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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What People Are Saying About

I got my [] order last Friday as usual everything was in order and the disc contained all my photo’s. Thank you so much for shipping my order FedEx so I could track it’s progress back to me it was a great personal touch. Again I love the quality of your work and your service!

Thank you so much. You absolutely have the best business. The concept and value it provides is amazing then you back it up with AMAZING customer service. You absolutely gave me 200% I have already had a great experience with your company you just made it incredible.

Thank you for understanding my panic and taking care of everything. I know you will have great success – I talk to my friends about your service all the time and I know others do to (that’s how I heard about it!!)

Please include any and all of my comments I wish I could put into writing how reliable and secure anyone’s precious photos are when they are in sent to your company.
[O]nce they arrive at ScanMyPhoto’s you have no worries!! ScanMyPhotos scans them and keeps them on file for 30 days. The original photos and the professionally scanned disc arrives in a few days. Secure & Safe!! I’ve sent in 5 boxes successfully and couldn’t be more happy.

Again Thanks a million. It’s been wonderful doing business with you!!

Gina C. - La Visa Nebraska

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