODAK pictures with XTRALIFEtm lamination are waterproof. Just wiped the water off — no damage to the quality of the picture. So fingerprints, smudges, liquids, and even mustard will wipe right off.

PHOTO PRODUCTS PHOTO BOOKS: Create custom Photo Books to tell your story in a fun way that is ideal for both presentation and preservation of your memories. You choose the page layout from many different templates, add text and edit your photos. Don't just show your photos, tell the story with them instead. Great for photos from weddings, vacations, parties or just for fun! PHOTO GREETING CARDS: Photo greeting cards are a great way to share your photos. Custom cards for every occasion and holiday. Create the traditional one-sided 4x8 photo card or all new custom 5x7 folded cards with your photos and your custom text. Its like having your own greeting card company at your fingertips. Envelopes are included with every order and cards are as low as 59 cents per card.

EDIT YOUR PHOTOS Our new store lets you crop, zoom, pan, grayscale, and antique your online photos. You can even remove red-eye with one button click. You can undo any edits and even revert to the original photo at any time.The new interface features a new WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) photo cropping tool that's part of the Print Order page. You can now crop your photos, in the aspect ratio of the print size just ordered, without leaving the Print Order page.

SHARE, TAG & BLOG YOUR PHOTOS You can share any album to a family member or friend with your customized message and even features an Address Book where you can define groups like My Friends, My Family, Baseball Mothers, etc… - you can share to everyone in any group with a single click.You can specify the caption, people, event, date, place, and even rate your online photos. We call this photo tagging. And you can search your albums and albums shared to you for matches to these tags. It will display the found photos in a custom view – you can even save this view to a new album. And share it!Album owners and their share recipients can add a running commentary to any photo in an album. We call them Yaks. And anytime a yak has been added to a photo, the owner and last yakker get notified by email. The recipient clicks a link in the email and gets sent directly to the yakked photo.

WINDOWS & MAC FRIENDLY The look, the feel, and the fun of the new ScanMyPhotos are identical on Macintosh and Windows computers using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.

IPHOTO & PICASA PLUG-INS Download and install our all new iPhoto (Mac) or Picasa (PC) plug-in and you can export your photos from the two most popular photo organization programs directly to ScanMyPhotos. It's free and easy. Edit the photos your way, upload only the photos you want and have them printed, instantly.

David Pogue on 3GS iPhone

New York Times tech columnist, David Pogue, has his best ever video. spoof on Mac vs PC for the new iPhone. Could get as many views as Susan Boyle. Apple's iPhone set a high bar for the smartphone market, and David Pogue thinks Apple is going to push that standard even higher.

Click here to view

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do-it-yourself Photo Center Features 100% Kodak Technology

What's new in photography?

Visit the and 30 Minute Photos Etc. retail photo center at our Irvine, CA headquarters.

Get better, brighter pictures automatically when you use the KODAK Picture Kiosk. This intuitive and easy-to-use Kodak technology examines every picture as you preview your prints. We automatically enhance your pictures to deliver exceptional Kodak quality—every time you print.

Make prints with: Fewer dark shadows
More vibrant colors - enhances bright, bold colors while keeping skin tones true to life

Richer detail

Red-eye detection - can automatically correct about 80% of red eye problems
Over 92% of consumers recommend prints from our Kodak kiosks to their friends and family.

Everyone loves to share his or her pictures. But not everyone is as careful with your prints as you are. You want to protect them for years to come. Don’t worry! Prints from the KODAK Picture Kiosk are coated with KODAK XTRALIFE™ lamination to be especially durable. Real KODAK pictures with XTRALIFE™ lamination are waterproof. We just wiped the water off—no damage to the quality of the picture. Prints from the KODAK Picture Kiosk are also wipe-able. So fingerprints, smudges, liquids, and even mustard will wipe right off.

Photos from your Phone

Get real KODAK Pictures right from your phone. Real fast. Got a great shot on your phone that you want to turn into a great print? It’s quick and easy. Walk right up to the kiosk. Beam your favorite pictures right to the screen using Bluetooth technology, and the kiosk does the rest. In just seconds you can turn those temporary, candid snapshots into real KODAK Pictures. Everyone will want one.

Due to the changing size of images that phones and other mobile devices can capture and transmit, making prints can be a challenge. KODAK Kiosks will notify you if the resolution of your phone image is not sufficient for the print size you select—and recommend options for KODAK

Quality Prints.

Enhance Your Photos

Zoom & Crop

Zoom in on the important details in your picture. Crop out unwanted backgrounds. Or, use these simple tools in creative ways to highlight something special in your picture. Just touch the screen to get the result you want.

Remove Red-Eye
It’s the most common problem with photos that people want to fix. We’ve made it so easy to remove red eye. Just touch the screen to highlight the eyes in your photo. Touch “Remove Red Eye” feature on the screen. It’s gone!

Adjust Brightness, Contrast & Color
Change color photos to black & white or sepia in seconds. Start with a color photo and create a black and white print for a classic, creative look. Create an aged, warm look from a color photo with our Sepia feature.

Make your picture as vibrant as you remember it. Just touch the screen to adjust levels of contrast, brightness, and color. You can also get creative and change the amount a color in your photos for a very custom look.

Add Creative Borders for a Custom Creation

Choose from a wide variety of themes and styles to create:

Custom photo pages
Photo birth announcements

Photo cards and invitations

Photo calendars

Photo gifts

Personalize Your Pictures With Text
Add a special message to your photo in just minutes. Create a unique look. You choose the style and color of the message. Add special greetings, fun captions, and important dates. Preview your creation onscreen before you print and pay.

Kodak Picture Movie DVD
"Don't just look at pictures.... Relive your memories" with KODAK Picture Movie DVDs.
Click here for an informative video and sample. Watch how to make a KODAK Picture movie DVD here. Order your own multi-media KODAK Picture Movie DVDs from your favorite 60 pictures, includes your choice of music from popular artists and all orders are completed almost instantly. The KODAK Picture Movie DVD even includes special pan and zoom effects for a true movie experience. That’s all there is to it! Watch your favorite photos on TV. Ordering is super-easy and super-fast. Why only 60 pictures? Even though the average order is about 2,500 images scanned, we have found that to retain viewer interest and preserve the special impact that the most important photos represent, 60 pictures is the perfect quantity, without having your guests' eyes begin to close.

On The Road Again – Willie Nelson
Pump Up the Jam – Technotronic
Shout – The Isley Brothers
That’s The Way I Like It – KC and The Sunshine Band
Dancing In the Street – Martha Reeves and the Vadellous
Everlasting Love – Carl Carlton
I’m So Excited – The Pointer Sisters
What I Like About You – The Romantics
St. Elmo’s Fire – John Parr
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terell
Shining Star – Earth, Wind and Fire
Walking on Sunshine – Katherine and the Waves
Always On My Mind – Willie Nelson
Calling All Angles – Train
Dust in the Wind – Kansas
Three Times a Lady – The Commodores
Baby Love – Diana Ross and the Supremes
I’ll Be – Edwin McCain
My Girl – The Temptations
Only Wanna Be With You – Hootie and the Blow Fish

  • Pick which service you would like:
  • Choose the prepaid boxes to add this new feature
  • Choose the Pay-per-1,000 option where you mail in your pictures in your own box to add this new feature on the order from.
  • Choose the service without any other services. Fill out this form and include it with the 60 pictures of your choice for us to scan and create your Kodak Picture Movie DVD.
  • Choose the service from your existing digital files. Mail up to 60 JPEG images (minimum 20) on a CD in the order you want it to appear on the KODAK Picture Movie DVD. Be sure to fill out this form to include with your order.
  • Choose up to 60 pictures and place in sequence order, beginning with the first image you want to view on the KODAK Picture Movie DVD. Please make sure these 60 pictures are separated from the rest, are clearly marked to be used for the KODAK DVD and add to your box. If more than 60 are included, only the first 60 images will be used.
  • Choose up to ten words (titles, descriptions, special introduction) that will be electronically embedded into the opening credit for your KODAK Picture Movie DVD.
  • Choose ONE song from the list below and we will have that added as part of the multi-media DVD presentation.

Any questions,use the 24/7 Live Support help desk or call: 949-474-7654

Follow us on Twitter:

Visit the website:

WOW! Make Custom 24x36" Giant Kodak Photo Collage Gifts

All New Photo Service from

Kodak Poster Print Collages has made it easier than ever to create stunning photo collages for every occasion. Posters are printed a 24" x 36" on Kodak quality matte paper. Great for birthday parties, wedding receptions, retirement parties and more. Any event you can think of, a poster print collage can compliment it. Each collage can contain up to 25 images and will be arranged by our trained photo technicians. We determine positioning and image sizing based on aesthetics and image resolution to create a great final product you will be proud to display. Your poster-sized collages are printed with a matte finish.

up to 25 JPEG files on a CD, DVD, thumb drive, or other storage media.
Great for events such as weddings, retirements, birthday parties, etc. 
Think of new ways to present those special scanned photos?

Make your favorite shots larger than life.

Just fill out the order form and include your disc to be converted to a poster-size collage. Count on Kodak quality for rich, vibrant colors.

Huge size: 24"x36"

Buy more and save!! Discounts for multiple prints.

Step 1 - Select up to 25 JPEG images
Select up to 25 JPEG images to be converted into the Kodak Poster Collage.

We recommend files to be at least 800x1200 pixels. Smaller files my look pixelated in the final product.

Burn your JPEG files onto CD or DVD. You may also use thumb drives or memory cards. Make sure there are only a maximum of 25 images. If there are more than 25, we will only use the first 25 images.

Step 2 - Fill out the order form online and print it out Click here to open the order form

Fill out the order form online. Please do not hand write your information to avoid mistakes due to illegibility issues. Print out the completed form.

Step 3 -
Send in your photos and order form

Place your saved images and order form in a standard USPS Priority Mail envelope and ship the order to us. Allow up to one week to complete your order. If you wish to have rush, same-day service, there is an additional $9.95 fee.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CBS-TV News [CBS 2 & KCAL 9] Profile on How to Scan Photos

Watch on CBS News

See what CBS News (CBS 2 and KCAL 9) had to say about during its Tuesday newscast.
Click here to watch

'Scan My Photos' Saves Space, Protects Memories IRVINE (CBS)

A disc of 1,000 photos will cost you less than $50.
If you're looking to save some space around the house while protecting some of your most treasured memories, "" can help you get organized.Even if you own a scanner, it would take an eternity to upload the thousands -- or even tens of thousands -- of photos you have taken over your lifetime. "ScanMyPhotos" can place 1,000 photos on a disc for less than $50. Grabbing a handful of discs would be much easier than trying to lug boxes of photos to your car in the event of an emergency. The Irvine-based company's impressive scanners can make discs in less than an hour, and they even upgrade the quality of your photos.

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More info, call 949.474.7654 or visit

Monday, June 15, 2009

PMA Data Watch: Percentage of U.S. households receiving digital images from family and friends down from previous years

Thirty-seven percent of U.S households received digital pictures via the Internet or on CD/DVD from their family, friends or relatives last year, down from previous years, according to the 2009 PMA U.S. Camera/Camcorder Digital Imaging Survey. Social networking sites make pictures easily accessible by family and friends at any time without having to email them. Most likely to receive digital images in 2008 were young households, those with higher incomes and households where young children were present.

Of those households that received digital pictures, 32 percent made prints from the images. There is a positive correlation between age and making prints from received digital images. Households where the head was 65 years of age or older were much more likely to make prints than younger households. Households where no children were present were also more likely to make prints from the digital images they received from family and friends. This is likely to be a reflection of grandparents, perhaps those living long distances from their grandchildren, making prints so that they can cherish and display the pictures around their home. Lower income households were also more likely to make prints of received digital images than those earning higher incomes.

Households were slightly less likely in 2008 to make prints from received digital images at home than they were in previous years. Making the prints at retail, using the instant kiosk or local retailer's counter, was more common in 2008 than in the few years prior. They were more likely to pick up prints sent to the local retailer by family or friends. In terms of share, more prints were made at home than using any other method.

For comments and question please visit the Marketing Research blog
PMA Foresight.

[source: PMA Newsline]

Saturday, June 13, 2009

35mm Slide Scanning

@ScanMyPhotos: Since 1990: Same day, individual hand scanning, color correction of 35mm slides with Kodak Digital Ice at 2000/4000dpi -

2000 dpi 4000 dpi

1-499...............$0.65...................... $0.87

500-1499........ $0.52...................... $0.70


2900+..............$0.35...................... $0.49 [BEST VALUE]

Sunday, June 7, 2009

In Preparation For a Natural Disaster, Are Your Photos Safe?

We have all heard it a thousand times ‘be prepared for The Big One’. And ‘The Big One’ varies from area to area. It is an earthquake, a fire, a tornado, a flood or even a home robbery. We hear about it. We talk about it. And we think about it …but when it comes down to it, just how prepared are you?

September is National Preparedness Month, which is a perfect reminder to us all to put that planning into action. While we might have a few extra canned goods stored, or a copy of our insurance policies in a safe, but what about your photos? One of the most over-looked areas of preventive preservation is backing up our hard-copy photos. When disaster strikes, it is the irreplaceable memories that affect the victims the most. Your wedding album, boxes of photos your children and photos of relatives no longer living are all examples of precious items that need to be cared for responsibly.

But, sitting in front of your computer and scanning these photos one by one can a painfully slow process, even taking months or years to complete. It just isn’t realistic. Fortunately there are services like which make backing up your hard copy photos easy and affordable with their ‘speed-scan’ process.

A sturdy and secure box arrives at your home, which you can fill with your photos (approximately 2000 per box) and you return to on your own time. ( pays for postage all three ways).

Once received, the photos are professionally scanned and returned to you the same day. There are also hundreds of other photo imaging products available from You receive your original photos back and new digital DVD data discs. Request several copies to share with relatives or to store off-site in multiple locations. Order custom photo index books and literately hundreds of other photo products to share and save your special memories directly from

In addition to knowing you are preserving your family treasures you can also email photos and upload to the Internet with ease.

Don’t let ‘the big one’ win!

With, it is easy to be prepared for anything that comes your way.


These thoughts brought to you by Marcy Massura. A humorist, writer and actual customer of ScanMyPhotos. As well as a huge fan of being prepared.

More info:

Friday, June 5, 2009

FREE Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream at

DELICIOUS FRIDAY at - Serving Up Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream


We love Kodak and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and invite all our Orange County neighbors to another old-fashion ice cream social on Friday, June 12th from 12:00 -2:00 pm at our Irvine retail photo center.

Since 1990, we have been bring smiles to many at our retail photo center [30 Minute Photos Etc.] and more recently through - our international photo scanning and online digital imaging service.

Now, our division is gearing up for providing more joy and yummy treats with our DELICIOUS FRIDAY. Stop by, say hello and make your own complimentary Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Sundae, while supply lasts. See if we have your favorite flavor?

And, to continue with the do-it-yourself theme, bring in all those shoeboxes of photos, 35mm slides and film negatives to have us scan and preserve your photo memories on digital DVDs. Also gather your digital photo memory cards, camera cell phones and other digital files to create beautiful Kodak memories; it's super easy to use our banks of Kodak photo kiosks.

Click here for directions.

Bring your kids and the whole family! We are looking forward to seeing you for DELICIOUS FRIDAY at

Top 10 Apple iPhone Photo Applications

  1. The CameraZoom app, from KendiTech, is currently topping the list of iPhone photo apps and is selling for just $0.99. CameraZoom allows users to zoom in or out on their iPhone camera with the capacity up to 4X digital zoom. This app allows users to adjust the photo to the best quality after taking the photo.

  2. ColorSplash, from Hendrick Kueck, is remains on the list of top 10 iPhone photo apps and sells for $1.99. ColorSplash gives photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping chosen details in color. This effect helps draw the viewer's attention to the colored portions of the photos.

  3. The Photogene application, by Omer Shoor, allows users to improve digital photos and have fun while doing it, says the description. Photogene offers a comprehensive set of professional editing tools in a simple, appealing interface. Users can crop images, correct color distribution, rotate and mirror images, as well as add special effects. Photogene can be purchased for just $2.99.

  4. With the Picfree app, from Pinger Inc., users can send pictures to any U.S. mobile phone via MMS or even to an email for free. Picfree is for sending picture messages only and retails for $5.99.

  5. 101 PhotoFilters, from MacPhun LLC, includes more than 101 high quality filters and photo effects for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Users can take instant photos or choose pictures from albums and easily apply any filter in just three taps. This app is available for only $0.99.

  6. The NightCamera app, from Sudobility, picks the decisive moment for capturing a particular image. NightCamera detects motion and pulls the trigger when steadiest. When the shutter button is pressed, for 3 seconds the app takes accelerometer readings, and at the exact moment the sensor determines that the camera is steady, the shutter is triggered. NightCamera also provides tips on night photography and can be downloaded for 99 cents.

  7. Nick Campbell developed ShakeItPhoto, available for just $0.99. The purpose of the app is to take a regular photo taken with the iPhone into a Polaroid like snapshot with vibrant colors. Shaking the iPhone causes the picture to develop quicker.

  8. The DSLR Remote Professional Edition app, from onOne Software, allows users to control their DSLR camera through their iPhone, including LiveView. DSLR Remote makes remote shooting with high or low angles and self portraits and taking photos of children easy and fun. Users need to have a Canon DSLR camera and a WiFi connection. This app is available for $9.99.

  9. Sam Williams developed the Faces Wild! app that shows users how silly their faces would look on the body of someone else. With this app, users can choose a scene from different categories and align their face with the hole by pinching and dragging. More scenes are continuously being added and once the app knows where a face it, it automatically aligns it to subsequent scenes. This app retails for just $0.99.

  10. With the CameraBag app, from Nevercenter Ltd. Co., users can enhance photos from the iPhone camera or iPhone/iPod Touch photo library. CameraBag has advanced filters that imitate seven different camera/film styles users can apply to pictures. CameraBag retails for $2.99.

[via PMA Newsline]

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NBC News: Inside The Obama White House with Brian Williams

Follow along on this extraordinary behind-the-scenes visit with President Obama and the White House. More than a dozen crews and cameras were placed throughout the White House during the program, hosted by NBC News' Brian Williams.


The White House had a reality-show-like feel Friday as NBC and the network's anchor Brian Williams taped “Inside the Obama White House,” an exclusive, behind the scenes look at what goes on inside the White House and the West Wing each day. All day, more than a dozen crews have been strategically placed throughout the White House in the West Wing and East Wing, capturing nearly every aspect of Obama’s day and talking to the key players, too.

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