Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Transfer LPs, 45s and Audio Cassettes to CD & MP3

Here is a tip that you are sure to hear about with great frequency. Transfer all your old cassettes and vinyl records to CD and MP3 with Reclaim Media. They are a smart solution for converting analog audio products to digital files. Like, Reclaim Media is operated by a group of young-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about protecting your memories. Use the above printable cpoupon to save 10% off your next order at Reclaim Media. Click here to watch a walk-through video describing how the Reclaim Media service works. According to Reclaim Media,
CDs from tapes and records will import into iTunes just like you'd expect.

Here is a parcial listing of other related services that Reclaim Media recommends:
For 78-RPM records, we recommend Precision Audio Restoration: (206) 387-5662.
For all kinds of videotape, we recommend
HD Media Services: (877) 827-3238.
For reels-to-reel's, we recommend (800) 617-8273.
For microcassettes, we also recommend (800) 617-8273.
For DAT's and minicassettes, we recommend
GT Recording: (206) 783-6911.
For 8-tracks, we recommend
Cups and Strings: (310) 453-1615.
For photo prints, we recommend
Scan My (949) 474-7654.
For ripping CDs and DVDs for your iPod or media server, we recommend

Digital: (888) 237-2673.

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