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Tips For Smart Social Media Marketing

The below content was shared with our Twitter followers from a conference call with top executives in the social networking field. These are our comments and notes from today's session.

Click here to listen to the entire "Get Content, Get Customers" audio conference session.

  • On Conference Call now: Will Twitter highlights for all from teleseminar with Joe Pulizzi, Newt Barrett, Paul Gillin and Chris Brogan.
  • Businesses need to create content that is valuable to customers. Job is to help customers. What is the key info core customers need
  • Think like a publisher. Become an expert. Most customers are skeptical. If they trust you they will buy from you.
  • Identify what customers need to know via "story telling." Most talk is about themselves vs. customer on social network marketing
  • Begin: Traditional marketing doesn't work, now it's all about content marketing.
  • Use Twitter to pay attention to what people are talking about. Think of new opportunities and services you can invent from Twitter comments
  • Listen to what people are talking about. Hotels in Vegas are listening to Twitter to see what the "talk" is instantly.
  • Listen and learn from Flicker group members. What are their interests? Float new ideas in minutes. Instant customer community networks
  • *** If you're just following along, these are notes from live Teleseminar conference call with 2,000 business execs discussing marketing
  • How to engage and get to know customers: Use "ultra-niche" marketing. Do your own research. Ask customers directly, ask what's important
  • Create great content: use feedback. Publish your own magazine for your industry to key customers, not 20,000, but 200 key accounts
  • Use social media to sell products and build trust with great information to help people. Who's your target? Competition is customer today
  • Connect with your customers. Create great content!!! don't just push stuff out there. Best formula is be creative and listen, what's action?
  • Be the media! Your business should be source for all media in your industry [that's what we're doing at for imaging biz]
  • "You are the media, you are the New York Times" You take message to the public without the gatekeepers. Make your own Enewspaper
  • Content Marketing is about "trust," care about what customers want. "gatekeeper" is gone, you are the media now and it's instant
  • Do you want "hits" or "orders"? Build relationships with customers. Content marketing is transformative. Must change company mindset
  • Social Media: You are now in constant communication with your customers. Engage with customers, your competitors are racing ahead. Listen!
  • Constantly adjust your marketing campaign and measure results beyond ROI. # of positive press mentions is a key measure.
  • Measure marketing, keep it simple. What does data mean? What is the "call to action," How do you "create engagement with customer"
  • *** If you're just following along, these are notes from live Teleseminar conference call with 2,000 business execs discussing marketing
  • Mistake: It's all about the customer, not about you and your company. It's ALWAYS about the customer!
  • Journalists are being laid off. Hire them to help and partner, they know how to tell story, create relationships
  • Best part of social media: Listen to market place, leverage tools like Google Alerts, instant feedback. Turn to customers not internal staff
  • Mistakes marketers make: Give up on content program. Want fast results. Don't send newsletter and expect instant results / trust
  • Call your customers, what are their interests, challenges. Listen. Use Twitter Search and Google Alerts to create great content.
  • It's all in the headline Have obvious benefit in a second. Don't be funny, cute, have catchy headline.
  • Brevity. Make it small, short, brief. Think 140 characters on Twitter. Make it easy to read and share your message
  • Best content marketing strategy: Look at major consumer magazines, see what they do to grab you, get your attention
  • Recommend, book, community, content of others, rather than your own. Be the "filter" of great content in your niche. Ex Guy @
  • Make your content easy to get. Make it free. Builds trust. [ does it with free photo scanning for Twitter users].
  • The New Influencers: A Marketer’s Guide to the New Social Media,” Paul Gillin introduces a host of new online tools to build business
  • More insights from Joe and Newt .... Check out this book for loads if ideas.
  • Write about others on Twitter. You'll be seen as contributor. Help others and good things will happen. Share your "intangables"
  • Go "ultra-niche" focus on very small area of interest to gain traction. How can you distribute, think of many channels to distribute content
  • Test content: Type "PC" on Google and you'll see helpful tips, rather than product and company links. Always put out NEW content
  • If your website content is weak, challenge to reach market. Google search won't link. Google is looking for "good" content.
  • When was your last ad campaign that was the genesis of people buying tee-shirts displaying your slogan or campaign. Think outside the box!
  • *** If you're just following along, these are notes from live Teleseminar conference call with 2,000 business execs discussing marketing
  • Reach influencers. Reach bloggers, add email campaign. Get people excited with what you're doing, not forcing your ad message. Get word out
  • Let others pitch your business. Make video series to train. Let bloggers sell your site. Create educational funny campaigns 2 build traffic.
  • Add case studies to your website. Make it "real." Add contact strategy to your business. "Payoff = orders from new postings/blogs
  • Check out this site for ideas:, non-selling, just research for P&G. Social netorking tool in site.
  • Explain all the positive outcomes, add content that customers seek. Shift and transform your business with storytelling. Make it easy to buy
  • End.... Stay tuned for more live updates from other business and photo industry marketing sessions. Thanks to the presenters!!!!

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