Monday, November 3, 2008

Data Watch: Greeting Cards at the Top of Consumer Demand (via PMA)

In recent times, the photo market has shifted much attention from encouraging consumers to make basic prints to piquing their interest in the other, more profitable products that are available, such as greeting cards. According to PMA Marketing Research, more U.S. households made personalized greeting cards in 2007 than any other custom product, even more than those making photo books. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, sales of greeting cards are now particularly important to retailers and online firms.

Almost 9 percent of U.S. households made Christmas cards in 2007 and another 2.7 percent made other holiday/greeting cards, according to the 2008 PMA Camera/Camcorder Digital Imaging Survey. Of households that made personalized greeting cards in 2007, a whopping 86 percent of them made Christmas cards. Almost two-thirds of all greeting cards made in 2007 were Christmas cards. It is easy to see why so many retailers and online firms start emphasizing cards early and have a wide variety of products to offer. Other popular greeting card themes are birthdays, new babies, other holidays, and personalized thank-you cards. Birthday cards and new baby cards each made up another 7 percent of total card volume, and graduation cards accounted for 6 percent.

Christmas is a time where people tend to reach out to those they may not otherwise have much contact with during the rest of the year. Likewise, consumers interested in personalized greeting cards for Christmas are likely to send them out to multiple people versus other types of personalized greetings cards, which are most likely made in smaller batches or even one at a time.

[source: Photo Marketing Association, Newsline, 11-3-08]

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