Sunday, May 31, 2009

Google Wave: Redefining How You Share Photos and Stories from

This is the next new, new, application once your thousands of photos are digitized at Share your memories with friends and relatives and create a new community to discuss and laugh as you reminisce.

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year. Watch the demo video below, sign up for updates and learn more about how to develop with Google Wave. Google Wave can make you more productive even when you're having fun.

A wave is equal parts conversation and document. People can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A wave is shared.
Any participant can reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and add participants at any point in the process. Then playback lets anyone rewind the wave to see who said what and when. With live transmission as you type, participants on a wave can have faster conversations, see edits and interact with extensions in real-time.

Unlike online forums, Google Waves reflect changes in more or less real time: You can see responses appear from Wave participants as the typing occurs, network latency permitting. There is, however, an option to show a reply only after all typing has been completed.

Google Wave will be available this fall and check back often for regular updates. We are so excited and look forward to incorporating this brilliant new Google tool to compliment your photo scanning orders.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Photo Services Including Prints on Kodak Paper at (30 Minute Photos Etc.)

For complete info, click here.

Prints From All Digital Devices Including Mobile Phones Simply bring your digital camera, memory card, disk, CD, and even your mobile phone and our stores with on site photo-developing equipment will have your order ready in about an hour or even faster!

You can also create striking large-size prints from any of your photos -- provided that the resolution of the photo is high enough. Make giant collage photo posters up to 24" x 36" in minutes. Shuffle your photos, adjust the sizes and edit each image; change the color, restore, enhance and play around to make each picture just right. Just the way you like it.

Prints in Minutes Via Kodak Kiosk Visit our (30 Minute Photos Etc.) in-store kiosks to copy prints, add text, and make enlargements or photo cards in minutes. Download images from your camera card, camera phones, CD to a Kodak kiosk and print instantly or create and submit your order and pick up your prints later. Make simple edits like zoom, crop and remove red eye or create enlargements and print packages.

Prints in 30-minutes: We offer you traditional photo-quality prints and enlargements from film and any digital devices at a fraction of the cost of printing at home, delivering stunning-quality prints in under an hour. Getting beautiful prints at our local Orange County, Calif. retail photo center is simple and convenient.

Turn your cherished photos into loved souvenirs that make a lasting impression. Photo Books/Calendars No more corners or sleeves! Let our photo center create dazzling professionally-bound photo books and calendars from your own photos for the delight of your friends and family in minutes.

And, remember to make your own movie with the KODAK Picture Movie DVD.

The experience

Print in Minutes…..or even seconds!In a hurry? You print your digital photos in minutes. Simply bring your digital camera, memory card, or cell phone to us and we'll help you print dazzling photos!

Play With Your Photos. Our interactive Kodak Kiosks allow you to edit your pictures to your heart's content. Crop, enhance, reduce red-eye, enlarge. Make your photos picture perfect!

Get Expert Advice. Our photo specialists have more than 18-years of experience and we are ready to assist you. From expert advice to cost-saving suggestions, they will help you even with the most demanding photo printing needs.

The Power of Photos; Traveling the World

Pictures are powerful and can unite the world. Matt's dancing around the world video inspired many to tears. Today, more than 20 million people have viewed his YouTube masterpiece. The following video is profound, funny, and inspiring. It moved us to tears and gives us hope.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Onion Parodies Photo Services With "Netpix"

A "Netpix" user checks out some of the latest offerings in the "African-American pilots" genre.

The humor site
The Onion launched a full-fledged parody of photo sharing site, called "Netpix," complete with its own Netflix-like website and Facebook page. The premise of the parody is subscribers will be able to receive up to three pictures at a time, from a wide array of genres, for a monthly fee. Genres include family photos, sunsets, crime scene photos and more. Here's an excerpt:

"Launched in April, the new service offers a wide array of photos and genres, including pictures of sunsets, images of friends sitting around picnic tables, grisly crime scene photos, the complete works of Ansel Adams, snapshots of Carol and her dog, and recent portraits from Tanya Kohler's baby shower at the Treehouse restaurant in Manchester, NH.

" 'It's so convenient. You get a photo in your mailbox, look at it for a while, and then drop it in the prepaid envelope and send it back,' Houston resident Jonathan Collins said. 'I'll never look at pictures the same way again.'

"The company was founded by computer programmers and photography buffs Wallace Lockhart and Kurt Griggs, and has already amassed nearly 50 million users.

"Immediately after signing up, subscribers can begin adding images they wish to look at to their rental queue. They then receive an e-mail notification indicating that the photos have been shipped from a nearby distribution facility and will arrive by mail within three business days.

" 'Our members can keep photographs for as long as they want without ever having to worry about late fees,' said Griggs, the company's president, adding that Netpix is much simpler than trying to pick out pictures to look at at the local photo store. 'We have something for everyone. Whether you like extreme close-ups of flowers or candid shots of Dave passed out on the couch, it's all here.' "

[Via PMA Newsline, photo: The Onjion]

Monday, May 25, 2009

Grandparents' Photo Memories Must Be Saved, Says

IRVINE, Calif. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - When "AARP The Magazine" wrote about photo scanning in its May/June issue, it launched a crusade - advocating that readers should start thinking about genealogy, preservation of memories and sharing photos in today's all-digital world.

"But, the challenge in this economy was how to embrace technology to affordably archive and preserve shoeboxes of family photos," explained Mitch Goldstone, a pioneer in digital imaging and CEO of By commercializing Eastman Kodak Company imaging technology, Goldstone, a leader in the photo industry and Photo Marketing Association member since 1990, is on a mission.

Having solved the biggest problem in photography, is helping to unlock millions of analog photo snapshots; for $64 the company scans 1,000 photos in minutes and can scan upwards of 300,000 pictures every day.

According to Goldstone, "The AARP article, 'Digitize your photos in a snap' created urgency. It dramatized the relevancy for converting analog to digital because of the magazine's stature as the world's largest circulation publication. The article fueled conversations among grandparents and even their computer savvy grandkids. It forged another idea for simplifying photo scanning and sharing; leading to a new service called: []." lets families tell a story and enjoy their photo memories.
"We made it affordable and super-easy," said Goldstone. The service includes scanning up to 100 photos onto a DVD, a Kodak-quality photo memory album, free image rotation, same-day service and free return delivery for just $49.95.

Among the hundreds of comments about was this one: "It was a great service. I've referred it to several friends. It's invaluable to have taken photos that were buried away in several boxes in the garage, unlikely to ever be viewed again and have them put onto my computer. Old friends have had many laughs and the grandparents are thrilled."

Website: []

Follow us on Twitter: []

*This news release is not in anyway affiliated with AARP; we are just truly honored to have been mentioned in their magazine. For dozens of other high-profile reviews and news features on see:

How You Can "Make Something Kodak" at

Photographic Prints, Custom Cards, Photo Books and more... [30 Minute Photos Etc] has partnered with Kodak since 1990 to bring you the best quality photographic prints and now we are teaming up again to bring you the all new
Kodak Experience. Whether from your digital camera or film, you deserve nothing but the best for your photographic memories. Create custom enlargements, photo books, photo greeting cards, KODAK Picture Movie DVDs, and other photo gifts in minutes on our wall of photo kiosks. Serving Irvine and surrounding Orange County cities or nationwide service available via our online services.

Greeting Cards
Photo Books
KODAK PictureMovie DVD
Poster Prints

Share the big news, or the little, with your own unique style.
Choose a picture, pick a border, and add all the exciting details in seconds!
Your special occasion deserves a personal touch, so spread the word!

Use decorative borders to dress up your photos in seconds.
Reflect your style with an array of fun, colorful borders, perfect for any occasion.
Choose from a variety of designs with different sizes and orientations to fit your favorite photos!

A new moment to celebrate every time you turn the page, all year round.
Double-sided calendars hold multiple photos per month – up to 109 for the year!
Double-sided calendars come in 8.5 x 11 in. easy-to-write-on paper.
Choose from many different stylish background designs .
Custom made in just minutes.

Greeting Cards
Birthdays, graduations or just for fun.
Make your greetings more personal.
No matter what the occasion, create perfectly personal greeting cards.
Choose from many different stylish designs to create single-sided cards or traditional folded cards.
Available in portrait and landscape layout.
Easy to make and ready in just seconds !
Watch a video on how easy it is to make greetings cards.

Photo Books
Tell your story, your way in just minutes!
Choose from many background designs to create your custom book.
Hold from 20 to 100 pictures with double-sided Photo Books.
Pages are bound in-store with a classic hard cover .
Double-sided Photo Books available in 8.5 x 11 in.
Watch a video on how easy it is to make a photo book.

KODAK Picture Movie DVD
Now you can add music and motion to life’s most cherished moments with the KODAK Picture Movie DVD.
Bring 40-60 digital pictures or prints to the store.
Select an original song from available top-name artists.
Let the KODAK Picture Kiosk do the rest like add pan and zoom effects.
Make it today in minutes and watch it tonight!
Click here for more information and how to order online.
Watch a video on how easy it is to make a KODAK Picture Movie DVD.

More info:

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Feedback: What People Are Saying About

Our free 24/7 live support help desk receives inquiries from around the world. Most are usually simple questions about placing orders for photo scanning, restorations or using our pro lab online photo service. However, from Concord, New Hampshire, came this live support comment earlier today.

No question... Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the results from my fill the box order. I sent the box from New Hampshire on a Monday, and had the order back to me the following Saturday. I'm very pleased with the quality of the images and will be placing an order for another box this week. I will be recommending your company to anybody I know of who wants to have bulk photo scanning. Great job and great service!! Rick F.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FREE SWAG: KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

And the winner is....

@NewYorkChica - Congratulations. You won a Kodak Zi6 HD Digital Video Camera from the Free Swag giveaway.

Thank you to everyone following @ScanMyPhotos on Twitter. Stay following us as you are already automatically entered for our next Free Swag Tweetaway from

To help us afford providing you with all types of valuable Free Swag, please visit our website and view the hundreds of ways to affordably and easily share and preserve all your photo memories. Any questions, reach us on our free 24/7
Live Support help desk.

KODAK: Life moves fast. Grab it in HD.
Take stunning HD videos (720p at 60 fps)
Easy upload to YouTube™ with built-in USB
Record hours of video—up to 32 GB worth
View on any HDTV with the included cables
Edit and share videos with the included software CD
Rechargeable batteries and charger included

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is a 5x7 folded photo greeting card from

A premium 5x7 folded photo greeting card is a great way to send year-round wishes along with a photograph to your family and friends.

Think of them as your own personal Hallmark® card. Each photo card is 5"x7", includes a space for your photo and custom text, and includes gold foil envelopes with every order.

Choose from many different designs, available in vertical or horizontal orientations, as you celebrate this holiday season or any occasion you can think of.
Prices are as low as 65¢ per card. Its fast and easy.

Every 5x7 folded greeting card order received by 2PM PT will be shipped the same day it is received. all orders are completed and mailed back, or ready for pickup at our southern California photo center the same business day.

Click here to begin your order.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom Blogger: How to Make it Brilliant, Make Something Kodak

Click here to read Tanyetta's mommy blog: "Days Like These" which shares her experience during the Kodak photo expo at 30 Minute Photos Etc. and in Irvine, CA.

Hello Everyone! A great group of mommy bloggers were invited to attend the: VIP Mommy Blogger-Kodak Experience Expo in Irvine, CA Hosted by: Mitch Goldstone, President of ScanMyPhotos International, Jacqueline A. Mangione, PR Manager of Eastman Kodak Company. I was in that lucky number! How cool was that?

Upon arrival, I should have known this was going to be a truly exciting event. The staff greeted us with Mimosas (I had sparkling water) and the best part, they had a birthday cake for me there! How AWESOME was that? The goodies (scanners, printers, digital cameras and more) you see behind me were the special presents that were given out to the mommy bloggers that were fortunate enough to attend this awesome event. Lunch (provided by Panera) was delicious. My first time having their food and I have to say, I'll visit them again at a later date. Their sandwiches are YUM!

After lunch and mingling, it was time to get down to business. With the assistance of Shannon and Cesar the very knowledgeable technical support staff, each mommy blogger chose different methods of creating our memories.

We chose from an array of choices: photos books, calendars, photo size prints, DVD movies and more. When the Kodak representatives told us the sky was the limit on what we could create, they were serious. I was truly amazed at the ease of the Kodak Kiosk. Touch screen and slide options made the experience very easy and user friendly. I created a family flashback DVD by selecting 60 photos, adding music and customized text, I was able to create this project in a matter of minutes. I had a photo of my husband and his brother with wrinkles and creases in the middle, the retouch/restoration feature of the Kodak Kiosk technology fixed up the photo so
beautifully, I couldn't resist creating a few prints to replace the old and tattered photo.

Their theme of the day was: Make it Brilliant, Make Something Kodak and we were able to do just that. I was quite impressed with the ease of the use of the Kodak Kiosks. The steps included inserting your media card, usb or whatever device you have to upload your photos. The touch screen glides you through the process in a matter of minutes, you've created memories that will last a lifetime.

Kodak Kiosk Services include but, are not limited to:

Announcements, Borders, Calendars, Collages, Enlargements, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Picture CDs, Photo Books, Thank You Notes, Picture Movie DVD, Poster Prints, Print Packages and MORE! There were door prizes of Scanners, Printers, Cameras, Digital Photo Frames and more! I was the lucky recipient of a very cool Kodak Digital 10Megapixel Camera. **Doing the Happy Dance, Doing the Happy Dance**

At the close of a very exciting day, we each received goodies which included gift cards and more! A special thank you to Mitch Goldstone, President of ScanMyPhotos International, Jacqueline A. Mangione PR Manager of Eastman Kodak Company for hosting this amazing event. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this very informative and user friendly event.

If you're like me, you have a zillion photos on your computer, camera SM cards, boxes of photos and more. I'd like to suggest you take the time to create some memories of your own. 'Gather your photos, upload them to a Kodak Kiosk or from the comfort of your own home, create photo books, collages and more all with the click or touch of the screen.

"Preserving Memories in an Instant"-That's what Kodak is all about!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Did You Win? The Ten Photo Scanning Winners From Are...

Loads of free swag was just provided to ten people following @ScanMyPhotos on Twitter. just randomly announced the first ten winners to receive a combined, all-inclusive photo scanning package worth $3,499. We are contacting the winners now and will be mailing out the certificates with complete redemption information on Monday. Hope your name is listed below!

To redeem your certificate, review your direct message (DM) that was just sent from @ScanMyPhotros.

Congratulations to the winners. After your completed free order is returned, won't you please share your feedback from your experience with Let others, and us know how you enjoyed the service. To assist, you can always reach us at our free 24/7 Live Support help desk.

The ten winners are: @mslmichelle @Spotlights_On @AngiePedersen @Organizergal @Dallisonlee @Declutteryou @PMAmembers @KimGuymon @Susankitchens @SusanCarrier

Each winner is receiving $349.95 in free products listed below. For contest rules, click on this link.

1- Prepaid photo scanning box for our famous USPS Priority mail co-branded fill-the-box photo scanning (11"x9"x6"), holds about 2,000 standard photos and includes same-day fulfillment

4 Duplicate DVDs (total 5 DVDs of your order)

Up to 300 4x6 Kodak prints that you order from our online photo printing service (pay for return S&H)

FedEx Ground return with free signature confirmation

1 FREE professional Photo Restoration (up to $159.95 value)

Photo Index Book and Image Rotation

1 Year of Extreme Backup SM

Photo Soap SM to custom enhance your older, faded photos

Scan in Order

Total value: $635.72, regular price: $349.95, regular savings: $285.77. Your price: FREE

Another random contest will be announced shortly. The ongoing other contest just for following @ScanMyPhotos for another free Kodak ZI6 HD Digital Video Camera will be announced on May 20th. Click here for more info.

For more info on this contest, please click on this link.

Gadgets We Want to Give Our Moms 10 (Via

More raves.

Thanks to Sean Captain at, one of the leading gadget and tech websites for including as one of the 14 recommended gadgets to give to Mom. The Editor's Pick and also the Most Popular article right now at Switch is the one mentioning We're cheering too!


"9) ScanMyPhotos OK, so maybe you're a good nerdy child, you're getting mom all electronic with a digital camera, digital picture frame, camcorder and heck maybe even a Facebook page. But mom has spent decades accumulating memories in analog form-such as the thousands of photos sitting in the basement of in yellowing, cracking picture frames. No matter how much you love mom, you're probably not going to take a week off to scan all her photos by hand. So hire someone. makes it easy-offering 1,000 scans to 300-dpi JPEG images on DVD for a scant $64. You'll have to spend some time sorting the pictures by size and bundling them up for shipping. But once you do, your work is done. $64 for 1,000 scans;"


Friday, May 8, 2009

Delta Air Lines, Inc: An Entrepreneurial Innovator

Yes, Delta Air Lines' primary business objective is to safely get passengers to their destinations, but the story behind how they do it is a masterful entrepreneurial case study.

From the tens-of-millions of pictures that digitizes, every order has something in common with airlines; travel pictures are regularly included within each order and create much of the treasured memories that become lifelong photo keepsakes. [Separately, Dan Carp, Delta's board chairman is an old time friend and the inspiration behind our success and reason we too constantly innovate our business model. Based also on Mr. Carp’s prior leadership as the Eastman Kodak Company’s CEO, it is no surprise that the airline is also so resourceful and steadfast in its resolve to always be creating new ways to be more efficient.]

Earlier this week, I attended the Kioskcom Self Service Expo in Las Vegas and experienced one of those educational lessons where you do not want it to end and take voluminous notes and garner inspiring ideas from. The visionary keynote speaker with sprightly ideas was Josh Weiss, Managing Director of

Just as how my company advanced from its early days - back in 1990 when we just developed film and printed pictures - into today's international photo imaging ecommerce business and retail presence, Delta Air Lines, the world's largest airline, also is an entirely new company today. As is in the picture business, Delta Air Lines is all about airplanes, but it is what is behind how they do their magic that sparks real innovations.

From Mr. Weiss' presentation, it is clear that the airline is much more about convenience than just flying passengers to destinations. Delta Air Lines has designed the world's most appealing and friendly interactive kiosk service and Ecommerce online solutions to speed up passenger experiences. They are constantly innovating. Just thirteen years ago, there were no kiosks in use by the airline, today, nearly 80% of all passenger transactions are placed from the electronic terminals rather than at the ticket counter. Their self-service kiosks are a quick alternative to lines at the airport for checking in, getting boarding passes, reviewing itineraries and seat assignments. According to, the airline now has more than 800 kiosks in over 90 cities.

Just as how we use our banks of Kodak photo kiosks at our Irvine-based retail photo center to compliment every customer experience, Delta Air Lines also is simplifying and improving their passenger's encounters.

Their objective is to keep customers happy.

An example is a new iPhone application that displays an electronic barcode boarding pass which is scanned at the gate - no more wasteful paper tickets. Today, customers at Delta gates experience literally no waiting due to the new Delta kiosks which interact with passengers and cause the airline's employees to step out from behind the counter to personalize the ticketing experience and interact more as friends than robots.

Mr. Weiss explained that to further simplify the kiosk experience, even though there are multiple language selections, they made it super-easy. The proof is that rather than an "Order Now" prompt, the call to action has been minimized to just one word: "Start." They made things really simple. At we will follow that lesson by also simplifying our order prompts to just: "Start."

These are shrewd lessons for all entrepreneurs to question how you too can constantly enhance your customer experience, while always be thinking and changing the way your company does business. At Delta Air Lines, nothing is stagnant and they are always inventing the next new service feature. Their commitment to passenger check-in kiosks is central to why Delta Air Lines is so entrepreneurial.

Each kiosk boasts plenty of personal space for luggage. They even position the kiosks to minimize any distractions for shadows caused by glare from outside sunlight. As for the airline's self-service and Ecommerce business. I asked Mr. Weiss how he integrates social network marketing and Twitter into their business. He explained that when a corporate message is posted, there is not the same level of credibility as when it comes from a customer. There is more value when a message comes from peers, rather than just from his department. When sends out a message they might get a handful of replies, when it comes from customers, dozens of responses are generated.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear Mom, Use This E-Gift Card-Certificate to Enjoy Beautiful Photo Memories

Not sure what to get for Mother's Day? Give her everything - share those thousands of snapshot family photo memories as newly scanned digital keepsakes. E-Gift Card
Certificates Now Available For Mother's Day

There are special stories to share and emotional memories from every snapshot, but most are tucked away in draws and haven't been shared in decades. That is why Mother's Day will be extra special this year when you buy E-Gift Card-Certificates and prepaid fill-the-box photo scanning to present to Mom's on May 10th. [All orders are fulfilled and prepared for same day mailing].

Give an instant E-Card Gift Certificate!

You choose the amount from $25 to $500. Each is redeemable for our entire menu of online photo scanning services - including our just updated, Platinum Premier Photo Scanning Package - all-inclusive with loads of extra additions for one low price.

It takes a minute to order online and Mom's also instantly receives your free Mother's Day personalized gift message from you and the online secured access code via email.

Any questions? Use our 24/7 free Live Support help desk at We are here right now! And, Mom's will also have access to the help desk. Remember, all photo scanning orders are completed and mailed back the same day.

Share this unique photo scanning gift with Mom and will help make it an extra special Mother's Day!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Directory of Leading Photo Imaging Services

As a member of the International Photo Marketing Association (PMA) since 1990, we are often asked for referrals for various imaging companies. This list with links is compiled by PMA is a helpful tool and resource.

Click here to access our custom Google Search to instantly get answers to any photo imaging questions.

More info, see

For daily news and super-savings updates, visit their Blog: Tales from the World of Photo Scanning

Accessories, Keepsakes, Specialties
Accessories - Professional Albums & Portfolios Bags, Cases, Carts, Apparel, Vests Batteries, Chargers, Flashlights Books, Education, Instruction Darkroom Consumables/Equipment Digital Picture Frames Engraved, Laser-cut, & Personalized Gifts & Awards Exposure Meters - Professional Film Loaders & Pouches Flashes & Motor Drives Frames & Mats Lens Cleaners, Filters, Effects, Adapters, Converters, Caps, Hoods Lenses Light Meters Lights - Photo Loupes & Magnifiers Magazines, Consumer Media Photo Cards: Calendars, Greetings, Notes, Postcards, Sportscards Photo Gifts: Buttons, Keychains, Magnets, Mugs Photo Transfers; Imprintable Specialties & Materials Private Label Merchandise, All Types Publications Storage Boxes Tripods, Heads & Monopods Viewers & Slide Accessories

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Binoculars Microscopes Night Vision Optics & Adapters Spotting & Sportshooting Scopes Sunglasses, Sports Eyewear Telescopes & Astronomy Underwater Photo/Video Accessories

Photographic Processing
Air Cleaners & Ventilation Equipment Air Compressors Chemical Mixing, Regeneration & Replenishing Tanks & Equipment Chemicals: Photo Processing Cleaners: Tank & Tray Coatings and Coaters: Film & Print Color Analyzers Control Negatives & Reference Prints Copy Cameras & Copy Stands Cutters & Notchers: Film & Slide Cutters & Trimmers: Photo Print Darkroom Accessories - Professional Developing Tanks & Trays Display Transparency Films & Media Drop Boxes Enlarging Equipment & Accessories - Professional Environmental Services Film Cleaning Solutions & Equipment Film Editing, Inspection & Splicing Stations Film Handling & Storage Accessories Film Processors Film Sleevers & Sleeving Film Splicing Tapes & Dispensers Lab Safety Equipment & Supplies Labels Lamps - Replacement Bulbs: Photo Lab Leader Cards & Belts Light Boxes, Light Tables, Viewers Minilabs: Digital, Optical Negative Carriers & Printer Masks Photo Packaging Stations & Machinery Photo Packaging: Envelopes, Folders, Masks, Seasonal/Specialty, Wallets Photo Paper Printers: Digital Small Format, Optical, Portrait Package Photo Paper Processors - Professional/Commercial Photographic Papers/Media: Black & White, Color Pricing Systems & Supplies Print Dryers Processor Motors, Pumps, Wear Parts Repairs & Service: Photo Lab Equipment Route Bags & Order Handling Equipment Silver Recovery Systems & Supplies Sinks Slide Duplicating Equipment Slide Mounts & Slide Mounting Machines, Packaging & Storage Sorters Squeegees & Wipers Static & Dust Control Storage Equipment: Photo Lab Sublimation Twin Checks & Dispensers Used & Remanufactured Photo Processing Equipment Washers: Film & Print Water Control, Purification, Recycling, & Tempering Equipment Yearbooks, Specialty Publishers

Picture Framing
Acrylic Frames & Boxes Adhesives, Glues, Tape Air Compressors & Accessories Art Board: Canvas, Foam-center, Mat Books, Education, Instruction, Training Brass Name Plates / Engraving Canvas Stretching Clamps, Vises, Jigs, Work Tables Computerized Cutters & Routers Custom-made Frames, Wholesale Framing Cutters Fasteners: Brackets, Brads, Points, Staples Flatbed & Vacuum Mounting Presses Gilding & Compo Glazing & Glass Etching Lacquers, Stains & Finishes Mouldings: Gilded, Lacquered, Metal, Wood, Fillet, Finished/Unfinished Papers: Archival, Backing, Decorative Picture Frames & Mouldings Picture Framing/Preservation Supplies Picture Hanging Hardware Picture Lights Plastics: Acrylic, PVC Readymade Frames/Mats & Pre-cut Frame Kits Saws, Mitering & Joining Equipment Shadowboxes & Showcases Sprayers, Spray Booths, Ventilation Textiles: Canvas, Linen, Silk, Velvet Tools: Hand, Power, Woodworking UV Light Sources Wrapping, Packing & Shipping Supplies

Prepress Equipment, Supplies, Technology
Art Room Cabinets, Files & Tables Cameras: Graphic & Reproduction Chemicals & Cleaners: Graphic Arts Film Processing Color Separations Computer-to-Plate Systems Estimating Systems & Shop Management Technology Film Processors: Graphic Arts Graphic Arts Films Imagesetters Plate Processors Platesetters Publishing Systems & Software Service Bureaus Stock Images Ultraviolet Systems Web-based Systems; Printer e-Commerce

Press Room Equipment & Supplies
Addressing Equipment Air Purifiers Blankets Check Printers Chemicals & Cleaners Embossing & Stamping Equipment Environmental Equipment & Services Foil Stamping Equipment Health & Safety Equipment & Supplies Inks & Varnishes Material Handling Carts Plates Presses: Attachments & Parts, Offset Printing Thermography Equipment

Adhesives, Mounts, Sprays, Tape Borders, Die-cuts, Ribbons, Stencils, Stickers, Tags Brushes & Paints Cutters, Blades, Scissors, Punches Embellishments Embossing & Foil Stamping Papers - Acid Free & Specialty Pens, Pencils, Markers & Inks Post Cards Publications Rubber Stamps & Stamping Supplies Scrapbooking Instructional Scrapbooks & Pages Stationery Theme Kits & Seasonal Specialties
Studio Equipment
Backgrounds, Rollers & Supports Camera Supports, Dollies, Tracks Group Photo Risers Props & Posing Furniture Studio Sets

Support Services
Artists/Galleries Business Forms; Commercial Printing Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, Shopping Centers Employee Training, Certification & Recognition Employment Recruiting; Staffing Equipment Leasing, Financial Services Franchises & Affiliate Programs Information & Research Insurance Services Internet/Web-based Services Logistics Services Marketing & Advertising Services Photo Chemical Recycling Photography Studio Public Relations Seminars

Video, Audio, Entertainment, Gaming
Electronic Gaming Systems & Software Entertainment Software, Music & Movies Media Players, Receivers, Recorders Video Editing Systems & Software - Desktop Warranties Wholesale Photofinishing/Services & Custom Laboratory Processing

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