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Saturday, December 6, 2008

UPDATE: "Get in the Holiday Spirit, Buy Cars" Grassroots Campaign

Dear readers,

Since yesterday's announcement by president and CEO to quickly help the automotive industry and the millions of employees associated with the American auto business, we have been receiving a great deal of encouraging feedback and traction on the campaign. To help archive the collected input, we will be posting regular updates on our company's Tales from the World of Photo Scanning blog.

We just heard from Marc J. Rauch, executive VP and co-publisher of The Auto Channel, the largest independent automotive information resource. Expanding on our campaign to buy cars, Mr. Rauch just published this very smart idea, which, if implemented with lightening-fast speed can work. Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported ["Car Makers Take Case to the Web," Dec 5, by Emily Steel] that the auto industry executives are using modern, Internet technology to reach consumers by blogging, using social networking sites and using innovative tools that will help capture and regain their advantage. This is a good example of consumers getting involved too.

Excerpt from The Auto Channel:

Everybody's looking for the answer to Detroit’s problems; Congress, the President-elect, the three American car companies, and all the hack pseudo-economists on the television networks. Even my partner (Bob Gordon) and I have taken a stab at it.

Unfortunately, up to this point the best we could come up with is that the gasoline & oil companies could fund the entire loan with less than just a few months of the profits that they made this year from us sucker consumers.

But Friday afternoon it all changed when we received a press release from Mitch Goldstone, president
& CEO of Mitch, an entrepreneur of note, devised a grass-roots campaign concept that he calls “Get in the Holiday Spirit:
Buy Cars." And from what I discerned from the press release, Mitch doesn’t mean just any old cars, he’s specifically referring to American-brand cars that are made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

To make a long story short, Mitch’s idea is that we should all get together, think positive thoughts about GM, Ford and Chrysler, and the economic crisis will be over by the New Year. It’s brilliant! It’s damn near perfect, however it’s missing one key component: music. Don’t get me wrong, positive thinking is an incredible force. Norman Vincent Peale built his career on it, and look where he is now... No, no, I mean look at the success he achieved and all the successes he inspired. It’s unbelievable. But as strong as positive thinking is, it’s small potatoes compared to a good song or two.

I remember my father telling me about how he worked his way through college selling Fuller Brushes, and that in order to motivate the salesmen, every morning they would have a sales meeting and sing rousing inspirational songs. Think about it, is there anything more American, or more emblematic of an
American-dream story than Fuller Brush. Even the great comedian Red Skelton played a Fuller Brush salesman in a movie, and look where he is today... No, I mean he’s a revered icon of American society and entertainment (for those of you too young to know who Red is, you can look him up in or

And then look at what a few good songs did for the starving people of Africa. Was there anything bigger and better than USA for Africa’s “We Are The World.” Then what about LIVE AID and FARM AID? And who can forget "CantarĂ©, CantarĂ¡s," the Latin American aid project. I get shivers up and down my maracas whenever I think of it those songs.

So here’s the plan: Let’s get Bono and Sting and Prince and Cher (I think she’s still around), and all of the other entertainers who are known by just one name (of course this leaves Michael Jackson out, but all things considered, that might be good), do a video/audio recording session, sell the tapes and records (or whatever music comes on these days), and then contribute the money to the
U.S. carmakers. SLAM DUNK!

We know a couple of really good video studios in the Detroit area that could use the work, and remember; Detroit is synonymous with music (MOTOWN, dude). The idea fits like a glove, a soft, sensuous Corinthian leather glove (Hey is Ricardo Montanan still around? He could do a narrative
reading as one of the tracks. If he’s not available maybe Billy Crystal could do an impression.)
All we need now are the songs. So if anyone out there knows of someone with a catchy little ditty that celebrates the American
car industry please have them contact The Auto Channel immediately. Time, is of the essence.

Send all song ideas to

P.S. I just want to remind everyone that I could not have developed this concept if it wasn’t for my muse Mitch Goldstone of If CAR AID is the success I believe it can be, I want him on stage with me when we receive a Grammy award.

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