Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to use the 24/7 Live Support Help Desk at

The 24/7 Live Support Help Desk Beats Any Toll-free "800" Operator

Each day and night, for that matter, we receive inquiries and all types of questions about photography, digital imaging, online photo ordering and scanning from across the globe. One helpful element is that when you ask a question, we are viewing a world globe to identify were you are, so we know whether to reply: "good morning," "good afternoon" or "G'day" for our friends downunder in Australia. Our call center is not operated abroad, but right here in southern California and from our banks of computers on-site at our Irvine, Orange County, California headquarters and additionally at our off-site network of employee computers throughout Orange County. To test it out, ask a question or just to say hello, click here.

This is a typical exchange and a live one we just completed a few minutes ago from a customer in Brooklyn, NY to our Irvine, California headquarters.

Jeremy B: Is there a way to check on an order. I estimated it would arrive to you yesterday. I looked for an order status part of the site and couldn't find. Thanks, Jeremy

Welcome Jeremy B! Your request has been directed to the Customer Service department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

Call accepted by our operator. Hello Jeremy. Give me one moment.

operator: We received and shipped back 2 of the 3 boxes yesterday the 23. In one box you had 1750 photos and the other 1968 photos.Lisa: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Jeremy B: No. Thank you very much!

operator: It's my pleasure. Have a great evening!
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