Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"I Have Lots of Photos to Scan"

Every day, Tales from the World of Photo Scanning receives updates from and about bloggers posting comments and reviews about ScanMyPhotos.com. Here's an example, posted by "Crocodile" on the SiliconInvestor.com blog - Digital Photography message board.

If I had a lot of photos to scan, and I actually *do* but haven't yet done anything about it, I might be inclined to send them to this place: ScanMyPhotos.com I checked around for reviews and see that David Pogue wrote a review on this service for the NY times.

They sound very reasonably priced, etc.. Pogue mentions that you have to have the photos grouped by size and facing the right direction, etc... (if you have one flipped the wrong way around, you'll get a scan of the back, and so on). The only question I'd have is what happens when the backs of the photos are sticky, as they probably are when you have removed them from those kinds of albums that had that adhesive in them. Hopefully they wouldn't get stuck to each other while going through the scanning machine. Perhaps there's info about that on their website. There's quite a bit of other info about them on their FAQ page. It says that they scan to about 300 dpi and use a medium level of compression. You'd have to decide if that was high enough for your requirements. For my regular family and older trip photos, I'm pretty sure I'd be happy with that for the price and convenience of having everything done
once and for all. Anyhow, here's a link to their FAQ page


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