Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10% Savings Promo Coupon at ScanMyPhotos.com Online

ScanMyPhotos.com has a new 10% recession-buster discount towards all online photo print scan fill-the-box orders and its other services, including the VHS fill-the-box orders at this site.

To instantly save 10% off your next order (up to $25), excluding tax, enter this ScanMyPhotos.com promotional coupon at the online check out page as the promotional code: "TWITTER"

The "TWITTER" promotional code cannot in anyway be applied towards previous orders, non-online orders [don't even ask] or towards any other services not provided on this page.

READ CAREFULLY: Cannot be used and will not be accepted with any other services, including the standard mail-in service (pay $79.50 for 1,000 photos).

No refunds are available for previously placed orders, but you certainly can use the discount to order additional products. Yes, please Tweet/Facebook and share this special deal with friends. It does apply to the menu of extra services and products listing on that ordering page and you can share it with others. We recommend that you add this discount to your own blog and email the promotion to your friends. All S&H is included with the prepaid fill-the-box service. Any questions, use the 24/7 free Live Help service. All orders are processed and mailed out the same business day, including Saturdays. When you buy two prepaid boxes, the third box is free (an additional $184 savings). For additional terms and conditions contact: info @ ScanMyPhotos.com

Trouble Shooting FAQ: If you enter the promo code and you receive an error code ["The Certificate ID entered was not found"] you are entering the code in the wrong box. Make sure that you type: "Twitter" in the "Coupon Code" box, not the "Gift Certificate" box and it will perfectly work

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