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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gadget Gift Guide 2008: #1 Most "Thoughtful Gift" Idea


Laptop Magazine's annual Gadget Gift Guide 2008 is now on newstands, on page 28 is a listing of four "Thoughtful Gift Giving" ideas, including a Gift Card to Best Buy's Geek Squad, iPod tunes, iPhone customized ideas and... as the #1 best idea - converting "photo albums to digital DVDs."

Convert Photo Albums to Digital DVDs
Help them preserve their precious memories with, which lets loved ones share photos with family and friends easily. For $64.00, the service will scan [same day] up to 1,000 photos at 300-dpi resolution and burn them to DVD-R discs; if that thousand-pics cap is just the tip of your photo iceberg, you can order a prepaid box service for $149.95 that you can stuff with as many pictures as possible [all free shipping and all same day service]. can also produce scans from 35mm slides, 35mm and APS negatives and transfer video to DVD.

Thanks Laptop Magazine and editor Jeffrey L. Wilson for the mention. Because all picture scans and all our extra photo products and online and in-store services* are always completed and mailed back the same day, this is a really cool idea that was 19-years in the making. Way back in 1990, our company's customer base was local in the Orange County, Calif. area, today we service orders from around the world.

Separately, also made the Esquire Magazine Gift Guide too - click here. - Those shoeboxes of pictures, waiting for the day a scanner brings them back to digital life, are no longer a lost cause. will professionally scan up to a thousand of your printed shots and transfer them to a DVD for $64. If she's nostalgic about keeping the originals, they return those in two to three business days post-scan. ($64 per 1,000 photos, [source: Esquire Magazine]

* Slide, negative and some custom services might take longer than 24-hours to complete.

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