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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Swearing off work on Inauguration Day" (Via LA Times)

From the Los Angeles Times, Jan 20, "Swearing off work on Inauguration Day;" by reporter Nathan Olivarez-Giles.


In Irvine, 30 Minute Photos Etc. is throwing an all-day party.

If Barack Obama is going to bring the country out of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, he'll have to wait until at least Wednesday.

The inauguration of the 44th U.S. president won't be a day of productivity for many businesses in Southern California and around the nation, but rather a day of celebration.

At [] 30 Minute Photos Etc. in Irvine, owner Mitch Goldstone expects one of the least profitable days of business since the photo development shop opened in 1990 -- but that's OK with him.

"We're actually shutting down the business for the day and opening the storefront to a party," Goldstone said. "The only thing that will be developing any photos Inauguration Day is our Kodak kiosks."

The kiosks will be printing photos free today, he said, and food and photo-related prizes will be given away at the store as well.

Each employee of the photo shop will have the day off, he said, and thousands of dollars in profit will be lost.

"It's a day that isn't going to be very productive workwise," Goldstone said.

More than 150 people are expected to show up at the party, he said.

"We've been seeing the biggest response to the party on Twitter," Goldstone said. "But this is about getting people together to celebrate this historic event."

[source: Los Angeles Times, January 20, 2009]

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