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Vindication for non-scrappers

Don't you hate all those scrap book makers! Well, here is the vindication for all of us who just put our pictures in shoe boxes. You can have all your photos scanned, but they have to be loose and organized by size. You send the pre-ordered box with the photos and a DVD of the images (along with the photos) are shipped back within 24 hours. It was written up in our local paper.

The writer is halfway through sorting her photos to ship. Check it out at .I need to "count" my photos and see how many I have. It would be nice to move with just a few CD's or flash drives of photos rather than all those shoe boxes. Wonder how long it would take for me to go through my boxes? Another project. Brings Facial Recognition To Facebook Photos

Photo Finder facial recognition app for Facebook

One of the more common questions regularly asked by customers is about how to organize your generations of family photos after it has been digitized. While it is super easy to batch and categorize the photos in groups and rename the files to better identify the subjects in each photo, here is another recommendation. provides a new application tool for recognizing the subject within a photo; this means that, for example, the pictures of your relatives can be identified and sorted electronically. As we digitize millions of phortos, this is an importabnt tool for helping to unclutter and better orgainze your photo images.
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Here is more info from a recent article:

If there is one feature on Facebook which delivers “social utility” magic even to the most average of users, it’s Photos. In fact the feature is so popular that by Facebook’s own account 1 billion photos are uploaded every month—a staggering number that makes it the largest photo site on the Web. However, as with all good things, there are also drawbacks, and in this case discovery is high on the list. While Facebook makes it super easy to discover photos in which you were tagged, there is no chance that every one of those billion photos are tagged each month. And that leaves a big opportunity.

Let me put it another way: How many photos of you are there on Facebook that you’re completely unaware of? Israeli-based will help you find them with ‘Photo Finder,’ a Facebook app that uses facial recognition to help members locate untagged photos of themselves and their friends. We have 200 special access invites available to TechCrunch readers who will be granted first access to the app, as well as preference on the waiting list.

Get your invite here.

Once installed, the app will begin scanning you and your friends’ photo albums, a process that requires a bit of time to complete, but the welcome screen will immediately display photos that were ‘Auto Tagged’. Users can either accept, decline or identify the correct individual themselves. The only users
that have veto power to alter or decline a tag are the person who uploaded the photo and the person tagged.

Facial recognition technology is taking off. Competing technology can be found in both Apple’s iPhoto and Google’s Picasa, but those are limited to searching only your personal collection of photos (although iPhoto lets you upload them with the tags to Facebook). With Photo Finder, you are not limited to your own photo collection. Users can search manually for photos of friends or browse for recently tagged ones. Users can also track specific users by flagging them for the “Watch List”. Photo Finder will prompt hits via Facebook’s ‘Notification’ window.

The facial recognition technology was developed from scratch by the team over a year and half. It was designed from the ground up as a low-cost platform to meet two specific requirements: The first is recognition of “Faces in the Wild”. This applies to everyday photos that suffer from such issues as low resolution or bad lighting, or where faces are obscured with sunglasses, for example. The second requirement is to have the technology be scalable. In this respect claims to be able to perform facial recognition on all one billion photos currently uploaded into Facebook every single month using only a few machines.

Photo Finder scans the photos of users and all their friends, along with “other albums in your wider network where there’s a high likelihood of your (or friends’) appearances.” To understand the sheer volume of backend work required, consider the following statistics: The first 150 users in’s system required 20 million photos to be scanned, resulting in 30,000 identified faces. My personal installation of the app required it to scan 79,449 photos which resulted in 11,933 tags of myself and my friends. Photo Finder will then go back and re-scan the albums after its initial scan to identify newly added photos.

The social tagging feature within Facebook Photos gives a major boost because it can use those tags to train its system. It is important to note that Photo Finder does not add or alter acebook’s own photo tags. Tagging that occurs through the app is stored in metadata accessible through the Photo Finder app alone. Also noteworthy is the fact that from a privacy perspective Photo Finder piggy-backs on the users’ Facebook settings and does not alter them in any way. Also, none of the photos are stored on’s servers. These only perform the heavy lifting required for the facial recognition and the storing of tags added through the app.

Two U.S. Photo Mags Up for Sale, incl Popular Photo

According to, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. is set to sell Popular Photography and American Photo, among other titles. Hachette is looking to sell a whole group of enthusiast magazines, and the two photography periodicals are part of this group, Advertising Age reports.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dealerscope Magazine Profile on

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Dealerscope - Mitch Goldstone, President and CEO of (Irvine, CA)

By, Audrey Gray

Ever heard of "National Photo Preservation Month"? Don't worry if you missed it this January, it's still a new concept, but proof of a rare form of retail audacity: make-it-up-as-you-go-along marketing.

National Photo Preservation Month was just the latest brainchild of Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of a photo specialty store in Irvine, California, that has evolved, in recent years, to become the celebrated brand

Goldstone wants Americans especially to send him their shoe boxes of old photographs so he can first convert the pix to digital files and then covert those files into high-margin photo books, posters, calendars, collages and
Kodak Picture DVDs. And he's come up with a remarkable variety of marketing ploys to get them to do just that, even in the tumultuous last six months.

"The economy has no relevance to what's going on with this business," said Goldstone, a native New Yorker whose ballsy business attitude has earned him a reputation as a doer in industry organizations like the International Photo Marketing Association. "Sales are exponentially increasing day-to-day, week to week... we have tripled our staff in the last year. I just hired someone else yesterday, even in this economy."

Goldstone's niche success is based on a simple ideas: specialty retailers must change with the times, finding a new niche service for every age, and then use every modern means of communication out there to publicize the niche. When Goldstone and business partner Carl Berman opened their Orange County store, 30 Minute Photos Etc., back in 1990, their niche was to be a quick turn-around photo lab for the thousands of Californians who passed by daily on the freeways. It worked for a while, until the turn of the century hit and with it, the demise of film processing.

"Back then, business was exponentially plunging off the cliff," remembers Goldstone. "It was the perfect storm where after 9-11, people stopped travelling, stopped spending money, stopped film-based picture taking. We were all set for digital, even setting up online ordering, but no one ordered!

"It was time for a reinvention, something Goldstone says they later decided to make a habit. They set about to turn their store into a social gathering place, offering customers a creative space to learn about getting images off of memory cards. Partnering with Kodak, they set up comfortable digital work spaces, put up compelling examples of the latest picture products and created a website with a blog that offers a constant supply of ideas and photography tips. They turned their customers' e-mail addresses into a direct marketing resource, regularly sending out newsletters that included special promotions and coupons.

"Mitch's online presence is phenomenal," said Megan Schneider, Worldwide partnership Marketing Manager for Kodak. "He really has a way with marketing in-store too. He's put up big screens in his store where customers can view Picture Movie DVDs as they are made. Everyone is just swept away. He runs loops on new products too."

Goldstone's most successful reinvention, however, has nothing to do with brick and mortar. In 2006, he launched, an online service which allows customers worldwide to safely ship their old photo prints to Irvine, where they are scanned and digitized for a flat rate (typically, $64 for 1,000 pictures), and then returned right away.

The service tapped into an enormous need (Goldstone says there are 3.5 trillion analog pictures out there, sometimes as many as 5,000 per household) and, after a couple of ramp up years, was featured in David Pogue's popular
New York Times technology column.

"We rethink, reinvent, restyle, and return to profitability," said Goldstone, who isn't resting on his success. A few months ago, he converted his printing technology to Kodak's APEX system, a fast, chemical-free dry lab that allows him to produce 2200 prints an hour. "All eco-friendly," he added.

His marketing campaign is progressing as well. In addition to creating and promoting National Photo Preservation Month, Goldstone has been experimenting with online social networking. "We've made an occasional offer where we do free scanning--you pay $19.95 for the shipping--but the only requirement is that you post a review on your Facebook page or blog," he said. "I think that kind of thing makes customers feel like they've latched on to the new high-tech company."

About Dealerscope: The publication gives retail readers the knowledge they need to make the right decisions in the fast-moving consumer technology market. It helps retail- ers to more profitably market and sell consumer technology. Most importantly, Dealerscope assists manufacturers and distributors in communicating best practices to retail.

[source: Dealerscope]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feedback: What Customers Are Writing About

Dear Sir,

Several months ago I sent (3) boxes of photos to your company. Many of the old photos had no surviving negatives. I also sent about 8 years of photos taken of my kids in their younger years that were shot with a Instamatic 110 camera. Those negatives were curled and had turned to a bluish hue. All photos were scanned and returned within one week. They came out magnificent. I had copies made and they looked as good as the original.

I always feared something would happen to my photos. Property can be replaced but photos of family and my children are priceless. I have a duplicate copy now stored at my brothers home.

I can now rest peacefully knowing that the family history is preserved thanks to your invaluable service.

You are all the greatest people.

Eric E. Huntoon

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photo Op: President Obama Orange County Visit

How to instantly save 50% off all Kodak photo kiosk orders at [30 Minute Photos Etc.] from your photos with President Obama.

Click here to learn more.

With much of Orange County buzzing about today's visit by President Barack Obama, many local businesses are also getting involved.

At you will save 50% on all Kodak photo kiosk orders. Every person lucky enough to hold a golden ticket to attend the town hall meeting in Costa Mesa with the President has something in common. They all will have a digital camera with them.

Click here to view these how-to videos to learn about the Kodak photo kiosks.

To help commemorate this historic presidential visit, is opening up their Irvine retail photo center to all those attending the event, or have pictures of the president, his motorcade or Air Force One. Whether the photos are from during the campaign, the inauguration or other events, bring it in.

Through March 28th, bring your pictures from the presidential visit to and instantly save 50% off all our in-store Kodak photo kiosk orders, including photo collages (see above sample), Kodak Picture Movie DVDs, custom DIY photo albums, photo announcement cards and much more. Some restrictions apply. See this link for more info on the Kodak Photo Kiosks. To redeem this 50% discount, at least one picture must include President Obama or be related to his March 18th visit. In-store discount only for Kodak photo kiosk orders, cannot be applied to online orders or custom services.

Reach the 24/7 Live Support help desk with any questions, or call 949-474-7654, or email: [email protected]

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Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Meet President Obama in Orange County on March 18th

President Barack Obama's first official visit to Orange County will be this Wednesday, March 18th at 4pm.

Here are the details:

Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, March 18
Doors open at 1:30 pm
OC Fair - Building 1288 Fair Drive, Costa CA 92626

Ticket Distribution Information. This event is FREE and open to the public. Tickets are required and will be available at the following ticket distribution location beginning at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, March 17. Tickets will be limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. OC Fair and Event Center (Enter at Gate 1 and Gate 10; Park in Lot A) 88 Fair Drive Costa Mesa, CA.

Anyone over the age of 16 can have 2 tickets; anyone under the age of 16 can have 1 ticket. has been using Twitter to invite the President to our Irvine, CA company during his visit, read more here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama Invited to Tour

How to Meet President Obama in Orange County on March 18th

While Twitter is gaining momentum as an innovative tool for managing corporate communications, it can even be used to reach out to the President of the United States.

Here is how: On Wednesday, March 18th, President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Southern California, with a planned stop in Orange County. Through the power of Twitter, a local entrepreneur is hoping that his invitation gets noticed.

Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of Irvine, Calif.-based is using 140 characters and Twitter to invite the president to stop by his retail and ecommerce photo imaging company, long known for its entrepreneurial inventiveness. Founded in 1990, Mr. Goldstone’s company is regularly recognized for its grassroots, pro-consumer advocacy campaigns and constant reinventing of its business to improve the economy, create jobs and support the community. [See “In the News” at for more background].

Last fall, formed “Entrepreneurs Support Barack Obama,” and more recently, hosted a community-wide Inauguration Day party that was widely provided by the media, including ABC World News and CBS News.


@ScanMyPhotos How Twitter can invite President Obama to visit your company. Follow along and see if the White House responds.

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CBS and KCAL9 Story on - CBS/KCAL

Tears and cheers at inauguration parties - ABC World News

Strangers watch the inauguration together at - CBS

At a photo shop, picture-perfect memories of inauguration - Irvine World News

Swearing off work on Inauguration Day - LA Times

Many employers say inauguration now, work later - USA Today

Interview with Mitch Goldstone at #PMA09 & the Kodak blogger meetup at his store

"Don't Give Up on California," Cautions Entrepreneur, Mitch Goldstone

5,000 Americans travel to NY City to support commerce and The Big Apple -

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What People Are Saying About

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Here is a special email we just received today:

I believe a quick note of gratitude is in order! I am a recent customer of and I couldn't be happier. I was excited about the Facebook discount; however, with many of my photos not fitting into the 4X6 range, I couldn't go with the free offer...................and yet, I have been telling everyone I know about your stellar service and I just finished a review / link for all my friends and (hopefully) their friends to check out.

I didn't need free service to declare what is an absolute truth! Your service rocks! With a toddler and newborn, I desperately needed to get my photos in order before we added the (surely) thousands of more to come. Needless to say, though we own a scanner, I simply did not have the time to scan each one of my photos. It was a bit daunting to send my life's entire photo collection off to places unknown. It was a silly fear. Not only did your staff respond to my inquiry of receipt in record time, they did so in a kind and professional manner. The disc and photos were returned wonderfully packaged and lightening fast. To understate, the results are brilliant and very much worth every penny!

Thank you so much for helping me preserve the images of my family's history.


Ti W. - Seattle, WA

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mom Bloggers React to Kodak Photo Kiosks

PluggedIn - A blog about Kodak products and customers posted two recent videos from The first is of company president and CEO. Mitch Goldstone, being interviewed by Kodak's Chief Blogger, Jennifer Cisney during the International Photo Marketing Association Las Vegas convention in early March. The other video was produced at in Irvine, CA during a recent "Mom Blogger" Kodak photo expo event to showcase new Kodak photo kiosk products. Click here to view.

Since 1990, 30 Minute Photos Etc. and more recently, have always trusted Kodak brand photo imaging equipmewnt and consumables. Watch this interview with Jennifer Cisney, Kodak's Chief Blogger and Mitch Goldstone at PMA.

The blogger meetup that Jennifer and Mitch discuss was a huge success. Here is a video that recaps the mom blogger meetup event at retail photo center in Irvine, CA

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NOW PLAYING... Product of the Week - KODAK Picture Movie DVD® & New Music


"Don't just look at pictures.... Relive your memories" with KODAK Picture Movie DVDs®. Click here for an informative video and sample.

Read more from our friend and photo journalist, Ben Rand's column at®: "DVD Format Helps Consumers Tell Stories with their Images."

Enjoy this added feature from KODAK® after your generations of photo memories are digitally preserved by®. Order your own multi-media KODAK Picture Movie DVDs from your favorite 60 pictures, includes your choice of music from popular artists and all orders are completed and mailed back with your order on the same day it is received.

The KODAK Picture Movie DVD even includes special pan and zoom effects for a true movie experience. That’s all there is to it! Watch your favorite photos on TV. Ordering is super-easy and super-fast.

Why only 60 pictures? Even though the average order is about 2,500 images scanned, we have found that to retain viewer interest and preserve the special impact that the most important photos represent, 60 pictures is the perfect quantity, without having your guests' eyes begin to close.

The first KODAK Picture Movie DVD is $34.95 and each additional of the same DVD ordered at the same time is $14.95

Pick which service you would like:

Choose the
prepaid boxes to add this new feature
Choose the
Pay-per-1,000 option where you mail in your pictures in your own box to add this new feature on the order from.

Choose the service without any other services. Fill out this
form and include it with the 60 pictures of your choice for us to scan and create your Kodak Picture Movie DVD.

Choose the service from your existing digital files. Mail up to 60 JPEG images (minimum 20) on a CD in the order you want it to appear on the KODAK Picture Movie DVD. Be sure to fill out this
form to include with your order.
Choose up to 60 pictures and place in sequence order, beginning with the first image you want to view on the KODAK Picture Movie DVD. Please make sure these 60 pictures are separated from the rest, are clearly marked to be used for the KODAK DVD and add to your box. If more than 60 are included, only the first 60 images will be used.

Choose up to ten words (titles, descriptions, special introduction) that will be electronically embedded into the opening credit for your KODAK Picture Movie DVD.

Choose ONE song from the list below and we will have that added as part of the multi-media DVD presentation.

Any questions, use the 24/7 Live Support help desk.

Baby and Kids
* Baby Love – Diana Ross and the Supremes
* Can't Get Enough of You Baby - Smashmouth
* My Girl – The Temptations
* My Guy – Mary Wells
* Holiday of Bells - Bert Kaempfert
* Sleigh Ride - Leroy Anderson
Just for Fun
* Autumn Delight - Andy Sikorski
* Snowbird - Andy Sikorski
* Wild Thing - The Troggs
* Dancing in the street – Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
Friends and Good Times
* I’m Like a Bird – Nelly Furtado
* I’m so Excited – The Pointer Sisters
Love and Romance
* Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
* All I Ever Need is You – Kenny Rogers And Dottie West
* And We Were Lovers – City of Prague Philharmonic
* At Last – Etta James
* Easy – Commodores
* Everlasting Love – Carl Carlton
* How Sweet it is to be Loved by You - Marvin Gaye
* Still the One – Orleans
* The Look of Love – ABC
* Three Times a Lady – The Commodores
* Ace of Spades - Motorhead
* Right Here Right Now - Paul Durham
* Superman - Paul Durham
* Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
Travel and Vacation
* Cruisin – Smokey Robinson
* Fair Ground – Simply Red
* Free Ride – Edgar Winter
* Going to a go-go – Smokey Robinson
* I’m a Roadrunner – Jr Walker and the Allstars
* In a Big Country - Big Country
* Lazy Day – Spanky and Our Gang
* St. Elmo’s Fire – John Parr
Events and Occasions
* I Just Want to Celebrate - Rare Earth
* Live Wire - Martha and the Vandellas
* The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - City of Prague Philharmonic
* The Natural - City of Prague Philharmonic

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'CBS News Sunday Morning' "Data Rot" David Pogue Profile - update

UPDATE: Thanks, David [Pogue] for your Tweet [] after your "CBS News Sunday Morning" segment. Great job and we're loaded with inquiries. You really identified an important and urgent issue for having people solve their "data rot."

***Readers, please visit our main site for more info.

Click here to read David Pogue's Personal Tech New York Times column ["Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last"]

***To instantly save 10% - up to $25 - off all online ordered services, on the
checkout page enter this promo code: Twitter.

***Any questions, reach us 24/7 on our free live support help desk.

[graphic: CBS]

Dear friends,

You may have known that over the past seven months, "CBS News Sunday Morning" was producing a segment profiling how to preserve your photo and other analog memories. The Cover Story by reporter David Pogue aired this morning, but, last evening we unfortunately were advised that due to editing the show, much of the interview and presentation on how we do our magic ended up on the CBS News cutting room floor.

The TV segment was another excellent David Pogue tech piece on a topic that impacts everyone. As always, he did a great job simplifying and identifying the 'data rot' issues.

The challenge is, in anticipation, we significantly expanded our infrastructure, staffing and built a fresher, more advanced website to handle this nationwide exposure.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED: Because we are still linked on the CBS News site as the source, please share this update with your relatives and friends so they too can enjoy and our newly enhanced photo imaging and archival services. As you may have seen on the program, there is an urgency to digitize your old photos and make new memories from all our other new services, including our Kodak photo kiosk products.

TELL A FRIEND: Your personal support is so appreciated by everyone at Our entire Internet operation is open today and ready to take orders.

Thank you!
Mitch Goldstone - president & CEO,

[We added back the buy 2-get-3rd prepaid photo scanning box, a $149.95 savings, and use this promo code ("Twitter") at checkout to instantly save 10% (up to $25) on your next online placed photo scanning project].

Click to view the link on the CBS News website

The "CBS News Sunday Morning" TV cover story
by reporter, author and NY Times tech columnist, David Pogue discussed "data rot--the tendency of new technologies to abandon recording and computer formats faster every year, leaving more and more audio, video and computer files behind."

From the CBS

"Data Rot Sooner or later, it affects every audio recording, every video recording and computer file. Contributor David Pogue looks at what happens when technological progress leaves your most precious memories and recordings behind. Remember when you replaced that old film camera with that brand new videotape camera to record the treasured moments of your life? Well, where are they now? Does that camera still work? How about that old VCR? Have you graduated to DVDs yet? It's funny how technology can promise us the world and then take it all away with the next generation of contraptions. Sunday Morning contributor and New York Times technology reporter David Pogue will explain how we can preserve our precious memories in our Sunday Morning Cover Story."

more info on profiled organizations:
Computer History Museum
Library of Congress
New York Public Library

*DID YOU KNOW: The famed trumpeter Wynton Marsalis later recorded another version of the theme, also on a piccolo trumpet, which is currently in use for the introduction to CBS News Sunday Morning.

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[source: CBS]

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