Friday, February 13, 2009

“Don’t Give Up on California,” Cautions Entrepreneur, Mitch Goldstone

IRVINE, Calif. — Today’s news [“States Recruit Worried Californians,” WSJ, p A-3, Feb 13”] that Western states are attempting to use the warm emotions of Valentine’s Day to sway businesses and families away from California is unfair. They are attempting to capitalize on and poach away business during our nation’s joint economic crisis, according to a California entrepreneur who is fighting back.

“It’s time to be pragmatic and not turn away from California and its legacy as the world’s dominant leader in business, culture and entertainment,” said Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of, a California-based photo imaging retailer and ecommerce company.

Mr. Goldstone is urging Californians not to turn away from trusting the legacy of the world’s second most preeminent political leader and cultural icon, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. “We need to adapt to the new economic climate together,” said Goldstone.

Adversity builds character and entrepreneurial opportunity, is a lesson Goldstone learned during the past 18-years as he transitioned his company from a film-based retail business into a high-tech Kodak digital imaging international company. The same determination to transform and reinvent his business is how California will recover too. While the state’s solution is economically painful, it is smart and more realistic than following other states’ shadowy pursuit, calling on people to abandon and kiss the California dream good-bye. “Look behind those Valentine’s Day-themed PR campaigns by neighboring states,” cautions Goldstone. “Those alluring boxes of chocolate will melt away and are full of hidden metaphoric calories.”

Last November, Goldstone’s Orange County Register commentary [“
Adapt to New Economic Climate,” Nov 16] explained that we all have a vested interest and the governor is laying out a path to fix our problems. “The reason why so many people respect this governor is that no matter what the issue or crisis is, he has the courage to put forth a realistic solution,” said Goldstone.

Background: Mitch Goldstone, a well-known leader in the photo imaging industry, operates an international Ecommerce photo imaging company powered by Kodak technology and a retail photo center based in Irvine, Calif. has digitally preserved more than 12 million pictures and is regularly profiled for its innovations and entrepreneurial creativity to help picture-takers save and share generations of photo memories. [See “In the News”]. The media coverage includes a
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