Saturday, December 6, 2008

Imaging Resource: "M1 Diary" by Editor Mike Pasini

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excerpt from Imaging Resource, by Mike Pasini,


One question we get repeatedly goes like this. "I've just retired and I've got a lot of old slides and negatives I want to digitize. What scanner do you recommend?"

And, of course, we don't recommend a scanner at all. Figure an hour for every roll of film and, well, you retired too late. If the tedium doesn't kill you, something else will.

Some enterprising readers have written to describe their inventions for shooting slides with a dSLR. We envy a few of them (and have asked for the rig since they obviously have no further use for it). This approach has the advantage of being quick with excellent quality, even if the color is interpolated (which it is not with a scanner).

But building that kind of rig is beyond most of us. So we recommend having a professional lab like
ScanMyPhotos ( scan your film to DVD. They have the gear to do it quickly and well (and cheaply, too). Then, if you want to enjoy your retirement, you can but an M1 (to pick a film scanner at random) and work on a handful or so of your favorite images.
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