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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Texas Moms Club Blogs About Scanning Photos

Social networking groups, especially Moms clubs regular discuss how to scan those generations of precious photo memories. Here's another example from Texas' "DFW [Dallas/Ft Worth] Area Moms bringing Moms Together." Moms, remember, once your photos, slides, negatives and even APS [Advanced Photo System] film cartridges are digitized, then the fun begins, you can order photo albums, photo index books, Photo Soap enhancement, Kodak Picture Movie DVDs, Kodak reprints for extra safe keeping and sharing of your photos, photo restoration and more. - Those shoeboxes of pictures, waiting for the day a scanner brings them back to digital life, are no longer a lost cause. will professionally scan up to a thousand of your printed shots and transfer them to a DVD for $50. If she's nostalgic about keeping the originals, they return those in two to three business days post-scan. ($50 per 1,000 photos)

What an awesome idea! I know that my [In-Laws] have tons of photos just sitting in boxes and I was thinking about "borrowing" them to scan and maybe put into albums. I may give this service a try!

Great idea! TFS!


To learn more, see and use the 24/7 free Live Support help desk for instant answers to help digitize your photo memories.

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