Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Photo Scanning Web Services Save Time, But How Much?" (via Wired Magazine)

Click here to read the photo scanning article in Wired Magazine [Gadget Lab is Wired's hardware blog] by Jose Fermoso.

The reporter calculated it would take him 156 hours to scan just 2,000 photos. easily races through 2,000 pictures in about 20-minutes for $149.95 with its free S&H prepaid fill the box service with same day return. Because its entire scanning Southern California full-service photo imaging headquarters has multiple high tech Kodak scanners and can easily digitize hundreds of thousands of pictures in a day, all photo scanning is completed and mailed back the same day - worldwide.

For more info on the company we founded in 1990, click here.

Excerpt: also offers a similar service and scans hundreds of pictures per minute through an unnamed Kodak machine seen in this video.... Its rate of 5 cents per photo is likely the cheapest out of any similar service on the Internet.
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